Senate GOP Favorite Adam Laxalt Carolina Serrano Candidate Promotes FBI-Revenge Fantasy

As attorney general for Nevada, Adam Laxalt is responsible for law enforcement. But now that he’s the Republican Senate nominee, Laxalt is giving his “extremely enthusiastic” support to someone who wants to get rid of the FBI.

That person was Carolina Serrano, whom Laxalt—keep the lead versus incumbent Democratic Senator Catherine Cortez-Masto — endorsed earlier this week. A Colombian-American Democratic voter and self-proclaimed until 2018, Serrano recently re-imagined herself as a conspiracy theorist and conspiracy theorist on the far-right January 6 when she took the lead in an attempt to bypass Representative Dana Titus (D-NV) in Nevada’s just redrawn District 1.

And she was in tears. At least recently, that is.

Over the past few months, Serrano has appeared to embrace false but popular theories about the January 6 attack, which then-President Trump’s supporters carried out on the US Capitol. Among them say it’s an inside job, and the Feds need to pay.

On January 12, in response to a post from Representative Thomas Massie (R-KY) wondering if “federal property” would encourage protesters to enter the Capitol, Serrano – who launched its campaign by claim that Democrats want to “embarrass the police” –tweeted that it’s time to “dissolve” the FBI and apparently the Department of Justice.

To be clear, that will never happen.

But Serrano kept it, discarded in a tweet This Tuesday, the idea that those “crazy” theories are actually crazy.

“The FBI DEFINED to answer whether there were agents in the crowd on January 6 AND whether Ray Epps was the informant,” Serrano said, adding, “If the FBI can pay answer these questions then all these ‘crazy plots’ can be brought to bed!”

On the one year anniversary of January 6, Serrano summon event a “resurrection”.

Serrano’s above mention of Ray Epps will be little known except for a small part about “very online” Americans.

Epps, an ardent Trump supporter, after a video appeared on January 5 urging his comrades to enter the Capitol the next day, became the focus of a bogus story. stems from amateur internet slurs, claiming that the ride-or-die MAGA is actually a federal informant — or possibly a dealer, depending on who you ask.

But that strange lie in recent months has been prominent voices of the Republican Party, including conservative late-night entertainer Tucker Carlson and election opponents like Massie and Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX).

“He was very upset,” Epps attorney recently told washington articles.

Epps isn’t the only MAGA character on January 6th where Serrano is pegged for a sleeveless jacket. In October, she filed the same federal informant charge against Oath Keepers founder Stewart Rhodes, who was last week charged with an ambitious conspiracy.

In October, Serrano cited an article from the right-wing website Revolver speculating that Oath Keeper founder Stewart Rhodes had also a government informant — a theory that at the time was gaining traction on the far right.

“[A]The paths in the January 6 event will lead back to Rhodes. So if Rhodes was fed it would mean the government used a fake anti-government front group to ‘attack’ itself and accuse the sitting President and his supporters of the crime. ,” she wrote on Twitter.

But if Serrano believed the offer, she might feel betrayed. That’s because she and Rhodes share a connection on June 6: Both were involved in a strange legal election challenge filed three weeks after the riots. Rhodes is one of many Oath Keeper and Serrano plaintiffs connected through Latino to Trump, another plaintiff.

Widely ridicule The lawsuit asked a federal judge to dissolve Congress and the executive branch for being an illegal “Bossband,” making any 2020 election results illegitimate and setting the federal government to a Gondor mythical kingdom-style receiver, from Lord of the Rings. One of the attorneys who filed the original lawsuit took over as president of the Oath-Keepers under Rhodes’ indictment earlier this month. (Another attorney filed a lawsuit against this reporter, who was dismissed with prejudice.)

Serrano has Laxalt’s endorsement same day, she amplified the Epps conspiracy theory. She posted statement come the next day social media, citing Laxalt as “extremely enthusiastic” to support her. “I look forward to working alongside her to bring the historic red wave to Nevada,” Laxalt said.

Regarding comments on Serrano’s remarks to the FBI and January 6, a Laxalt spokesman replied, “I see you’ve got our statement.” When asked to clarify whether he meant the campaign would respond by replicating the confirmation, the spokesperson did not respond.

Of course, Laxalt had meeting with the FBI, including a pay-to-play program when he was attorney general; he was never charged.

The Nevada Globe, which breaking news corroboration, Serrano quoted as “honorable.”

She expressed gratitude to Laxalt after he “supported our Latinos for Trump’s efforts” and “worked tirelessly after November 3 to try to get to the bottom of what is real.” happenings in our election.” That was to refer to a number of failed post-election lawsuits from Laxalt, who, after losing his 2018 director of jurisdiction bid, co-chaired Nevada for Trump’s campaign.

However, it is unclear what Serrano himself did after November 3 to “get to the bottom” of the election. In fact, there are still a lot of things that are not clear.

Serrano — who earned her undergraduate degree in journalism from the University of Nevada Las Vegas in 2019, according to her Personal Facebook page—Admitted to voting Democrat until 2018, changed when she reported for the first time was “attracted” by Trump.

But Serrano’s real-time thoughts and feelings about the election results — and January 6 — were not available online. Hers Personal Facebook page shows a two-year gap in posts between her first post in May 2019, her graduation announcement, and May 2021. And she doesn’t appear to have tweeted or deleted all of them. all my posts from October 11, 2020 to May 17, 2021.

It was perhaps the most important period in modern American politics, including the 2020 presidential election, the months-long MAGA to overturn the results, the June 6 attack and backlash. January, Trump’s subsequent impeachment and second trial, and the internal rift within the Republican party led to the GOP’s removal of Representative Liz Cheney (R-WY) for her efforts to hold officials accountable for the uprising.

Serrano’s feed continued three days after the GOP gave Cheney a head start, with a quote from George Washington warning that political parties “have the potential to become powerful engines” exploited by “those cunning, ambitious, and undisciplined man” to “usurp for himself the reins of government.” Senate GOP Favorite Adam Laxalt Carolina Serrano Candidate Promotes FBI-Revenge Fantasy


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