Season 41, Episode 9 Reviews

The following contains spoilers for episode 9 of Survivor Section 41.

The plot and gameplay continue to thicken in Season 41 of Survivor, as the latest episode offered viewers more strategy and alliance building, as well as double eliminations. It’s even more obvious now who are the big players to watch, as many of them could have cemented their place in the finals in this episode alone, depending on how their picks go in the future. . The interesting thing about Survivor is that even the smallest choices in the game can have a big impact later on, and some things that seem like risky moves in the short term can actually help the player’s game. at the end of the game.


Immediately, the story surrounding Deshawn and Shan’s relationship came to the fore: both had strong personalities and didn’t like being told what to do, and both saw each other as someone who always had to. afternoon yourself. . Judging by the preview for Episode 10, this continues to sow the seeds for some kind of hype in the next episode, but also a major part of the strategic planning in the second half of this section. Evvie, observing the tensions in these alliances, notes that chaos does not help those in power, but instead helps those at the bottom, which is a really great remark for Survivor Generally speaking. Oftentimes, chaos reveals cracks in even the tightest of alliances, which is exactly where those at the bottom can get in and save their own lives in the game. And the sentiment is true to the end result of this episode… in part.

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In keeping with this season’s efforts to continually anthropomorphize players as the game goes on, Ricard has had some time since it was revealed he is completely deaf in his right ear and has learned to read. lip. In spite of hearing loss is a disadvantage in certain contexts, he notes that embracing body language in such a way that he’s really helpful in the game Survivorand help him do more work trying to read people than just reading their words. It’s great to see Ricard get a human, sympathetic moment as he’s often been accused of being sneaky and deceiving with his edit in the season so far. It seems like the editing around him is indicating that he will go far in the game.

Survivor 41 episode 9

The issue of power alliances (involving Shan, Deshawn, Liana, Danny and Ricard) arose again when Shan loudly announced that the group should go somewhere to talk right in front of Erika and Xander, who immediately decided to conspire against them. This is an interesting alliance from two people who keep popping up and it will be great to see them go this far in the game together, because it seems like they work well together right from the little moments that audiences see. visible.

Immune Challenge presents an interesting change: players will be divided into two groups, and each group will go to its own Tribal Council (and one person from each group will gain Immunity). In what feels like a great payback for what was foretold in the episode, Erika and Xander both earned Immunity in their respective groups, when they both really needed it most. This entire episode is really geared towards getting viewers to get to know the underdogs and get excited about their victory over the big bad alliance that has been chasing them all this time.

All of this is clearly a key to the majority coalition’s plans, and they begin trying to figure out who’s next in the tight group. In a group, Xander and Evvie want to vote for Liana, while Liana and Danny wanted Evvie out. This puts Deshawn in the position of a swing vote between the two coalitions and it is never revealed which side he will choose until the Tribal, which keeps things interesting. In another small tribe, there is another round of voting situation, as there is more disagreement about where the votes should land. Shan is stuck on getting Heather out, and Naseer is the game to go with it. Heather and Erika clearly don’t like the plan, and want to vote for Naseer, who they believe is a strong player (mostly because of his idol).

Ricard, despite being very close to Shan, disagrees that electing Heather is the best move. After all, she’s not a challenging threat and doesn’t have much of a strategic threat problem either. He points out that voting for Naseer might be the best move, and we are given another scene of him and Shan arguing over what to do next. It is a myth that when it comes to major threats to vote, very few people mention Shan or Ricard, although they are clearly good players and always in a position of power. It seems that everyone is ignoring them in favor of much easier votes, simply because they are apprehensive about the advantages this duo possesses.

Generally speaking, the editing in this part is really amazing. It cuts a lot between the two factions, which makes things more dynamic instead of just showing a long, uninterrupted segment for each small tribe. Splitting the main tribe into two smaller tribes is also a great idea as it generates a lot of interesting votes. The game is tighter because there are fewer options to toss around and less chaos of players running around the camp throwing arrows left, right, and center. Players can play more strategically and in more interesting ways as their options are more limited this way (plus, it also breaks some alliances, resulting in a plethora of possible choices). not given).

Survivor 41 episode 9

Then it was finally time for the first of the two tribes. Jeff, in a moment of irony seemingly unaware of himself, asked the tribe why it seemed like everyone knew about everyone else’s advantage, when the answer was clearly because of the idols. specially designed in a way call attention to who owns one (because they were forced to say a silly phrase to trigger it). It’s one of the worse things this season, because it makes everyone’s business too exposed, which takes away from the fun sneakiness one often sees on the internet. Survivor Season.

In the end, Shan used her extra vote on Heather, but it didn’t work because Ricard switched him to Naseer. After the re-vote, Naseer got to vote and immediately took his place on the Jury bench next to Tiffany. The next tribe is opened, and it seems they are shocked to see Naseer on the Jury. It was really a great detail to send Naseer to the Jury immediately because it immediately affects other tribes and make them rethink their own safety in the game, especially members of the majority coalition. In the end, however, their confidence was assured, as Evvie was voted on and became the third member of the Jury.

Overall, this was a great episode and once again prioritizing gameplay and strategy over everything else, this is the simplest claim you could ask from a game of strategy and gameplay. There are no distracting moments as Jeff speaks to the audience, and viewers can even learn more about players who have been in the game for a long time. Episode 9 is like a classic Survivor, and try to draw the line between using idol, advantage and old style in an artistic way Survivor strategy.

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Our rating:

3.5 out of 5 (Very Good)

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