Saucy Santana spreads sex tape rumors with sex worker, Don Santana


Saucy Santana spreads sex tape rumors with sex worker, Don Santana

Saucy Santana, real name Justin Harris, and Dallas sex worker, Don Santana, Real name Marley Santana recently got together to debunk rumors about their steamy love affair.

Recently, a video of Don Santana engaged in sexual activities that have gone viral on the Internet, leading many to believe that the other person in the video is the 28-year-old rapper, Saucy Santana.

Both men verified that Saucy Santana not the other man in the scandalous video. Don Santana took to Twitter in a video explaining the situation.

The prostitute detailed a conversation with an unidentified man who is believed to have leaked the tape.

“…So an asshole posted the video, but I’m a sex worker. I do this damn thing. I don’t mind but, you know, my little bottom, we just love doing it through snapchat. He just doesn’t want it on no major platform, especially mine. That’s understandable, it’s great.”

He continued

“Dude tagged me in a post like “Aye, is this you? “You know what I’m talking about, so I texted him like, ‘Aye, can you delete that?… My little shawl doesn’t try to be like that. ” so he was like, “No, I was just trying to see if this was, like, Santana.” I said, “So again, it doesn’t matter. Just delete the bitch. ”

He then went on to explain that the leaker was trying to blackmail the prostitute, telling him that “[Marley] can pay [the leaker] to delete it. “What Don Santana refused to do, with the statement

“Paying you?… You think you’re rounding up the goddamn mother Don? Do I look stupid, or friendly, or gullible, or sassy to you, nigga?… Either way, me and my little shawl make the same money… You show us damn free preview and i don’t want free damn it.”

Continuing, he mocked the leakers claiming that “[the leaker] just posting this because [they] knew it was Saucy Santana. ” but Don Santana Statuses:

“They talk like they fucked Saucy and they know what Saucy looks like behind his back. I don’t know what Saucy looks like from the back, can you hear me? I’ve never had sex with Saucy, never spoken to Saucy in my life as a mother. I’ve never had an interaction or encounter with the goddamn mother Saucy Santana. “

Saucy Santana also answered the Internet during an Instagram live, where he joked

“I wish my belly was that flat”

Negotiate with the person not revealed in the infamous video.

“She has shaped, small waist… Now, look, her waistline [is] Like mine. You know, I have a little thing on my waist, [but] hoe it like mine with boom. ”

The rapper also revealed his involvement in the video, by demonstrating how the camera angle can see the tattoo he has on his left upper thigh.

“Okay, pull out boy… When he pulls out and rotates his camera this way”

He swings his left arm out where the viral video is centered and pulls down the left side of his pants, revealing a tattoo not featured in the video. The funny live show showed that Saucy Santana unaffected by internet trolls claiming he was sexually involved with Dallas’ Don Santana.

The two have also taken a life on Instagram together to laugh at the situation. The Santana duo have since decided to become friends, as they planned to meet in Saucy Santana’s Upcoming concerts in Houston. During the live show, Don Santana mentioned.

“Dude, I have to bond with you first, it will be the first time I meet Saucy Santana nigga. I’ve never met this fucker here. “

But Saucy Santana answered

“Yeah, we are… Santana’s. You gang right now. You gang simply because you are just a real asshole.. ”

The rumor is officially out, but the initial responses to the viral video are certainly laughable, as the Internet is going crazy, believing it really is. Saucy Santana’s back to video.

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