Should Faramir be sent to join the fellowship instead of Boromir?

When Elrond sent an invitation to all races of beings to attended his council in Rivendell, such an invitation is of course sent to Minas Tirith, the white tower of Gondor. Here it is received by Denethor the Steward, who seizes it as an opportunity to bring the Ring to his city and restore Human’s power. So he chose Boromir, his eldest son, the source of his pride and joy, to go and bring him the gift. But much Lord of the Rings fans think that Faramir should have gone to fight the council, not Boromir.


There are several good reasons for this argument, starting with Faramir’s prophetic dreams. While reading the books, there is a passage in which Faramir of Gondor receives some strange dreams in which he sees references to the ring, to the seller who carried it, and also fragments of the ring. Narsil, the blade is broken when he cut the ring off Sauron’s finger. These dreams appear as a kind of prophecy as if they were sent to him by some higher being or purpose. When Elrond’s invitation to join the council came, Faramir then saw that these dreams were a sign, and wanted to join the quest. However, Denethor trusted and valued Boromir much more, and sent him to replace Faramir. Perhaps these dreams are a sign that Frarmir is the chosen one, by a much stronger working force than their father.

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Another reason Faramir should probably be on the council rather than his brother, is that Faramir is said to have more Numenorian characteristics. Both Faramir and Boromir are of Numenorian blood, as their lineage can be traced back to Elendil, one of the first kings, and the character they came from one of the Argonath headquarters. However, through the nobility, kindness, and patience that Faramir displays, he seems to have more Numenorian characteristics that resemble Aragorn than Boromir.

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Faramir hates war and unnecessary killing, his famous quote “I do not love the shining sword for its sharpness, nor the arrow for its swiftness, nor the warrior for its glory. his optics. I just love what they protect. ‘ suggests that he’s just part of a fight to protect his purity and not because he has any lust for blood. This was a very respectful and gentle trait, which he and Aragorn both shared. Unfortunately, when Boromir died protecting Merry and Pippin, the youngest members of the scholarship From the Uruk-Hai attack, readers and spectators lose the opportunity to know how old he may have been, whether he will survive the natural period of his life. But Faramir lived to be 120 years old, showing that he was closely linked to the Numenorian bloodline by an extended bloodline that he gained.

So there are many reasons why Faramir would be a great member of the friendship. However, fans protested that Boromir’s attendance, his attempt to win Amon Hen’s ring, and the subsequent split in the relationship were all absolutely necessary steps. in the plot. Boromir is not an evil character at all. He was a noble man, with a good heart and right intentions, but he was misled by his father’s pressure to restore the great Gondor.

The reason that Boromir agreed to accept the quest and journey to Rivendell was to protect his brother from harm, for he loved no one greater than Faramir in this world. And although he has a weaker will than many of the other men in the story, this results in him being unable to fight back. the seductive voice of the ring, his desire to possess objects is not out of a lust for absolute power like his father, but to help his people, who are suffering, and to bring about peaceful days in the kingdom. This can be seen from the fact that he and Aragorn are intending to go to the White City together. He doesn’t want all the glory, he doesn’t even want the rule of Minas Tirith, he wants to bring home the rightful heir, and share the prosperity with everyone.

In this way, it was right to send Boromir to the council, because all that stemmed from his actions would not have happened otherwise, and any other possible outcome, including that of Frodo’s death and the recovery of the ring by the Dark Lord. The same is true of Faramir’s story, for if he had been one of the original companions, he would not have been able to let Frodo go to Osgiliath. He also won’t get hurt when trying to surround the sentry, and thus never will meet Eowyn in the healing houses, whom he later married and united the kingdoms of Rohan and Gondor with. Both brothers have their own parts to play, and both meet their own fates along the way.

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