Should players spare or kill the nailsmith?

Although the world of Hollow Knight is desolate, it is home to interesting characters ready to help the knight on his journey. From quest givers, traders, and even boss fights, these NPCs bring life to an otherwise desolate kingdom.

As players explore the abandoned streets of Hallownest, they collect new equipment to ensure their survival. The earliest of these is the nail, a bladed object that the knight and other warriors wield in a manner similar to a sword. While spells can increase nail damage output and range, these buffs are technically temporary as they can only be implemented when equipped. However, it is possible to permanently strengthen the nail, increasing its effectiveness in battle, but players must first find the NPC who can perform these upgrades.


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Where can I find the Nailsmith?

As they journey through the Fungal Wastes, players will eventually find their way to the territory of the Mantis tribe. Players can find Quirrel in

on the outskirts of the Mantis village, and he will explain to the knight that their worn nail may not be enough to defeat the tribe’s leaders. He mentions a Nailsmith found in the City of Tears that players can access through the Fungal Wastes.

After defeating the False Knight, players are rewarded with Geo and the City Crest, which are needed to pave the way to the capital, Hallownest. Players must continue to the right after placing the city crest on the statue before beginning the descent into the city proper. After taking the elevator to the bottom floor, players should turn left and follow the path.

At the other end is an isolated shack with different types of nails scattered outside. The Nailsmith is in the hut, and when he interacts with him for the first time, he offers to upgrade the Knight’s Nail for 250 Geo to increase his damage output. Players can upgrade the nail three more times, but these upgrades require both Geo and a rare resource called Pale Ore.

found in dark corners of Hallownest.

When players get the last upgrade, the Nailer will run out of the shop and players can see him standing outside on the edge of the cliff. He explains that forging a clean nail was his life’s work and once that goal is achieved there is nothing left for him to achieve. Players then have a choice: kill or spare the Nailer.


Depending on the choice made, players will receive one of two achievements. Should players choose to fell the Nailsmith with the Pure Nail, they will receive the Purity achievement and the Nailsmith’s corpse can later be found in the Junk Pit. However, if players choose to spare the nailsmith instead, he will eventually make his way to Greenpath and settle with Sheo the nailmaster. Following this path will grant players the Happy Couple achievement – a happy and hopeful ending to an NPC’s story.

Hollow Knight is available for PC, Linux, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

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