Should you buy a Kingdom Pass (December 2021)

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Cookie Run KingdomThe duration of the Kingdom Pass November has ended with the arrival of December. This means that players can take part in the new Kingdom Pass, with a premium version for purchase, offering even more rewards of higher quality. .

Players in Cookie Run Kingdom Kingdom Pass December 2021 can be leveled up by completing daily and seasonal missions without purchasing the $4.99 USD activation. However, this prevents players from receiving exclusive seasonal milestones, lower tiers of rewards, and some other mechanical benefits.


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Ultimately, the purchase of a Kingdom Pass activation card comes down to player preference. However, if players want to get limited seasonal rewards before they disappear, they might want to see what’s on offer.

All Kingdom Pass Rewards December 2021

Cookie Run Kingdom Christmas Tree

There are 30 levels of the Kingdom Pass that players can complete to receive rewards. If a player purchases the trigger after making progress, they will automatically receive any rewards they missed before purchasing. These are all the rewards that players can get for joining.

Kingdom Pass Level Standard Reward Card Rewards Activated
first 500 cents Holiday wish tree landmark
2 20 types of Stamina jelly No.3 Special cookie cutters
3 10 Lv. 3 star jelly EXP 20 time jumpers
4 10 speed increases per minute 20 accelerations in 10 minutes
5 10 pieces of Topping 300 Rainbow block
6 30 Stamina Jelly One Red Velvet Cookie Soulstone
7 10,000 coins 50,000 coins
8 10 Lv. 3 types of star jelly EXP 60 Lv. 5 types of star jelly EXP
9 10 pieces of Topping 40 charging powder
ten 100 crystals 500 crystals
11 40 Stamina Jelly One Red Velvet Cookie Soulstone
twelfth A treasure ticket 600 rainbow blocks
13 10 Lv. 3 star jelly EXP 60 Lv. 5 types of star jelly EXP
14 10 speed increases per minute Dear Six Caramel
15 10 pieces of Topping Three aurora columns
16 Five Arena tickets One Red Velvet Cookie Soulstone
17 20,000 coins 100,000 coins
18 10 Lv. 3 EXP Star Jellies Six map pieces
19 10 pieces of Topping 40 pieces of Topping
20 10 speed increases per minute Three aurora bricks
21 50 Stamina Jelly One Red Velvet Cookie Soulstone
22 One Treasure ticket Five treasure tickets
23 15 Lv. 3 star jelly EXP 60 Lv. 6 types of star jelly EXP
24 10 speed increases per minute Aurora compass
25 10 pieces of Topping 30 refined charging powder
26 Five Arena tickets One Red Velvet Cookie Soulstone
27 30,000 coins 200,000 coins
28 20 Lv. 3 star jelly EXP 70 Lv. 7 types of star jelly EXP
29 20 speed increases per minute 20 primary charging powder
30 Two special cookie cutters Three Magic Cookie Cutters

The Wishing Tree Landmark is a special landmark provided to Lv players. 2 Star Stone EXP. Once the player obtains it, they will have it forever and can upgrade it at will.

Mechanical benefits

Cookie Run Kingdom Guild Battle

In addition to the bonus bonuses listed above, players who purchase the card will receive special benefits that last all month. These things can be of great help to players improve their kingdom and their Cookies.

The first of these benefits is the reduced refresh times for battle modes in Kingdom Arena and Super Mayhem. While it usually takes half an hour to refresh, an activated Kingdom Pass will reduce this time to ten minutes. This could allow players to complete more battles in a shorter amount of time, raising them to the higher levels of both modes more easily.

Another battle mode affected by the Kingdom Pass is the Today Bounty. Players usually only have three free attempts of this mode per day to receive the Skill Powder. With Kingdom Pass activated, the number of attempts will increase to five.

The last mode affected is the Dark Mode story campaign. Each level gets two extra tries per day for the player with the purchased card.

Overall, if players can afford it, Kingdom Pass is definitely worth buying. It can be incredibly useful when getting ahead of other players, although it’s not necessary for casual gameplay.

Cookie Run Kingdom currently available on Android and iOS devices.

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