Should Destiny 2 Make Gjallarhorn an OP Exotic Weapon?

Despite the success of Bungie’s space magic shooter, Fate 2 would not have been possible without all of its preceding work. Life and Fate 2 are very different games considering everything has changed since the first game was released in 2014. Regardless of the difference between them, both have iconic features or features. specific elements that make them up and are among the most iconic in Life must be the Exotic Gjallarhorn rocket launcher.

The Gjallarhorn is one of the best weapons in the game; A DPS monster can also be used to clear an ad room. It’s an extremely rare weapon that many players are excited to have, and it can make a difference in their performance against bosses and tougher enemies than any other weapon. in the game. Bungie is now adding Gjallarhorn Fate 2, and while the weapon has a lot of potential when it comes to how powerful it is in the first game, it has to be balanced in a way that’s more suitable for the sequel.


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One of the first things to consider when it comes to Strange weapon in Fate 2 either they’re too strong they’ll be used regardless of the current meta, or they’re not as strong unless the meta allows it. Before talking about Gjallarhorn’s potential in Fate 2, it’s important to think about what makes the game’s meta and what breaks it in order to understand what category Exotic rocket launchers fall into.

For starters, Fate 2The meta’s are usually determined by seasonal mods and the type of content the player faces in PvE or PvP. Fate 2seasonal mods play a big part in what’s popular because they often promote a certain playstyle or the use of a particular weapon, such as Breach and Clear prior to this Part’s Particle Structure. Seasonal mods that make a given weapon prototype much more powerful than all others for several months will often outperform the rest of the options for the entire Season.

While Gjallarhorn is coming in the middle Season of the Lost, if Season 16 includes a mod specifically for powerful weapons like the previous two that don’t focus on rocket launchers, it’s likely that Gjallarhorn won’t get much use. Conversely, if the game included one that allowed rocket launchers, Gjallarhorn would probably define the meta regardless of it being tamed.

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What is the right power level for Destiny 2’s Gjallarhorn

Wishes Leaked Destiny 2 Gjallarhorn Twitter

There are pros and cons to the Gjallarhorn being transported as a tame weapon when Fate 2The 30th Anniversary Package is reduced. One of the advantages is that it will fulfill the same power fantasy as it has done in the past, retaining nostalgia for veterans of the first game while also becoming legendary among those of the past. new play. Another professional is Gjallarhorn can redefine rocket launch meta in general, especially considering other options such as Truth and Eyes of Tomorrow exist but are not common at all levels of play.

Adding Gjallarhorn as a powerful reward for new activities in the 30th Anniversary Pack will also be great for those who play them, as it will be an incentive to play and find Exotic. However, the counter-argument to this is Fate 2 Players who don’t own and won’t be playing 30th Anniversary Bundle content may be upset with the decision to lock a powerful weapon behind a paywall, especially considering the reaction to Witch Queen prices of versions. So, transporting Gjallarhorn in such a state can be a double-edged sword when the community embraces the DLC.

Furthermore, the 30th Anniversary Pack comes with a large sandbox patch that will make some Exotic weapons in Fate 2 really good, maybe for the first time or again after a long time – like Worm’s Whisper. The introduction of a powerful Exotic weapon in the Heavy slot will likely eclipse the newly enhanced options given the novelty of Gjallarhorn and the hype surrounding its release, ultimately hindering Bungie’s work on older items. Finally, if Gjallarhorn is extremely powerful when released, it could cause another Vex Mythoclast syndrome where the player will try to get it every turn, but it could be bound to the RNG mechanic and become so it’s super rare.

When a Iconic weapons like the Gjallarhorn to return, can’t please everyone due to too high expectations, for better and for worse. As such, the answer is that Bungie should make the Gjallarhorn a powerful weapon based on player investment and rocket launcher legacy, but it shouldn’t be so powerful that it becomes the only meta weapon for Fate 2 – even if it’s only for a short time. Players shouldn’t expect to enter a new Dungeon or six-player activity on day one and take their Gjallarhorn to decompose all content, even if that’s what this weapon will do in the first game .

Fate 2 available for PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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