Savathun’s Leaked Image for The Witch Queen and its Implications

It quite often happens that major games that are heading towards a major reveal or release are faced with a lot of supposed leaks, and sometimes they turn out to be true. Such is the case with Bungie’s Fate 2, which has been struggling with leaks for quite some time, and especially since a doc has popped up online and has a lot going for it when it comes to Season of the Chosen and Season of the Splicer. Just last week, this leak was expanded and the full document is said to have appeared on Pastebin, stating a lot of what is believed to be Go with Fate 2Part 15 of and The Witch Queen expansion, and a whole bunch of details regarding the Current Season.

However, now a supposedly new leak has surfaced as an image of Savathun’s final form, believed to be the original work for The Witch Queen expansion, will be revealed in more detail in the future. about a month from now. The validity of the image still has to be confirmed and it should be treated as a grain of salt, rather than something like official information. Despite that, if it proves to be a legitimate image, it contains a huge snippet for what Fate 2The Witch Queen’s The Witch Queen expansion is likely to pull from its story expectations, but it also raises a lot of questions. Possible spoilers for the Witch Queen possible expansion below.

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Leaked images of Savathun and the Sorcerer Queen’s Worm

The alleged leak shows Savathun in a pose far from threatening or even malevolent, but rather, the Hive God of Trickery seems open to dialogue. This is something that has been talked about quite often over the past few months, meaning that some lore may suggest that the Sorceress Queen isn’t as malevolent as she thinks she is and may even want to talk to the Guardian. . Conversation could revolve around topics such as the Darkness, how Savathun tries to stop it from communicating with the Guardian in the Coming Season, and how the God of Hunting wants to get rid of her ever-hungry Worm, linked with Dark.

The deal with Worms was something that happened in Destinyits ancient past, and it was embraced by three Hive-supporting sisters: Sathona, Xi Ro, and Aurash. In the end they became Savathun, Xivu Arath and Oryx, respectively, with the latter changing form and transforming into a male to become the king of the Hive. Worms become more and more hungry as their respective God Hive grows stronger, and this will certainly continue to escalate due to Hive’s Sword Logic.

In recent lore entries, Savathun seems to have grown tired of depending on her Worms and Shadows, and upon witnessing a Crucible duel while disguised in the Last City, she understands that power Light’s strength is incredible, saying she knows what to do next. Then, in another entry for Season of the Splicer, the Hive God walks the streets of the Last City in disguise and laments her Worm insatiable, in a way that implies she wants to get away. it. In fact, it is a theory that survives in Fate 2of that community Savathun will eventually turn to the Guardian to ask them to kill her Worm, it is possible to send them in a Raid when The Witch Queen expansion comes out. Leaked images of a new UI upgrade might suggest that, but it could also suggest something else.

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Leaked image of Savathun alludes to her using a ghost and light

Leaked images of Destiny 2 savathun

Because of the nature of the pact with Worms, killing them also means that the respective Hive God will be killed in the process. If Savathun really wants to be freed from her Worm, she must have a backup plan in place to initiate the motion to be resurrected in some way, and while this can be achieved with help of Nokris’ knowledge of necromancy, the more likely option is that the Sorceress Queen would use the power of Light. However unlikely and impractical as it sounds but this is also a popular theory in Fate 2 community, and especially now Cabal has partly become an ally and Eliksni joined humanity within the walls of the Last City in this Season.

This theory is all the more credulous as the alleged leaked image does not show Savathun alone, and just above her left shoulder, there is Ghost hovering. This makes a lot of sense, as it means an event no different from Uldren Sov resurrecting as the Crow, but it will be on a much larger scale and have ramifications of consequences. Fate 2stories and legends of. Savathun receiving the Light and the power of immortality is something that can feel wrong and unfathomable, especially since she’s already been billed as one of the main villains in the series. Fate 2 for a long time now.

But, as with Uldren’s story, it should be noted that being resurrected by a Ghost also means a complete loss of a person’s memory of their previous life, and Savathun is likely no exception. that rule. Her journey won’t be too different from the one the Guardians have taken, devoting their lives and service to hers. Traveler’s light and then teamed up with Darkness to defeat Eramis on Europa using Stasis. Savathun’s path will reflect that, but in reverse, seek the power of the Light and abandon the Darkness.

Furthermore, if Savathun is indeed resurrected by a Ghost, does that mean that other Hive specimens can also follow in her footsteps and use Light? If so, this may change Fate 2 forever, introduces potential enemies that offer a much more varied and challenging combat experience, meaning their tiny and nimble Ghosts will have to be killed to prevent their respawning. Again, this is speculation based on an alleged leak, and while the premise sounds interesting, it shouldn’t be taken as fact until more details are revealed. exposed, maybe on August 24 in Fate 2Presentation of The Witch Queen.

Fate 2 available for PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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