Sea of ​​Thieves players can have a powerful impact on the adventure

Sea of ​​Thieves has grown massively year after year, leading Rare to believe that this year could be its biggest yet. The company showed fans what’s available in store this year with Sea of ​​Thieves Event preview for 2022. Along with that, Game Rant also spoke with executive producer Joe Neate and creative director Mike Chapman about this new content.

Probably the biggest addition to Sea of ​​Thieves comes in the form of Adventure and Mystery — formerly community-driven content designed to bring Sea of ​​Thieves world to life, focusing on role-playing, cinematic and game-changing elements, while the latter adds a little more intrigue to the world, inside and out of it. The mysteries will be solved for a long time, but Sea of ​​Thieves will regularly add new adventures to the game.


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Rarely pull back the curtain the first time Sea of ​​Thieves Adventure, Covered Islands, in which the player investigates a new fog shrouding the Golden Sands outpost. This not only changes the location, but also helps to display the world of Sea of ​​Thieves is no longer a static object. These adventures will be streamed for two weeks, while Chapman says it can take players around 45 minutes to an hour to complete, depending on what happens and the overall gameplay.

The most notable aspect of these Sea of ​​Thieves Adventures aims to show the player’s impact on the world, with how the player reacts to certain events and choices that will change the direction of the Adventure. While making promises, we have to ask how drastic it is Sea of ​​Thieves player impact on these, and Chapman had a strong response: “Absolutely, Intentionally.”

“A big part of this idea is that you as a player feel like you can be a part of Sea of ​​Thieves history. Your actions and the results will have a big impact on the story. And even after that event, seeing the scars of what happened and seeing the changes in the world will remind you of what happened.”

Indeed, Chapman goes on to say that this is the effect of real choice, not a The illusion of choice often found in video games. The cumulative actions of the community drive the story, and he mentioned Rare will provide feedback on how players approach certain choices. This may even cause some players to switch sides or play a little harder to try to determine the outcome. Of course, these are not crude elements, given their time frame, but a new way to influence the world around them. Sea of ​​Thieves season after season. On this topic, Neate also added,

Yeah, it’s fun for us, isn’t it? Because we don’t know where or how that will go. We don’t know which way it will go, and then we have to follow it. What a great team to be given that control and learn so much about our community.

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