Should Sophomore Computer Students Take the Soft Test and Cisco Exam?

Should we begin from CCNA Certification exam if we tend to take certifications? What books should we read for our self-examined certificates? How does examination experiences expand one’s own knowledge?

I personally suggest that if you are not busy with your homework, you must take the exam. Many people have taken the soft exam or Cisco certificateexam visitit during university, which is a bonus for finding a job after graduation.

After university students majoring in computer science graduate, if they obtain a certain certificate before looking for a job, they will generally be favored by excellent large companies, and it is easy for them to stand out from considerable graduates. Because if a newly graduated university student has no work experience, his advantage is whether the certificate and his school are famous brands.However, that which school you graduate from can’t be changed. What can be changed is which certificate you take. Now there are many kinds of certificates, and only those which are suitable for ourselves are the best. Let me introduce you to four types of formal certificates:

Class ICertificate: the most common computer certificate in University Campus – National Computer Rank Examination, or NCRE for short. The certificate is simply a required certificate for non computer majors. The certificate is divided into four levels: Level I, level II, level III and level IV. General college students are almost as good as level 2 and level 3. One of the most advanced – level 4 is equivalent to the primary level of the national soft test. In short, if it is for computer students, the social recognition of this certificate is not high.

Class IICertificate – computer software level test (soft test), which is directly called soft test in the industry at ordinary times. The certificate is the highest level examination for computer major in China. The professional level is much higher than the first level mentioned above. Its grades: primary, intermediate and advanced. There are many test directions: software, network, application technology, information system and information service.

The computer technology and software professional and technical qualification (level) examination (hereinafter referred to as the computer software qualification examination) is a national examination jointly organized and implemented by the Ministry of human resources and social security and the Ministry of industry and information technology. Its purpose is to scientifically and fairly identify the professional and professionally technical qualifications of the national computer and software professional and technical personnel Professional and technical level test.

Taking the computer software qualification examination and obtaining the qualification certificate of the corresponding level is the premise for each employing unit to employ a series of positions of computer technology and software engineers.

The kind of examination is not only a vocational qualification examination, but also a professional title qualification examination.

Class IIICertificate – Cisco certificate. Cisco certificate is the most popular Certificate in China at present. The recognition of the certificate has reached universal. It can only be said that Cisco is really excellence. However, Cisco’s direction is the network direction, which is oriented to Cisco’s network devices. Its specific classification: CCNA, CCDA, CCNP, CCDP, CCSP, CCIP, CCVP, CCIE. There are many branches. Common grades: primary CCNA, intermediate CCNP and advanced CCIE.

Primary CCNA Certification. If university students have passed the certificate exam, the interview company will definitely regard you with specialrespect. The examination cost is not high, about USD 309. The examination place is domestic.

Intermediate CCNP Certification 350 401 The examination cost is about USD 618. The examination place is in China.

Advanced CCIE Certification. It should be said that the most practical certificate. Getting CCIE certificate is equivalent to directly getting a job with a starting price of 10 years’ salary. The written examination costs USD 250, and the examination center is in China. Laboratory examination costs more than USD 1,544, and the examination sites are only in Beijing and in Hong Kong. There was a neighborhood child. He applied for a training class just after graduation. He spent USD 7,722 or USD 9,267, for he took CCIE exam twice, and finally got the CCIE certificate. His first job in Shanghai was USD 1,544 a month. You can see the power of CCIE certificate!

Class IV Certificate – ORALCE certificate. It is a certificate in Oracle’s database direction. The social recognition is not as good as Cisco, but if you get it, you can still have the advantage. Such certificates can only be obtained after on-site training. Therefore, it is suitable for people with work experience. It is divided into three categories: OCA certificate, OCP certificate and OCM certificate.

The full English name of OCA is Oracle Certified Association, which is an entry-level qualification certificate.

OCP, the full English name of Oracle Certified Professionals, is a professional certificate.

OCM, the full English name of Oracle Certified Master, is an advanced qualification certificate.

Huynh Nguyen

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