Shanna Moakler on how Todrick’s House Flip got her ‘Famous Big Brother’ kicked out of the house

Former Miss Shanna Moakler was overthrown on Big Brother: Celebrity Version in impressive backdoor fashion. On Valentine’s Day, no less! The house is overturned after it looks like Miesha Tate will get support from the Head of House Carson Kressley.

To replace, Todrick Hall drew a CBB Hail Mary to save her top ally by introducing the idea that Shanna cannot be trusted and is playing both behind Carson and Cynthia Bailey’s return. Todrick won the “Sweeter Than Veto” contest to earn the Power of Veto, which ultimately meant game over for Shanna. The entertainer has decided to drop Todd Bridges – Miesha’s nominee for deportation – for Shanna, and the rest is history.

Here, Shanna ponders the experience and how the tides worked against her.

How has it adapted to life outside of isolation?

Shanna Moakler: It was very crazy. I obviously want to go further in the game and bring it home for my friends and family. However, I have to say, there is a bit of relief in stepping out of the house and back into the comforts of one’s own home and all the little evils. Have a phone and paper and pencil. That’s interesting to me now. Get to know my boyfriend and see my kids and get upset.

What is the first text you see?

Teddi Mellencamp and Chris Kirkpatrick wrote me and said how proud they were and hold my psyche. That is really nice. They finally saw how dirty I was.

How do you feel when you hear the reaction from the rest of the housekeepers after you leave the country?

At one last point, indoors, I felt like I was in eighth grade and being bullied on the playground. That’s not a good feeling. I really don’t talk to anyone except Lamar [Odom] and Todd. When I left the house, I don’t know if people were watching, but Todrick was clapping and dancing. I think it has bad taste. It’s a bit personal and a bit annoying. At the same time, it’s the game. I dug deep and kept it running.

As for me as a viewer, I was very disappointed for you in that you couldn’t play Veto and fight for yourself.

That was the most frustrating thing for Cynthia and Carson for me. I pulled you off the block. I saved your game. At least give me the respect and dignity to play Power of Veto and save myself. They didn’t give me a chance. It’s filthy. I can not believe it. In my head, I thought the odds were in my favor. That’s what I’ll play. I don’t know what is the real mathematical chance of not having that chance. It’s too bad.

Do you regret putting Chris on top?

I certainly wouldn’t pull Carson off the block. He will definitely be voted down. Cynthia will follow suit. Chris Kirkpatrick was supposed to be in the house with us against Miesha and Todrick.



Can you think of any situations that would help you after you were not selected for a veto in the past.

No save me. It’s very upsetting – like Carson and Cynthia are believing the two have been shot for them since Day One. I am the only one in my actions who has the power to create power. It’s disappointing that they absorb what they hear, and there’s nothing I can do to change their mind. They won’t even talk to me directly. I don’t want to give Miesha and Todrick the power to argue and fight. Then, when the family ran after me, they said, “Okay, Houston, we have a problem.”

How does it show a different side of you in this unique setting?

That’s one of the reasons I wanted to do this show. Not only because I’m a huge fan and it’s a great opportunity, but I definitely want America to see what kind of person I am. I want to prove myself competitive and extroverted. That I am very happy. I wanted to show a softer side, which you don’t really get a chance to see when your personal life is playing out in popular culture.

You mentioned your family earlier. What do you do about the gossip out there? How do you react?

I can not hear anything. I haven’t had a chance to go on social media yet. I don’t even really know what’s going on there. I guess I have to dig into it a bit more over the next week or so. I just allow myself to relax and enjoy being at home with my boyfriend and the comforts of my home. Lie in your own bed and don’t have to walk a mile to the bathroom. Who knew a bathroom could be such an amenity?

I can imagine getting a new appreciation for the little things.

It’s just hard when you live with roommates. Everyone has different sleep patterns and sleep cycles. They get up at different times. Just having the quiet in my bedroom is absolutely magical. Has the ability to control the air. No one shouted. The indoor gym is above my bedroom. So whoever walks up the stairs to the gym to work out, I hear like a marching band in my head. Everyone worked all hours. We actually had to get up there at one point because someone was exercising at 2am, throwing pills around.



You have won two Veto contests. Did you have a memorable moment from this experience?

It is playing “Reindeer Academy” challenge with snowflakes. I know that Oldest brother game at the time I see what we have to do. I’ve got a strategy for doing it. That’s interesting. Only see Oldest brother the classics around the house, like the crazy little squirrel and the veto and key box—all the stuff you see on TV but in person—really really cool.

Who do you want to win?

I would say Todd Bridges. I’m happy that people see the real him. You might not think he’s playing the game, but he really is. He is a good person.

Chris campaigned for you to be voted “America’s Favorite Handmaid.” That must feel good.

I just assumed Carson would get it because he’s so witty. I have definitely felt the love and support from the people out there. That makes for a worse experience. I was very happy.

Famous brother Next airs Wednesday, February 16, 8/7c, CBS

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