SHAPIRO: The Left’s Battle with Biological Reality

Comments by Ben Shapiro

When the Supreme Court decided whether to uphold the “right to abortion” created by the Court under Roe v. Wade, Leftist feminists fell into total panic. They insisted that women’s rights would be exercised without allowing women to have abortions of their children; only such a capacity can level the natural inequalities of biology, in which women shoulder the burden of bearing and raising children.

This war on biology is central to the Left’s definition of autonomy. In the pages of The New York Times, Democratic activist Elizabeth Spiers made this clear, arguing that abortion should be seen as an ethical alternative to adoption. “When I wake up,” she wrote, “my son will wake up shortly after and I feel him turn and stretch, or less pleasantly, tuck his precious little paws into the sensation. like my cervix. This is one of the paradoxes of pregnancy: something alien is taking over your body and taking away your nutrition and energy, but you are programmed to happily activate it and you became desperate to protect it. It’s a kind of biological brainwashing.”

Biological brainwashing.

The same people who maintain that your biology dictates that you can be a man in a woman’s body and that this does not represent gender dysphoria – indeed, a form of biological brainwashing – but an objective fact to which all societies must abide also argues that biology creates morally unjust relationships between mother and child. As Spiers puts it, “biological brainwashing… occurs during pregnancy”; Mothers cannot “simply choose not to be attached to the child she is carrying on the basis that she is not ready to be a mother or believes she cannot provide for the child”. This means that women should consider killing the child rather than giving it up for adoption.

The language of “biological brainwashing” does not stop at the relationship between mother and child. This week, Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, DN.Y., the spectacularly dull Instagram star, made it clear that her opposition to abortion is legalization of “forced childbirth.” In her view, biology itself is an imposition on women (The Left conveniently drops the Orwellian “born-born” jargon when abortion is at stake); Ending a pregnancy by killing an unborn child is a restoration of natural order.

Quite the opposite, of course. One predictable outcome of sex – in fact, the evolutionary biological purpose of sex – is reproduction. The process of conception leading to birth takes place continuously and naturally. Interfering with that process by forcibly killing an unborn human life is clearly unnatural.

But the entire Leftist worldview in which autonomy actually represents the opposition between spirit and flesh. According to Left, any test of our ambition – even the one provided by biological reality – must be passed to establish true equality of opportunity. Women are biologically different from men; Therefore, biology must be deprecated.

The result of this madness is clear: men and women alienate themselves, angry with the realities of life, willing to give up perhaps the greatest joy of existence – human existence. through the birth of children. But other civilizations did not commit such suicide. While we amuse ourselves to death, focusing solely on our subjective sense of autonomy, other civilizations at least acknowledge that biology is a reality. inevitable. The civilizations that best match the beauty of that reality will flourish. Those that don’t will destroy themselves. SHAPIRO: The Left’s Battle with Biological Reality

Huynh Nguyen

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