Should You Choose Dawn’s Left Hand or Right Hand?

Immediately after defeating Gardenia, Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl players will need to choose between Dawn’s left hand and right hand, but which is best?


Though nowhere is as close to the first as they are elsewhere series like that The Witcher, Fallout, and Mess . effect, choices always play an important role in Pokemon Game. Whether it is Pick the right starter Pokemon, confused by a fossil, or worried about which of the two versions of the game to actually buy, the chain operators are certainly no stranger to options at this point. That said, though, there’s a seemingly huge decision that can catch some Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining pearls The player was a bit surprised.

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Not long after defeat Gardenia in Eterna City, the player will encounter Dawn on Route 207 as they approach the entrance to Mt. Coronet. After a small chat, she will explain that she has something for the players and ask them to choose between her left or right hand. The game doesn’t give players clear clues as to which they should pick, leaving many wondering if they’re likely about to miss out on something great. Thankfully, they really have nothing to worry about.

Should the player choose Dawn’s Left Hand or Right Hand?


Unlike some other big decisions players will need to make while playing Brilliant diamond & Shining pearls, It doesn’t matter which hand the player chooses. Whichever they choose, they will first be granted Vs. Seeker, followed by the Dowser app. Some may wonder if the hand a player chooses affects the order in which the player receives the two gifts, but, like in the original games, Vs. The Seeker always comes first regardless of the player’s choice.

How to use Vs. Seeker


With. Seeker allows players to re-bathe certain trainers. For this to happen, the player simply has to choose Vs. Seeker from the bag’s Key Item bag when standing near a trainer they have defeated. If the trainer is interested in fighting back, two red exclamation points will appear above their heads, at which point the player can initiate the battle in any of the usual ways. Trainers will have Pokemon that are stronger than when the player first fought them, which is a great way to level up Pokemon. Players will need to walk 100 steps to recharge Vs. Searchers after each use.

How to use the Dowser app


The Dowsing Machine app is one of many that can be installed on a player’s Poketch device. It is used to help locate hidden items, with the player simply following the chart and then pressing the A button to search when they are in the correct location. To open the app, the player should press the R button to bring up the Poketch screen, then use the Switch’s touchscreen or the hand pointer to select the button on the right side of the device to switch between apps. When they’re ready turn off the Poketch screen, the player will simply hold down the R button for a second or two.

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