San Andreas – Final Edition

Grand Theft Auto san andreas has more vehicles than any of its predecessors, which perhaps foreshadows that it has a much larger map. Some may still like fast car use to get from one side of the county to the other, but there are many other viable options available, including planes, boats, and motorbikes. However, as players approach the final act of the game, they will also be able to unlock the Jetpack, which many consider to be the best vehicle in the game.

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When wearing Jetpack San Andreas, the player can traverse any type of terrain without much slowing down, and can use the high-tech gadget to take CJ to all sorts of hard-to-reach places. Its speed and accuracy make it a great vehicle for those who are collecting a lot of the game’s collectibles, and the ability to wield a one-handed weapon while wearing it can also help with looting. gang territory a lot easier.


How to Unlock Jetpack in GTA: San Andreas


Players will first gain access to the Jetpack as part of the “Black Project” mission, delivered by The Truth from the Verdant Meadows runway after the player completes Toreno’s “Stowaway” mission. The old man will task CJ with breaking into a bunker at the extremely secret military base, Area 69, where he will find the Jetpack hidden in an underground laboratory. The player will then need to get out of the base as quickly as possible, as if they stay around for too long, the troops will start firing rockets to finish off CJ pretty quickly.


Stealing the Jetpack and then returning it to The Truth at the tarmac will unlock the “Green Goo” mission, in which the player will need to use the Jetpack to steal some goo of the same name from inside the crate on a train. Strict protection. It’s best to fly over the roof of a nearby station and take out all guards as the train passes before you board, as although it is possible to shoot at guards while moving along a moving train, this can be difficult to do. very accurate due to its moving speed.


After receiving goo from CJ, The Truth will drive in the Mothership, leaving the Jetpack at the airstrip. From here on, the Jetpack will appear next to the wooden structure with a save point and flight school inside, allowing players to pick it up whenever they like. For those who want a Jetpack right away, it’s actually possible to spawn one using one of the many cheat codes in Grand Theft Auto san andreas, although doing so will lock the title/achievement.

How to control Jetpack in GTA: San Andreas


Unlike other vehicles in San Andreas, players only need to step into the Jetpack to put it on, though still need to use the regular vehicle exit button when they want to start a mission or go inside a building. Jetpacks also handle very differently than conventional vehicles, especially when it comes to acceleration and thrust. Instead of the usual boost button (which will now fire CJ’s weapon), players will need to use the handbrake button to fly vertically and the button on the opposite shoulder to descend. You can move left or right by tapping the corresponding face button, though most of the horizontal movement is still handled by the left analog stick.

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