Should you pull Albedo or Eula?

Eula and Albedo are the first prominent characters in The Genshin effect 2.3. For the first time, tourists see a double 5 star banner. The system is identical to the regular Character Banner, but players can choose which 5 star guaranteed they want to receive.

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After Version 2.3, there are a total of 44 playable characters. 22 of them are 5-star apartments, and the remaining 22 are 4-star apartments. Perfectly balanced, as all things should be. The growing list of characters could be why The Genshin effect start with dual banners. This way, players won’t have to wait a long time to get their desired unit.


Eula or Albedo in Genshin . impact

Genshin Impact character Eula and Albedo

Dragonspine, an extension for the Mondstadt region, is available in Version 1.2. This is the first map expansion in the game, offering a thrilling expedition to the snowy mountains. However, after reaching 100% exploration, most players never go back there again.

In The Genshin effect 2.3, Dragonspine will once again be the main venue of the event. Just like before, Albedo will be the star of the show. This is why players can look forward to the new sword, Cinnabar Spindle, became Albedo’s new best weapon.

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When it comes to Albedo and Eula, both are F2P-friendly units. Albedo works effectively with 3-star weapons, Harbinger of Dawn, and the Cinnabar Spindle is also a free 4-star cogwheel. For Eula, the player can use Blackcliff Slasher, get from Paimon Store. Besides, Snow-Tombed Starsilver can be obtained from Dragonspine and can be accessed through smithing.

However, beyond the similar F2P friendliness, here are a few things to keep in mind when considering Eula or Albedo.

When to pull Eula


Eula is a 5 star Cryo Characters using Claymore. Players should pull Eula if they fit the following criteria:

Need a physical DPS

Song of Broken Pines

Eula is easily the best Physics DPS in The Genshin effect. She deals insane damage with her Elemental Burst, but her basic attacks will probably kill the enemy prior to Her Elemental Burst is even activated. Winning over the top is a daily occurrence for Eula Mains.

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This character has everything a DPS needs: High Base Attack, high multiplier, Skills that increase attack and defense, and Burst to deal massive damage on high HP enemies. If the player likes a Claymore-using Physics character (like Razor), they should definitely drag Eula.

Having the right support for Eula

Raiden Shogun and Eula

The Scout Captain Elemental is also perfect for Physical DPS. As a Cryo character, Eula Just Electro support to deal Superconduct to the enemy. This elemental reaction lowers the enemy’s Physical Resistance, allowing Eula to deal even more damage.

For example, the Electro the characters could be a great pairing with Eula: Raiden Shogun, Kujou Sara, Fischl, Lisa and Beidou. Additionally, a Cryo character, Rosaria, can help increase Eula’s Critical Rate through her Cryo Passive and Resonance. At C6, Rosaria can reduce the opponent’s Physical Resistance.

If the player is going to pair Eula with Bennett, they should consider Xinyan. Liyue Rockstar’s passive can increase Eula’s physical damage. Furthermore, her C4 also reduces the opponent’s Physical Resistance.

If the player has Eula’s support, the Queen of Vengeance can easily shine on the battlefield.

When to pull Albedo


Albedo wields Geo Vision and a sword. The Mature Alchemist is an obvious choice for Travelers who fit the following criteria:

Need an off-campus extra DPS

albedo with all his glory

Players should expect Albedo if they need Sub-DPS. This unit can deal massive damage every 2 seconds through its Elemental Skills. With a short cooldown, this skill can always be active on the field. If built properly, Albedo can easily deal 10k damage every time his Elemental Skill is activated.

Furthermore, when Albedo uses his Elemental Burst, he grants 125 Elemental Masterys to the party for 10 seconds. With a low Energy requirement (40 Energy) and a cooldown of 12 seconds, Chalk Prince is able to sustain the buff’s duration of almost 100%. So if Tourist is relying on Elemental Reaction, Albedo is a great addition to the team.

There are many defensive artifacts of God

Albedo using Harbinger of Dawn and Festering Desire

The best thing about Albedo is how hard he works to build. One of his best gear is the F2P weapon, so players don’t have to stress out the weapon banner. Furthermore, his focal stat should be DEF instead of ATK. This stat is ubiquitous in raising artifacts.

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There’s a new DEF-focused artifact in The Genshin effect 2.3, but Albedo works great even without it. So if Travelers are stocking up on defense equipment “in case someone needs it”, it’s finally time for the artifacts to shine.

The Genshin effect Now available on Mobile, PC, PS4 and PS5. A Switch version is in development.

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