Season 3 ‘succession’ finale shocker sees Tom Wambsgans get the last laugh

You know your relationship with your mom is complicated when you raise a toast to her wedding that you both call her absentee parent and put her marriage in competition with your own. Shiv’s wedding speech for her icy mother in HeirThe last part of season 3 Shiv said to her new father-in-law: “I envy the time you spend with her. “I hope your marriage is just as rich and happy and rewarding and fulfilling as mine.”

Last week’s episode ended with a startling twist: Kendall Roy ducked face down in the infinity pool after finally throwing the towel in his own contest with him and his other problematic parent Shiv. The finale opens with a reassurance that, no, that New Yorkers The record is not a change for Jeremy Strong. While the family played exclusively, Logan assured Kendall’s son, Iverson, that his father was okay. Now, it’s time to watch mom remarry — and as one might expect, neither kid is really okay.

Kendall is trying her best to show her most normal, most virtuous side when she first meets her siblings before the wedding. He announced to his siblings that he was ready to “take it all in” and share his family’s dirty secrets with the press. (“We talked to Vanity Fair,’ Comfrey whispered at one point, ‘but mostly we call them. ) Meanwhile, Shiv wouldn’t stop teasing Roman with jokes about how much he wanted to fuck their mother — just another humiliation for the child in the family to try and shake off after the loss. beat pic pic dick last week.

Roman seemed pleased that Daddy decided to take him with him to strike a final deal between Waystar Royco and the eccentric tech mogul he was flirting with, Lukas Mattson. But then the questions: “So, what is it, son? Are you afraid of pussy? Is that all the ass screen with you, or what? … If you need to straighten, straighten, okay? I do not want to know. Telling his sons about their gender is a hobby for Logan, who asked not only Roman but also Kendall if he had been “odd” in the past – often a bullying tactic.

This part has focused on Roman’s “sexual affairs,” as Shiv calls them, but neither she nor anyone in Roy’s orbit should really open up on the subject. Shiv’s toxic relationship with her parents has rendered her incapable of trust; whatever her toast might mean, the best flirt she’s done with Tom in years is to mock Greg. In fact, Shiv’s inability to see who her husband really is – and how he really feels – causes everything to eventually fall apart.

But more on that later — start a business first.

When Logan and Roman sat down with Alexander Skarsgård’s Swedish tech brother, things started going south for the Roy Family Peewee League. Lukas doesn’t want to merge; he wants to take over, which jeopardizes the posh position of the Roy children. Logan saw Roman off to the wedding, and Roman was right when he pouted; Apparently Logan was thinking about Lukas’ proposal.

Roman arrives just in time to intervene at the kids table with Kendall – who is pretty sure he’s not the one with the problem, his siblings are. But then he said something intriguing: “Do you know what it’s like, as the eldest son, to be promised something and then deliver it?”

Connor, the de facto eldest son, just wishes someone had told him about the merger of companies last week — or might have considered he to take his father’s mantle. “Are you injured?” he asks. “I haven’t seen Pop in three years, but your spoon isn’t shiny enough, is it? This is not all about you”.

During this season, it’s clear that Connor, Logan’s only child from his first marriage, has become an emotional support for his father with the other kids at some point — at least, he took his siblings fishing when Logan couldn’t be bothered. But because this family has no loyalty and because, to be fair, Connor is an asshole, all Connor ever received from his family was mockery and ridicule.

On the bright side: In response to one of our hot questions ahead of the finale, Willa – obviously with great pity for Connor – decided to say “yes” to his marriage proposal from last week. “You know what? Fuck it… How bad could it be?” (Great story for kids.)

But then everything fell apart: Word came to Roman, then Shiv and Kendall, that possibly Daddy, was almost certainly working to sell the company off their hands.

