Shin Megami Tensei 5: How to Defeat Pazuzu

Shin Megami Tensei 5 full of tough bosses, both in the main and side quests. At the end of the side quest, “Cursed Mermaids,” the player will face the demon that once tormented the Mermaids: Pazuzu, a plague-spreading demon in Sumerian mythology.

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When one’s party initially joins the battle against Pazuzu, the enemy’s elemental attributes are hidden. However, Shin Megami Tensei 5 Players can use Spyglass consumables to reveal boss weaknesses, attacks, and more. This will be very helpful in strategic planning and should be done at the start of combat. Spy glasses can be purchased from Gustave’s shop at any Leyline Foundation.


Pazuzu’s weakness, attacks, etc.

shin megami tensi 5 pazuzu stat screen

After using Spyglass on Pazuzu, enter their status screen using the navigation menu at the bottom right. His HP and MP will not be displayed, however, everything else will.

Pazuzu’s Weakness

Pazuzu’s only true elemental trait is Ice-type skills. So players should bring in demons with attacking Ice-type attacks. The interesting way, The mermaid is one of the better allies to have in the battle against Pazuzu for this reason, fits the story of this side quest nicely.

It should also be mentioned that Pazuzu has a pretty low Vitality, which means they won’t have much defense against the player’s attacks. May defeat Pazuzu quickly if the player uses their Magatsuhi skill to secure important hits and make yourself many in a row.

Pazuzu’s Attacks

This enemy will have Mudo +1 (hit 1 character) and Mamudo +1 (hit all characters), both of which are Shadow type magic attacks. Furthermore, Mudo has a small chance to instantly kill weak targets before Shadow’s attack instead of just dealing damage to them. So, We recommend that you don’t include any demons that are weak to Shadow-type skills and also to make sure that the protagonist isn’t weak to them either.. One can change their elemental relationship in World of Shadows at any Leyline Foundation. To do so, go to “Essence Fusion” and select the main character before choosing an available essence.

Pulinpa +4 is a status condition skill that causes Conflict, represented by an icon with small stars. Having a confused party member can be very frustrating, as they sometimes can’t move or will hit the wrong target. There aren’t too many youkai at this point in the game that are resistant to Confusion, so it’s a good idea to bring healing items to cure status conditions, like Amrita Soda. Having a demon that knows the Patra skill, which is also useful in healing status conditions, is also very helpful.

Finally, Pazuzu has the Mazan +3 skill, which deals Force damage to all allies at once. Carrying demons that are resistant to the Force elemental would be very convenient. Also, it would be helpful to have demons with HP recovery skills, like Dia or Media, as Pazuzu’s continuous bursts of magic damage would damage one’s party. Be sure to take advantage of players having demon slots in reserve by bringing along a backup healer and other allies.

What not to do against Pazuzu

Pazuzu is resistant to pretty much all kinds of status conditions, as well as being suitable for a plague demon, so don’t bother using any of those against him. Pazuzu will also be able to completely block Shadow-type skills, so it’s best to avoid using such attacks on him, as this will reduce the player’s turn actions.

Shin Megami Tensei 5 available on Nintendo Switch.

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