SDCC 2021: Marvel Comics’ X-Men writers on reviving Inferno for modern era

A mighty Marvel Comics panel written full of stars teased what’s available for the future of X Men in San Diego Comic-Con. Big lesson? Upcoming X-Men titles Magneto test and Inferno will bring the X-Men Universe to its knees in a variety of ways.

Had a lot of development since Krakoa’s mutant nation Cultural event of the decade. When hell fire party ended with Leah Williams’ number 10 The X Factor run. The most important? NS Wanda Maximoff’s death (Red Witch). But Maximoff attended the Hellfire Gala at the request of the Magnetic Master himself. Could he really be to blame for her murder?

Here’s what writer Leah Williams had to say about her next series, Magneto test: “This is an in-depth look at Krakoa’s high-profile murder investigation and will threaten many of Krakoan’s secrets.” She added, “There’s more meaning to it, after all. These will be the trials and tribulations of Magneto.”

Another significant development since the Krakoa era is Terrain of Mars into the planet of Arakko, in the work of writer Gerry Duggan X-Men Planet Size #1. Arakko is currently the home of Arraki and the capital of the solar system. Great things will end in Mutandom’s growing dominance. And Duggan is continuing the shaky relationship between the X-Men and humanity with a new one, Team X-Men democratically elected.

Planet size Duggan said. “The new team of X-Men will protect the Earth, and we will try to stop some evil forces that want to knock Earth off the board. There will be some new cosmic as well as homegrown threats. “

Duggan also talked about his series Marauders, states that the White Queen of Krakoa, Emma Frost, will face significant challenges in the future, as the past comes back to haunt her. Nothing ominous there!

Many X-Men fans are watching a new series by Krakoa architect Jonathan Hickman, Inferno. The series consists of four 40-page issues, promising to feature the most powerful characters in the X-Men world, Moira MacTaggert, Nimrod and Mystique. “Mystique is really mad,” said White, not giving it away fans didn’t know. He added, “This series will cover a lot of things set during the comeback House x. It was a big turning point. Go in to know that it will be difficult to know who the root for. “

Looks like Mystique intends make good on her promise from X Men #20 to cut off a flaming wave of destruction through Krakoa unless the island’s shadow government agrees to bring her wife back to life, Destiny. Bringing back a lover might not be as easy as it sounds for an island that can spawn new mutants. Thanks to the secret prohibition on resurrecting mutants with precognition, a rule introduced by Moira, Mystique has a large shape-shifting skeleton to choose from with Krakoa’s elite. The key question remains, will she be able to follow up on her threats? And would she betray mutantkind to do so?

Mystique shouted

Image: Jonathan Hickman, Matteo Buffagni / Marvel Comics

Recently, we’ve seen writer Benjamin Percy run on Wolverine Tells about the return of Deadpool not the once vibrant and equally heartless mutant. Who else can ruin an invite-only party with such style? Percy is eager to see the return of the Hellfire Gala next year, so he can cause more trouble. He also discussed a new Wolverine storyline called “The Unusual Suspects”, which will feature Solem, of Wolverine. X of Swords competitor endowed with adamantium leather, as the main antagonist. In X-Force, Percy says we’ll eventually learn the Chronicle’s identity in a storyline tied to the Russian setting with Hickman’s Inferno.

Be with the cool kid on the lunch table, Vita Ayala talking about their current Marvel titles, Children of Atoms and New mutant. Ayala said that the Shadow King with telepathic abilities would continue to mess with the children of New mutant. “He represents a kind of representative that adults may not believe,” adding, “we have to teach these kids to be afraid of the woods a little bit.”

Because the CotA, the stakes will be mostly emotional as the kids continue to deal with the incident that unravels as their biggest secret is revealed: They’re not really mutants. In the United States, the newly enacted Kamala law prohibits teenagers from acting as superheroes without the supervision of a mentor. Ayala said that the consequences of their exposed secret “will be very, very personal to them.”

Inferno promises to be as groundbreaking for the X-Men Universe as Hickman’s House of X / Powers of X and features artwork by Valerio Schiti, RB Silva and Stefano Caselli. Inferno will release more than 160 pages in four issues starting in September and ending in December.

No matter how you shake it, this is an exciting time to be an X-Men fan – if it doesn’t burn. | SDCC 2021: Marvel Comics’ X-Men writers on reviving Inferno for modern era


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