Season 8 Episode 1 Review

With the launch of Season 8 of The Flash, it seems the CW show is very comfortable in its own skin. Easily leave the longest show in the larger Arrowverse, Episode 1 of the new season seems to have clung to a formula that its fans will surely recognize and understand. In fact, the premiere of the first season is quite similar to previous premieres, teasing a kind of world-ending cataclysm that the gang will likely spend most of the rest of the season trying to prevent. prevent. In case it’s not obvious from the episode’s opening scenes, the premieres want people to understand what’s going to happen quite clearly, as it’s actually called “Armageddon Part 1”.


Following a well-established formula has its pros and cons, and both have clearly shown their maturity in the first episode of the season. That recipe also includes a “villain of the week” type of addition that tends to be someone who is actually pretty easy to stop, because apparently, the showrunners feel as though The Flash and his gang needs a win, even if greater victory or defeat is still a shortcut. There are also addition of an Arrowverse intersection as Brandon Routh’s Ray Palmer, officially The Legend of Tomorrow. It didn’t take long for it to become clear that Ray would be the replacement for Hartley Sawyer’s Ralph Dibney this season. Sawyer finds himself in a bit of real-life hot water and is booted out of the show. It seems like The Flash feels as though it needs another orb of superpowers to fill that hole, so enter Palmer and his alternate self, The Atom.

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the flash sea 8 episode 1 review

When The Flash feels like it’s stuck with its formula for starting the season, maybe this time it doesn’t really work out. That could be because it’s simply trying to do too much in a short amount of time. There’s a lot to gather after the Season 7 finale, and interestingly, in that respect, the show may not have done enough. It’s not clear why this season started off with what is clearly a sort of mini-series inside the series. These are usually reserved for mid-season crossovers, but this particular time, The Flash is kicking things off with something. That means the likes of Jesse L. Martin’s Joe West and Tom Cavanuagh’s Harry Wells aren’t even mentioned. There was a perverse comment about Joe being out of the picture but it was fleeting and ignored pretty quickly.

The rest of the recipe for The Flash involves a few other quirky friends, all doing their part to try to help Barry beat the bad guy of the week and start a fight against the big bad guy that will last throughout the week. Due to a cast change including the departure of Carlos Valdes and his character, Vibe, it feels like the cast is still feeling each other. Brandon McKnight’s Chester P. Runk has essentially stepped into the role of Vibe, but his personality is pretty straightforward, unlike The Flash or the rest of the characters.

Kayla Compton’s Allegra Garcia is also having problems with the group. Of course, her part in this episode is about trying to find her way in the world, so there are some opinions that she’s a bit lost. At the same time, it feels like they’ve pretty much done “Where’s Allegra” in Season 7 and it would be nice if that particularly well-traveled trail didn’t appear to be commuting to start the year. Entirely possible formula approach to The Flash mostly felt at a loss because of how many things were packed in an hour.


When considering recipe The Flash used when it comes to “villain of the week”, it’s no surprise that the Royal Flush Gang isn’t a particularly dangerous group. On the other hand, a group of villains combining their powers to carry out real heists can be a lot of fun. In fact, it looks like they could be something that has been at the heart of at least a few episodes. Instead, they just appeared on screen enough to deliver one painful poker game after another and then dealt with fairly quickly. Adding a very rushed mystery about what they really are then quickly solved and dispatched makes the whole thing feel pretty empty.

In fact, it feels like a bit plan for this episode of The Flash (and possibly seasons) changed mid-line, and the writers tried to keep what they liked from the old plan while merging it with the new one. If that’s really what went down, it hasn’t been resolved so well. While the party is a bit too goofy to feel very ominous, they also seem to be fueled with enough energy to hold themselves up in a fight a little better than they did. It looks like the show wants to quickly move on to what seems to be the big lousy part of Season 8.

Despero to Arrowverse for the first time this season and he’s certainly a formidable enough villain for Barry Allen and company. He has the ability to change his size and shape and he seems to have some mental power that allows him to infiltrate other people’s heads and even trick his enemies into thinking he is stand somewhere that is not yours. Of course, the way the show decides to prove that strength later is one of the strongest writings The Flash used to have.

Despero is clearly from the future, and that’s all too certain stick to the recipe for The Flash. It’s not clear why so many of the villains involved in the show travel back in time to confront Barry Allen and friends. It seems like there’s a lot of danger in the “here and now” but the show’s screenwriters tend to prefer setting the stage with the assurance that things will go wrong, then letting people watch it and find out what it’s not like. go wrong after all. It will be interesting to see if the show returns to that well once too often.

The Flash airs Tuesday nights on The CW

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