Seeds 16 APK (Sholo Guti)

Sholo Guti Bead 16 (Padmavyuham) is very famous and most popular game in Southeast Asia, namely in Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Indonesia, Sri Lanka and Nepal.

Sholo Guti game has been very familiar in almost all regions of our country. It is especially a boardgame that is very popular in rural areas. This board game has become so popular in some regions that tournaments of this favorite game are sometimes arranged. Sholo Guti is an extremely patient and smart game. One has to be very skillful and has to move a bead very carefully while playing. Sholo Guti Bead 16 is a free to play online multiplayer board game to play with friends and family online.

SholoGuti is one of the best sources of entertainment for rural people or folk. Rural youth and middle aged men play this game to pass their idle time in late afternoon or afternoon or when they have no duty. We found a large gathering of villagers in this game while it was raining cats and dogs in the rainy season. While we are seeing increased gatherings in village areas, we are also seeing an attraction of city dwellers or urban dwellers. 16 Guti is the best searched free online game of 2019 to play for free mobile games.

Main features of the top rated modern board game Sholo Guti

• Play the most popular and fun SholoGuti free board games with family and friends.

• The user interface (UI) is beautifully designed so it looks one of the best board games online.

• Single Player Game with AI – Play Game with Mobile Device.

• 2 player games with free multiplayer offline games for boys.

• Play sholo guti offline as a single player strategy game.

• Real-time multiplayer games – Play online sholo guti games.

• The best family board game to pass the entertainment era for fun games.

• Best Bluetooth game to challenge your friends in offline mode.

• A good children’s game for children’s brain development.

• SholoGuti is a famous abstract strategy board game found in the village area.

• A digital version of the new game for the exciting traditional game Sholo Guti.

How to play:

This game starts between two players and there is a total of 32 guti of which everyone owns Sixteen Soldiers. Two players place their sixteen beads from the edge of the board. Therefore, the mid lane remains empty so that the player can move in the space. It is decided before who will make the first move to play.

After starting the game, the player can move his piece one step forward, backward, right, left and diagonally where there is free space. Each player tries to capture the opponent’s particles. If a player is able to pass another player’s pawn, that better pawn is subtracted. That player will be the winner, who can catch all of his opponent’s pawns first.

About this app:

You can play the game here alone instead of two players playing together. Play with foreigners through online game play. Turn on automatic bluetooth connection, you can play with your opponent via Bluetooth. You will be able to stay in close contact with opposing players by sending picture messages (emoji) and text messages over the Internet & Bluetooth. There is the option to gain or lose points based on the game results. Your world ranking is measured on the basis of points. Besides storing points, all records of you winning or losing the game and the total time you have spent playing the game will be stored for the future. You can also see all your data in this version.

From now on you can create your own profile. Your single player scores along with online gaming scores will be stored in our servers. You can follow us using the live chat feature option. Various news and information will be provided through the cloud clutter system. Moreover, a lot of interesting and demanding features have been included in this new board game version, making it the top game in the BOARD Category. So download now free Sholo Guti game to play online and become a game boy!

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