Secret Room Key Puzzle Guide (The Narrows)

Enkanomiya region in The Genshin effect there are several areas for you to explore and a lot to explore. These include The Chamber of Secrets and The Secret Key in The Narrows. This is ours The Genshin effect The guide helps you with The Narrows Secret Room Key so you can open the Luxury Chest.

Note: For more information on the game, see The Genshin effect guide and central feature. Likewise, you can take a look at main guide related to the Whitenight and Evernight puzzle.

The Genshin effect: Enkanomiya Guide – The Key to the Narrow Secret Room and the Luxury Chest

The key location of the narrow secret room

The narrow secret room in The Genshin effect located in the southwestern part of the region. You will find a hidden ledge along the cliff where Sigil can also be collected. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to open the door. That’s because we need to find the Secret Room Key.

To find it, check the cliffside near the northwest fast-moving point. There is a protruding part. On it are three Triangle Mechanics that you can interact with if it’s Whitenight. Just tap each device a few times to move the lanterns. You will see a message that each lantern is in the correct position.

Gen Pct Enksec Scrmky Nrw 1a

Go inside and switch to Evernight. Follow the winding corridor until you see the shadow of Adonis and a chest.

Open the chest giving you the Secret Room Key. Go back outside and tag the switch to make it Whitenight again.

Gen Pct Enksec Scrmky Nrw 1b

Return to the sealed door in the southwest area and use The Narrows Secret Room Key to open it.

Destroy the wall by blowing up crates and go deeper into the ruins. You are not done yet because you need to solve a puzzle.

Gen Pct Enksec Scrmky Nrw 2

Puzzle The secret room in the narrow

You will notice the parts are sealed with light shields. There is also a broken Triangle Mechanism, as well as two switches. Let’s call them L-Switch and R-Switch.

Genshin Impact Secret Chamber Secret Key Enkanomiya Shrink Luxury Chest 1a

Here’s what we need to do:

  • Activate the R-Switch to turn it into Evernight.
  • Look behind you to find a dais (cube). Interact with that to open the small portal.

Genshin Impact Secret Chamber Secret Key Enkanomiya Shrink Luxury Chest 1b

  • Reactivate the R-Switch to turn it into Whitenight, then interact with the L-Switch to turn it into Evernight.
  • Enter the small room behind you and claim the quintessential reward.
  • Enable L-Switch again and set it to Whitenight.
  • Go near the Triangle Mechanism in the room. The buff nature fixes it. Hit it to open the large metal gate.

Genshin Impact Secret Room Secret Key Enkanomiya Shrink Luxury Chest 2a

  • Through the gate, there is a shimmering part of the wall. Out there is a puddle of water and a precious Chest. But, we still have other work to do.
  • Return to L-Switch and switch to Evernight.
  • Go through the large gate and examine the wall. You should be able to enable it and see the new icons.
  • Look familiar? Well, that’s because those symbols are part of Serpent’s Heart Puzzle Area. You accomplished that in the main quest ring. Now, it’s time for another bonus.

Genshin Impact Secret Room Secret Key Enkanomiya Shrink Luxury Chest 2b

Serpent’s Heart Puzzle and Luxury Chest

Return to the Serpent’s Heart puzzle area and make sure it’s Evernight. Move to spectral doorways in a specific order based on the number of pips in each symbol.

If you do it right, three Ruin Guardians will appear. Defeat them to spawn your rewards. That’s it, you’ve completed the Narrow Chamber of Secrets puzzle in The Genshin effect and you got the relevant Luxury Chest.

Genshin Impact Secret Chamber Secret Key Enkanomiya 2c . Shrink Luxury Chest

The Genshin effect available through it Official website. For more information, see guide and central feature. Secret Room Key Puzzle Guide (The Narrows)


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