Silent Hill 1 succeeds with horrors scarier than any Resident Evil

NS Resident Evil The franchise is stronger than ever, with hordes of zombies and biomes raging on both consoles and the silver screen in 2021. The comparison to Konami’s inactivity. Silent Hill The franchise couldn’t be more striking, with iconic towns and many of its inhabitants like Pyramid Head seemingly disappearing into the mist.

However, despite this disparity, the original is 22 years old Silent Hill Still arguably a better and scarier horror game than any game Resident Evil title has been released thanks to its unique strength. Silent Hill Dodge the bloody plots of rival B-movies and TV series to create an incredible experience unmatched.


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What made the first Silent Hill special?


Despite the homage to the now legendary Konami Team Silence, created four Silent Hill game, the group was originally considered a gang of bad guys. Clustered together from various stagnant projects, the team was tasked with creating a Resident Evil cloned, and then received little instruction or supervision.

These humble beginnings led to a landmark survival horror game. Instead of the dull sci-fi premise of Capcom’s bestseller, Team Silent pursues an unsettling sense of the occult heavily influenced by Surrealist work by creators like David Lynch. Silent Hill terrify players by distorting familiar things into horrifying parodies, such as the famous scene in which a school turns into a hellish nightmare or when the protagonist is attacked by monsters. deformed nurse in hospital.

The title exhibits considerable restraint and maturity, making it feel like a true adult horror experience. Akira YamaokaThe musical score of the music avoids cheesy orchestral bloat in favor of a haunting atmosphere and unsettling, chaotic soundscape. Its creature design is also subtle, with clawed babies and glimpse horrors emerging from the shadows to terrify players without relying on leaping scares.

In spite of Silent Hill 2 bathed in a way worthy of praise, many of the title’s best features were derived from its predecessor, such as the use of fog to hide the PS1’s technical shortcomings, or a broken radio that caused players scare by making a noise whenever a monster approaches. The first Silent Hill is a masterpiece that truly elevates the video game horror genre.

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How successful was Silent Hill against Resident Evil

Resident Evil 4's El Gigante

Resident Evil is about gore, zombies, scary jumps and fighting grotesque monsters. These factors have all been highly effective, and have catapulted the franchise to blockbuster status. However, fans of the show raged like Double top or more thought-provoking horror movies like Jacob’s Ladder or Rosemary’s Baby found the first Silent Hill better than scratching this itch.

NS Resident Evil The game tells stories of big evil corporations fighting against professional police units and about people who gain superhuman strength after coming into contact with a biologically engineered virus. The first Silent Hill tells the story of a man searching for his missing daughter who encounters a pseudo-Satanic cult along the way. The former is certainly fun, but the latter is not intended to be amusing in any way. Cinematographically, it’s comparable to a B-movie about zombies to more thought-provoking titles like Hereditary or Witch.

This different theme also affects the gameplay. In Resident Evil, players are usually well-trained law enforcement officers, adept at shooting and fending off attackers. In Silent Hill, the player controls Harry Mason, who was recently involved in a car accident. Harry has no combat experience, and the game’s mechanics accentuate this by making his shots inaccurate and his melee attacks weak. The title remains one of the earliest and most effective examples of using a powerless protagonist to heighten a game’s fear, a trend that has continued in recent releases. as Longer.

Resident Evil is a classic horror series that is a fan favorite, but for gamers looking for a piece of pure psychological horror, this is the first. Silent Hill Still a must-play game. However, whether the troubled franchise can bounce back and successfully reboot like Capcom’s zombie epic remains to be seen.

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