Side quests better than the main story

Most modern games that aim to be epic, narrative RPGs spend a lot of time fitting as much content into their worlds as possible to keep players engaged for hundreds of hours. This has become particularly impressive as certain studios are emphasizing their game’s side content and letting players experience entirely optional adventures, which for many are the best part of the experience.

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This gets to a point where certain side quests, which players can ignore entirely, have such a massive impact that they dwarf the main quest in terms of sheer fun. These instances have occurred fairly frequently, with the most notable instances of the bunch being mentioned below.


8th Return to Crookback Bog – The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is a game that needs no introduction. Easily the most popular and successful game CD Projekt Red has ever released, it culminates in Geralt’s epic journey through all three games and puts the studio on the map as one of the most respected developers far and wide.

The game was known for being filled to the brim with memorable side quests that almost eclipsed the main story in terms of overall quality. A great example of this is the Bloody Baron quest line, which ends with “Return to Rogue Moor”. This character is easily one of the most complex characters in the game, and seeing his storyline to the end is a wild and memorable ride indeed.

Some of the most memorable quests in Skyrim Really surprise the player and send him on a wild adventure. That’s exactly the case with A Night to Remember, which sends players to an entirely different corner of the map before being forced to retrace their tracks.

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It’s a great quest that lets players explore the world of Skyrimin a way they never expected and served as a great break between the relentless explorations. fans of Skyrim know that the main quest is as generous as possible, so the variety of memorable side quests in the game is greatly appreciated.

6 Beyond the Beef – Fallout: New Vegas

Most people would hug at the thought Fallout New Vegas‘ Main story isn’t as compelling as most people would like it to be. This is a bold claim, although some people might agree that the story could end up taking a backseat for so long that most people just stop investing in the proceedings.

For players looking to explore a shorter and more restrained in-game storyline, there is no better alternative than Beyond the Beef. This amazing side quest will have players contend with everything from corrupt barons to cannibals, with every twist in the story being absolutely brilliant.

5 Next To Godliness – Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Most people wouldn’t expect it Kingdom Come: Liberation to be as great as it was when it was released. For their first title, Warhorse Studios has done a truly impressive job in developing an incredible medieval open world game where the sense of progression is extremely palpable.

The heart of this game is definitely its broad cast of brilliant characters, with Hans Capon being a pretty solid mention. This character appears to be nothing more than a cliche pompous nobleman who couldn’t be bothered to acknowledge anyone of lower status than him, only to slowly evolve into one of Henry’s best friends as the game progressed.

4 Pisces – Cyberpunk 2077

Cyberpunk 2077 is another game where CD Projekt Red shows how awesome their quest design really is. The main quest feels almost flimsy compared to the effort that goes into the many side quests that players can engage in Cyberpunk 2077.

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One of the best side jobs in the game is Pisces, in which players are tasked with killing the leaders of the Tyger Claws and taking over Clouds. However, the player can also side with either the Tyger Claws or Maiko, which could cause a serious rift in her relationship with Judy.

3 Oasis – Fallout 3

The very first 3D open world Stand out The game was a great success despite the obvious goal Fallout 3 took when it came to the writing department. What really helped the game was its massive world, which was filled to the brim with fun locations to explore and great side quests.

One such quest took place in the town of Oasis, where players must decide the fate of a mutant that has evolved into a stationary tree and desires death while its worshipers want to use it for their own purposes. Regardless of which path players take in this quest, it will actually have a significant impact on them for quite a while.

2 Tali: Betrayal – Mass Effect 2

Tali’s character was pretty intriguing in the first part mass effect title as it is. However, it’s the massive moves BioWare took in the second game that make Tali one of the best characters this studio has ever written.

Her companion quest sees players struggling to clear her name after being falsely accused of treason by the Quarian fleet. The events that take place after that are quite action-packed and shed great light on Tali’s nuances as a character.

The Elder Scrolls games are known for their brilliant Dark Brotherhood quests, which in one form or another are the highlight of these titles. oblivion is no exception to this golden rule, as the Dark Brotherhood is, as always, a lot of fun in this game.

One of the better quests that players participate in as a member of the Dark Brotherhood is “Whodunit”. It’s a unique quest that requires players to kill five people in a locked house, with covert and secret assassins getting a bonus if no one finds out they’re the killer.

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