Scott Pilgrim fans should be excited about thirsty suits

While the main event of The Game Awards is a great event to showcase the plethora of upcoming triple-A titles most gamers can look forward to, the pre-show is a time for exclusive game fans. established and appropriate will want to follow up. Some excellent games upcoming games from indie developers were announced and highlighted during last week’s event, including Dress, an action adventure, Planet Lana, an upcoming sci-fi game and perhaps one of the wackiest of the bunch, Desired clothes, sounds a bit like scott traveler vs world but with the challenge of skateboarding and cooking.


Many people know Scott Pilgrim thanks to the wonderful quirky movie starring Michael Cera is based on the comic series, but some gamers may have heard of the side performance that beat them up from Ubisoft observing the same story. Following Scott Pilgrim, a man in his early twenties who has broken up with his best friend Wallace, as he falls in love with the iconic and ephemeral Ramona Flowers, he finds that he I have to fight her evil ex in order to officially date her. The caricatures Scott encounters include a pseudo-vegetarian given superpowers due to his vegan diet, a woman unfortunately caught up in Ramona’s hermaphroditism, and Gideon, her most recent love. When it comes to the number of characters and personalities, Scott Pilgrim franchise, it seems players can expect the same from Desire clothes.

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What are Thirsty Suitors?

Blushing at first, the premise for Desired clothes looks pretty similar to Scott Pilgrim, but instead of fighting ex-lovers to win someone’s heart, the player will step into the shoes of Jala, who has been reckless with other people’s hearts, following her family, and now now has to confront her former partners in turn based combat. In a rare case in the video game industry, Jala is the child of immigrants, and this South Asian inspiration combined with the life of a peculiar young man has a huge influence on the story and game activity.

Not much is known about Desired clothes, but unlike quirky romance games like Dungeon Boyfriend, the indie title from Outerloop Games and Annapurna Interactive doesn’t seem to be about capturing the heart of someone imagining Jala, but rather reconciling with her past lovers to “heal the relationship.” you broke up during her sister’s wedding.” But with such an event and matrilineal judgment on the horizon, it’s possible that romance will eventually play a role. At the very least, players will be able to meet an interesting cast of characters including men, women and people that Jala used to love.

The over-the-top turn-based combat definitely takes some inspiration from the glitz JRPGs such as Persona 5. Only one battle is displayed in Desired clothes‘trailer, but fans can clearly see its ridiculous animations and attacks as well as what looks like Jala is calling her mother for backup, only to strangle her opponent. . Other in-game activities will include skateboarding, where Jala can learn some expert tricks while moving around the map, and cooking, where she eventually impresses her mother and bonds with the family. deeper family with an extensive menu of South Asian dishes. Ultimately, the game is about Jala finding and accepting herself, which is unexpectedly an important part of the game. Scott Pilgrim also.

Unfortunately, there is no release date for Desired clothes not yet and Sauna only says the game is “coming soon”, nor has it announced which platforms the game will be coming to. But hopefully it won’t be too long before gamers can get their hands on this unique game.

Desired clothes currently under development.

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