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After celebrating its 25th anniversary in December, Screaming The franchise is back with a fifth entry and promises to return to the series’ roots while pushing the super narrative forward. This is not numbered Screaming there are a lot of familiar elements that fans will expect from the sequel, and at the same time a blend of characters and plots that are reminiscent of the original movie. The film itself calls it “request,” a mix of reboot and sequel.


even though the stars return to Neve Campbell, Courteney Cox and David Arquette are sure to be big selling points for Screaming, is full of new characters for viewers to explore and, ultimately, view death in violent ways. There’s a new main girl named Sam (Melissa Barerra) who returns to Woodsboro after her older sister Tara (Jenna Ortega) is attacked by a new Ghostface killer. She’s not completely unrelated to the larger lore of Screaming but Sam is not a re-reader of the old platform either. With that said, a lot of familiar works are still in use, including Tara’s group of high school friends, each of whom make a strong case for being a murderer.

scream movie review

Screaming sets itself apart by sticking to and mocking the rules of horror movies and that stays true to five movies. This entry is also self-aware like all the rest but the plot is not as complicated as Screaming 4. It also acknowledges that the horror genre has grown beyond its gory roots thanks to movies like Hereditary and The Babadook. Screaming 5 imagine a world where a killer movie could flirt with intelligence, while still providing the same thrill.

Beyond that, there are important nods to the franchise’s past – and a few unexpected surprises – but it acts as a continuation of its own. Where other sequels can repeatedly wink and nod at the audience, Screaming Respect the fan base enough to get the material right. It’s scary, surprisingly bloody for the series, and it builds to a satisfying conclusion as it is revealed.

Screaming is unique in its branding as a meta-slasher-whodunnit, but respecting the property and driving it forward is no small feat. Acting is arguably the film’s weakest element, a by-product of juggling too many characters and archetypes. Barrera is a great lead and Ortega plays Tara with a blend of vulnerability and strength, but the many new characters are something to behold.

scream movie review

They’re either explaining the rules of this new movie, reacting to potential danger, or arguing over who might be the killer, with very little meaningful interaction in between. The most prominent one is said to be Jack Quaid (Boys) who plays Sam’s boyfriend Richie as an extension of the audience, pointing out the absurdity of it all while doing his best to survive.

Just a fun killer, Screaming do. There are moments of tension that all build up and no profit, and the fear jumps are timed perfectly. The movie never feels as though it’s pulling any punches as to who can and can’t die, and it even follows the predictable formula that similar movies have created. out. More importantly, smart enough to acknowledge how the life span of a horror movie will inform the decisions these characters make. For example, technology appears multiple times throughout the film, both as a survival tool and as a tool that killers use to their advantage.

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The hardest factor for Screaming to draw is to fit existing characters (both dead and alive) into the story without feeling forced or just a cameo. This new movie respects the heritage of Sydney, Gale and Dewey without making a movie entirely about them. They are fan-favorite characters who end up getting sucked into Sam’s story, offering vital advice and intervening if necessary.

Mixing the old and the new together is what makes Screaming feel fresh 25 years later. The film is sure to please longtime fans of the series, especially those who have felt burned by the fourth film. But by itself, there’s still enough of a new story to follow that’s clever and satisfying. Dialogue can be a bit overdone/cheesy, and in some cases that feel is by design.

In the end, any killer movie can be memorable if it ends well, and Screaming mainly effective. It follows the blueprint laid out for a successful referendum (as explained by one of the film’s characters) for T. If this is just a one-off, fans will be delighted. Or if this is the start of something new, fans have a bright future to look forward to.

Screaming hits theaters on July 14, 2022.

Our rating:

4 out of 5 (Excellent)

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