Kendall sinks to the ground and laughs when Shiv asks if he has a “point of view” on the deal. He claimed he was “not here.” Finally, his siblings gave him a chance to tell them how he really felt — and by some miracle, he took it. He finally admits to killing the waiter at Shiv’s wedding. “It was lonely,” he said. “We’re far away.” He sobs on the ground as Shiv says what we all know is coming: Yes, this is a terrible time, but they need to talk about this union. Now.

Another surprise: When Shiv asked where Kendall wanted to wait, he asked to go with his siblings. They said yes without hesitation. Roman put his arm around his brother and stroked his very new head, an echo of the playful warmth we saw in last year’s finale. In the car, however, Kendall reveals that thanks to her mother’s divorce settlement, the children can now get over their father.

“He sobs on the ground as Shiv says what we all know is coming: Yes, this is a terrible time, but they need to talk about this union. Now.”

Moments with electricity, vulnerability, danger. Last season, we watched Roman and Shiv each try to articulate how the other felt on the yacht — and, you know, Shiv threw Kendall under the bus with Logan. This time, alone because they’ve been in the back of a car, the Roy kids tell each other what they’re really thinking — and all agree that it’s finally time to “kill” dad.

Now we’re back to where Kendall was at the premiere: the mobile theater. The children call their allies on the incoming bus to confront their father. Roman calls Connor, Shiv calls Tom, and Kendall checks to make sure the loophole is legitimate. (That is.)

Unfortunately for the mutants aboard this aging steamship, a single mistake sets their entire plan on fire before they even get in the door.

Shiv’s marriage fell apart before our eyes all throughout Heir, but things take a turn for the worse since Shiv shows how contented she is when she watches her husband go to prison. (Watch it.) It didn’t matter when Kendall congratulated Tom on marrying his way to power.

When Shiv called her husband to update him on her latest plans, he asked a very reasonable question: “Where do I fit in, Shiv?” Her answer? A “We’ll figure it out.”

Naturally, there was only one person Tom wanted to share this news with. When Greg told Tom about his latest courtships with a princess from Luxembourg, his curiously minded soulmate countered with a proposal of his own. (All very Proud and prejudice, right?)

“Things could be moving,” said Tom, his voice dripping with intrigue. “Do you want to come with me, Sporus?”

Savvy viewers might know what’s coming next — but it’s the execution that makes Kendall, Shiv, and Roman’s confrontation with Logan so difficult.

Logan wasn’t even surprised when his kids burst into the conference room. His reason for selling the company was, essentially, to make himself another multi-billion dollar pile of money to throw on other people’s heads while leaving his (still very rich) children out in the cold. ? “Make your own damn pile.”

And unfortunately for Team Success, Daddy was one step ahead. Who Tip him, which gives him time to call the kids’ mother and tell her to take most of them. The parents of Roy’s children – whose harshness has forced them to act as traitors for all kinds of dirty messages – are still working together to betray them.

Kieran Culkin has never been more heartbroken than here. As undeniably rebellious as Roman, Culkin released the pathetic words, “Dad… Please?” when his characters realize they’ve lost their nerve hits like a kid flinching after a slap. But Logan hasn’t.

Please? ” he asks. Roman will have to do better than that. What does he have to offer Logan in return for his mercy, favor?

“What do I have?” the perfect loser asked. “I don’t know – damn it… love?” As Logan is quick to point out, this claim is a bit flimsy depending on the circumstances. “You talk about love?” he asks. “You should trust me.”

But it wasn’t the moment that seemed to hurt Roman the most – it was when Gerri responded to his plea for help with a cold, “How does it serve my interests?” These children need a lot of therapy.

In the end, Shiv may face her worst betrayal yet – when she realizes that her husband, whom she thought she had pinned under her thumb, was almost certainly the one who sold her out. Her breath trembled as Tom whispered, in his innocent and gentle voice, “Hey, Shiv, are you okay?” A safe guess for Season 4? Things can only get more sinister from here. Season 3 ‘succession’ finale shocker sees Tom Wambsgans get the last laugh


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