Shonen Anime with Best World Building

Within the Shonen demographic are several exciting titles with critical aspects inherent in each of them. One of these essential aspects is world-building, a process that involves the development of social structures, the establishment of systems of power, and the shaping of unique geographic areas in a fictional world. The art of world building is a complex process, but when done right, it takes the quality of a story to incredible heights.

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Writers use world building to create a solid platform for their stories as they serve as a general basis for various character interactions and several major events. As a result of the heavy reliance on proper worldbuilding to achieve the maximum level of investment needed by an anime’s audience, many shows are exploring interesting new avenues to create intriguing worlds that are sure to captivate their viewers. Consequently, this examines some of the best examples of shonen anime that have excelled tremendously in the world building department.


10 fire department

fire department is an anime with an intriguing premise. The anime is set in a post-apocalyptic world where humans are constantly at risk of human spontaneous combustion, with an organization called the Special Fire Force tasked with destroying the blazing infernals. Most individuals accepted into the Special Fire Force possess unique abilities that allow them to use fire in many different ways.

These Fire Soldiers deal with more than just fiery monsters, however. They also have a vital mission to thwart the plans of the Evangelist, a being who intends to recreate the cause of the great cataclysm that led to the post-apocalyptic state of the world today. The show hosts numerous characters who serve in multiple groups, each with unique motivations for acting that provide viewers with an exciting experience.

9 My hero academy

The world of My hero academy is a fairly accurate representation of what life would be like if a large proportion of the world’s population possessed superhuman abilities. These abilities, better known as Quirks, appeared randomly with no concrete clues as to where they might have come from. Additionally, the advent of Quirks exposed the world to several new groups and individuals, the most prominent of which left a lasting impact on the story.

The main factions that take center stage throughout most of the story are the Pro Heroes and League of Villains. Both groups laid their foundations in important events from the past, and this is where worldbuilding really shines. The result of the struggles between the forces of good and evil is evident in how the current world works and that constant attention to detail serves as a strong base for current and future events.

8th dr Stone

Even though it’s set in a time much further in the future than the real world, the world of dr Stone doesn’t exactly have futuristic features. This contradiction was caused by the fossilization event, a phenomenon that turned every living person on earth to stone, thereby halting any possibility of scientific development.

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With such an intriguing setting, the anime took on the intricate task of reinventing the state of humanity following the recovery of the main protagonist, Senku. However, this task was handled excellently. With his limitless scientific knowledge, Senku is able to devise innovative ways to support current life on Earth, introducing several distinct factions at different stages of the story.

7 Seven Deadly Sins

Seven Deadly Sins initially treats the presentation of his story at a steady pace. However, in certain parts of the anime, viewers are presented with a world that is home to multiple species and kingdoms, each with a rich history that ties them all together.

There aren’t many aspects of the series that go unnoticed, nor are there many aspects that are boring in nature. Every ability, combat, artifact, character, and group has its roots in the story told while maintaining a high level of entertainment. Despite the sub-par production quality of recent seasons, the compelling world build-up has remained evident since its premiere.

6 Point

Point is an anime with one of the most unique premise and energy systems among all shonen. His world is ruled by an abstract concept called Rukh. Rukh serves as the basis for every living being in the story. It directs a person’s destiny and allows certain individuals to use supernatural abilities.

However, Rukh is not the only thing that makes this series stand out as the world itself is filled with various magical wonders such as Dungeons, Djinns, Magoi and Magi. It is complemented by the many ancient territories in focus, each with its own distinct culture, exposing the show’s viewers to a deeply political theme.

The Law of Equivalent Exchanges, the most important rule of alchemy; This concept is a recurring theme throughout Fullmetal Alchemist Series. It served as the foundation upon which an entire civilization was built and continues to be portrayed in some of the most compelling ways imaginable.

The world may not be as vast as many of the others on this list. Still, the story does a great job of creating exciting characters and groups with imposing goals, as well as incorporating the alkahestry, which also has its roots in alchemy. The impact of alchemy on the history of the story is also fleshed out appropriately, with the events in the land of Xerxes serving as a great example. Overall it’s an amazing show that impressively manages all involved with a predominant theme.

4 Hunter X Hunter

Hunter X Hunter is a widely acclaimed series known for its unorthodox approach to storytelling compared to many shonen anime. Although storytelling and world building are two different things, an engaging story can only be fostered by an interesting setting, a perfect example of what makes this show so special.

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The main thing in the world to consider Hunter X Hunter is the existence of hunters, fascinating new territories and the Nen power system. These factors serve as motivation for action and as means by which different individuals can achieve their goals. They are adequately defined and referenced consistently throughout the story and serve as the basis for several exciting events.

3 attack on Titan

attack on Titan has become one of the most popular titles in recent years, and with good reason. The story features an amazing premise that grips you tightly after the first appearance of oversized beings known as Titans, man-eating giants that threaten the very existence of humanity as a whole.

Many elements accompany the arrival of the titans and contribute to the impressive world-building of the series. However, the early introduction of groups like the Scouts, Survey Corps, and Special Operations Squad become relatively insignificant in the grand scheme. The more important elements concern the royal family, the true origin of the titans, and the connection between several different factions in the show, with interest in each being facilitated through the careful development of Isayama’s world.

2 Naruto

The author of Naruto, Masashi Kishimoto, took on the task of creating an entirely new world filled with shinobi who possessed extremely powerful abilities, and he was largely successful. This world brought not only chakra-wielding ninjas to life, but also very different regions that largely determined the nature of ninja techniques.

The series constantly uses the structure of its world to facilitate major events in the story. An excellent example of this is when Itachi slaughtered an entire clan. Groups such as the Anbu, the Uchiha clan and the Hidden Leaf Village were involved. The series also governs the use of chakra in many unique forms, as seen in Sharingan, Byakugan, and other optical manifestations. The story hosts many additional features like this while maintaining a good level of consistency.

1 One piece

One piece is known as one of the animes with the most impressive worldbuilding, even outside of the shonen demographic. Factors such as power systems, backstories, and groups have often been highlighted in this list to acquaint you with different forms of world building. however, the story of One piece can earn a place on this list with the sheer number of landscapes present in the series alone.

Expansive is an understatement; Eiichiro Oda has engineered a world where entire islands can be found at every turn. Each island is unique, with most possessing bewildering characteristics. An example is an island of fire and ice or a land of candy where every structure in it is edible. In addition, the story features dominant forces that are constantly at odds with one another, allowing for exciting showdowns between characters belonging to each faction.

Despite over a thousand episodes of content, the story remains unfinished, with many intriguing mysteries remaining unsolved. Still, fans eagerly await the release of each new installment, proving just how well structured the series was up to this point.

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