‘Scream’ Fans on Reddit Discuss Various Easter Eggs


Warning: The following article contains additions to Screaming (In 2022).

When horror fans everywhere can’t succumb to the super-horror fascination of Screaming (2022), now showing in theaters, fans on Reddit are pointing out the numerous Easter Eggs scattered throughout the film.

Still keeping the familiar theme of its predecessors, Screaming follows a group of young men targeted by the newest attacker behind a Ghostface mask. Featuring special guest appearances from Sidney Prescott (Neve Campbell), Gale Weathers (Courteney Cox) and Dewey Riley (David Arquette), the film follows Sam Carpenter (Melissa Barrera), her sister Tara (Jenna). Ortega), and their friends like them try to defend themselves against Ghostface.

On r/Scream, user u / KTSMG lists a specific collection of thought-provoking Easter Eggs discovered in the latest installment of the killer franchise.

As u/KTSMG explains, there are several Easter Eggs that many fans have pointed out. Including:

Reference Halloween

Halloween (1978) was created by none other than John Carpenter, and is referenced several times in the 1996 original. Interestingly, one of the main characters in the new film is named Sam Carpenter, which is a clear nod to John Carpenter. Furthermore, if Sam took her biological father’s surname, Billy Loomis, her full name would actually be Sam Loomis, which is Michael Myers’ medical name.

Mark Kincaid

Mark Kincaid was first introduced in Scream 3 as a detective investigating Ghostface’s latest series of murders. Over the course of the third film, Mark and Sidney develop a personal relationship. Therefore, Mark is referenced twice in Screaming (2022) when married to Sidney and had children together.

Tatum’s Memory

In the new movie, Sam and her boyfriend, Richie, go to Dewey’s house to ask for his help in revealing the killer(s) behind Ghostface. As Dewey was pacing around his house, Tatum’s sister’s ashes box could be seen on the fireplace next to a photo of him and Gale. Tatum was Sidney’s high school best friend before she was brutally murdered.

Wes Craven

As the original creator of Screaming and director of the first four films, Wes Craven is a legendary name in the successful franchise. Furthermore, Wes is referenced several times in the latest installment. Wes Hicks, the son of Sheriff Woodsboro, is a direct reference to Wes Craven. Additionally, a “For Wes” banner was displayed at one of the teenagers’ homes after Wes was killed by Ghostface.

Stu .’s house

During the film’s climax, many refer to the 1996 original Screaming takes place at the home of Stu Macher. When Sam fell down the stairs, it was exactly the way Billy fell in the original. Gale was also shot in the same area where Stu was originally stabbed, along with Gale sitting in a chair where Stu expressed his parents would be furious with him.

Lemon square

When Wes Hicks was looking for items in the refrigerator, a note on the refrigerator door mentioned a lemon square. As many fans know, this is a nod to Judy Hicks in Scream 3, where she bakes squares of lemons for Dewey because she develops feelings for him, much to Gale’s dismay.

Did You Just Hit Me With The Phone?

When Richie repeats the line above, it is directly related to Stu Macher’s line in the original, where he expresses anger at Billy for throwing his phone at him. It then alludes to the fact that Richie is one of the killers.

One fan, user u/CerealTVBinger, also mentioned that Richie’s stab wound matched the area where Derek was stabbed Screaming 2. Derek was Sidney’s college boyfriend in the second film, and was rumored to be one of the original killers before the script was leaked online and forced the scriptwriting department to change the script.

Another fan pointed out that Liv, one of Tara’s friends and Chad’s girlfriend, with the same last name as McKenzies, is Casey Becker’s neighbor. Becker, as many fans will recall, was the original victim in the opening sequence of the original film, famously played by Drew Barrymore.

Screaming Now showing in theaters everywhere.

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