Season 8 Episode 2 Review

Now then The Flash has officially begun its eighth season, it looks like the show has really embraced what’s been much darker in tone than previous seasons. That’s a welcome change after The Flash Season 8, Episode 1 is an incoherent mess that seems to be trying too hard to be light and funny while dealing with a villain that is arguably too strong for the Scarlet Speedster to deal with.

Despero first appeared in The Flash premiere season and there are some questions about what he’s doing there and why. In fact, the character comes across as rather goofy, especially in his human form, where he looks more like a strong man in a circus than anything else. His statement that Barry Allen would go against the entire city also seemed a bit odd, as someone told the team it would almost certainly spill over into the situation. However, Episode 2 seems to understand the mess its predecessor created, perhaps simply because it is too difficult to set the stage for this while reintroducing so many relatively new characters. The episode seems to have picked up the pieces and even set the stage for a very good mystery.


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Review of The Flash Season 8 Episode 1

There is little doubt that since it first aired on the CW, The Flash tried to make a difference with other long-running Arrowverse series, Arrow by taking a more optimistic approach. While Oliver Queen and company were living in a city that was one step away from utter chaos – and it still happens from time to time – the Central City is brighter and cleaner and the tune of The show has largely repeated that façade. Over the years, there has been a lot of talk about how hope and friendship can overcome anything. Episode 2 Season 8 builds on that optimistic hope by showing that there aren’t many people in the group of the common good guys who actually believe it.

Part of the lack of an optimistic approach throughout The Flash was Despero’s prediction that Barry would lose his mind. While Iris and the rest of the crew expressed their belief that it would be impossible for their good friend to actually do what the alien claimed he would, there were some doubts and concerns. Very clear listening runs through people. Kudo with the call to return to Season 7 to make people more confident that they will start to believe that The Flash is going to go bad. It was a season where Barry “leveled up” to the point of being able to think faster than a computer, but it also made him emotionless and basically evil. The show did a great job of bringing up a reality that has slightly eroded the trust of his crew.

This is also the point that helps the program get a lot of new participants. If Joe, Wells, and Cisco were still around, it would be hard to see the erosion of the friendship that was forming. Caitlyn and Iris are the only “originals” left on the crew and they were largely left in the background. There’s also the fact that Barry and Iris have had some skirmishes over the years over both of their strange behaviors. In that respect, the writers did a great job of laying the groundwork and then capitalizing on it like this season The Flash open.

When Barry starts losing time and starts attacking his friends first, then in Central City, the worry on his friends’ faces is real and makes complete sense. Then there’s the fact that pressure continues to mount outside of clashes with the supers. There’s the sudden investigation of Barry as a crime scene investigation and the loss of Star Labs to the gang not being good at protecting. Both of those are quite unusual for Barry and could be implied that he lost his grip even earlier than anyone involved might have begun to notice.

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However, a good touch for The Flash Season 8, Episode 2 Is that the pretty obvious reason why Barry had his problem first posed as an answer, and then very clearly not. It feels like in the past, Zotar would be very vulnerable to exploitation and abuse in the 5 episodes of “Armageddon”. However, after making it seem like she was totally the reason he was wasting his time and doing pretty odd things like attacking his friends, the show made it very clear that she wasn’t at all. it has to be like that. The comments about her wearing electric shock absorber cuffs when he abruptly slammed the door shut about that possibility.

Add to that the fact that Barry is really confused about the death of Joe West – who was around the end of Season 7 – and there’s an extra level of darkness. The show that puts that layer of confusion on the viewers is also a beauty. There are other details small enough to be overlooked, even to the most loyal of viewers, that have been “resolved” in a way that will likely need to be reviewed as the season goes on. The episode did a great job in building excitement for The Flash Season 8, Episode 3.


That doesn’t mean this episode of The Flash did everything right. Some of the monologues and anecdotes that still emerge are most trivial. Among the worst of the worst is Chester’s wretched story. In explaining that he was “a pacifist”, he told Allegra the story of how as a child he built a Marvin the Martian – from the famous Looney Tunes – that exploded. , and accidentally burned down his friend’s house. The fact that the scene is told with complete seriousness and is not intended to be amusing presumably means that it’s just enough of a basic story about the man who’s been more upset than nothing since joining the show.

The Flash airs Tuesday nights on The CW

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Our rating:

4.5 out of 5 (Must see)

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