San Andreas – Final Edition

GTA the game has always been quite generous when it comes to stuffing content. However, even by the series’ lofty standards, Grand Theft Auto san andreas is an extremely impressive title in terms of how much players can watch and do. This is really great for casual players looking to kill some time, but for finishers it can really be a nightmare due to the almost endless list of quests it takes to complete. to 100%.

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Those hoping to achieve this impressive feat can expect to spend over 60 hours doing so, San Andreas by far the longest of the original 3D trilogy. Amazingly, there’s actually a huge amount of content that doesn’t count towards 100% completion and “Remastered” titles/achievements, so those who are still eager to explore the game’s world even once opened lock it can continue to do so for the purpose of .


Story quests

gta-san-andreas-100 percent-complete-story-quest

With no less than 100 of them to play through, San Andreas there are more main story quests than any other Grand Theft Auto game. Its seemingly imminent story is divided into six main acts, with all but the first and last taking place in separate parts of the county. The player can spend about 30 hours completing all of them, making the main story of the game as long as the stories found in GTA 3 and Town combine.

Los Santos Missions
Carl johnson At the beginning
Big smoke
Sweet and Kendl
Ryder Ryder
Sweet Johnson Tag on Turf
Cleaning the hood
Nines and AK’s
Driving with
Sweet’s Girl
Cesar Vialpando
Big smoke OG Loc
The dog is running
Wrong side of the song
Just business
Ryder House Invasion
Steal Uncle Sam
Cesar Vialpando High stakes, low riders
OG Loc Life is a beach
Madd Dogg’s Rhymes
Management problem
Party at home
FEMALE ACCIDENT Burning desire
Import gray
Sweet Johnson Doberman
Los Sepulcros
Family reunion
The Green Sabre
Country mission
Catalina First date
Truth Body Harvest
Cesar Vialpando King in exile
Catalina First facility
Gone Courting
Destiny is destined
Cesar Vialpando Wu Zi Mu
Farewell My Love…
Truth Going to San Fierro?
San Fierro Missions
Carl johnson Put flowers in your hair
Carl johnson Deconstruction
Zero Air raid
Supply chain…
New Model Army
Cesar Vialpando Photo opportunity
Jizzy RED T-Bone Mendez
Mike Toreno
Wu Zi Mu The boys on the mountain of clouds
Ran Fa Li
amphibious assault
Win Da Nang
Carl johnson Ice Cold Killa
Cesar Vialpando Pier 69
Wu Zi Mu Toreno’s Last Flight
Yay Ka-Boom-Boom
Driving School Back to school
Cesar Vialpando Zeroing In
Test drive
Customs fast tracking
Perforated wound
Desert Quest
Mike Toreno Monster
Verdant Meadows
Learn to fly
Truth Black Project
Green Goo
Las Venturas . Quest
Triangle Fender Ketchup
Fire and Explosion Situations
You’ve got your chips
Don Peyote
Fish in a barrel
Casino Heist Architectural spy
The key to her heart
Dams and Explosions
Cop Wheels
Up, Up and Go!
Break the bank in Caligula’s
Madd Dogg Madd Dogg
Mafia Deep concern
Meat business
Free fall
Saint Mark’s Bistro
Hot sun
Triangle A house in the hills
Los Santos Missions
Mike Toreno Vertical bird
Go home
Madd Dogg Cut the throat of business
Sweet Johnson Beat on B Dup
Grove 4 Life
Carl johnson riot
Sweet Johnson Los Desperados
End of line

Property Quest

gta-san-andreas-100 percent-complete-asset-quest

Like in Town before it, San Andreas allows the player to purchase various properties and businesses around the county, some with special quests attached to them. A few of these – like those connected to Zero RC and the runway in Verdant Meadows – will be resolved as part of the main story, but the rest will only be available if the player attempts to open them. lock them.

Wang’s car Zeroing In
Test drive
Customs fast tracking
Perforated wound
Trucking Complete all 8 missions
Quarry Complete all 7 missions
Maid Complete level 5
Burger Shot Complete the courier mission
Hippy Shopper Complete the courier mission
Roboi’s Food Mart Complete the courier mission



As something of a tradition for GTA Game, San Andreas Don’t skip the side quests. These include returning classics like vehicle missions as well as newly implemented driving schools, two of which are toured as part of the main story. However, the vehicle missions once again offer the best rewards, with players being able to increase their max health and armor abilities, become fireproof and even get trains for free from any station across the county by completing them.

Vehicle Mission Firefighter (Completed level 12)
Cargo Ship (Complete level 12)
Medical staff (Completed level 12)
Pimping (Completed level 10)
Taxi Driver (Complete 50 tickets)
Vigilante / Brown Thunder (Completed level 12)
Vehicle challenges Complete the BMX . Challenge
Complete the Chiliad . Challenge
Completing the NRG-500 . Challenge
Driving School Driving School (Win a bronze medal in each lesson)
Flight School (Win a bronze medal in each lesson)
Boat School (Win a bronze medal in each lesson)
Bicycle School (Win a bronze medal in each lesson)
Stadium Events 8-Track (Finished in first place)
Blood Bowl (Complete Stage 1)
Dust Tracking (End in First Place)
Warm-up (Score 26 or higher)



Many of GTA The game features racing, but very few games can come close to matching San Andreas when it comes to the sheer number of races on offer. The game boasts a total of 22 tournaments, with the majority of them divided into three special leagues. There is also a series of stand-alone checkpoint races at Las Venturas Airport, all of which players will need to win to complete 100%.

Los Santos
Small loop
Backroad Wanderer
City Circuit
Into the country
San Fierro
Motorbike danger
Bandito County
Go-Go Karting
San Fierro Fastlane
San Fierro Hill
The endurance of the country
General warehouse Las Venturas
SF to LV
Dam Rider
Desert tricks
LV . belt
Las Venturas . Airport
Aces in World War
Military service
Chopper checkpoint
Whirly Bird’s waypoint
Hell Heli



While there are no more hidden packs or rampages for players to worry about, there’s still plenty of collectibles in the mix. GTA San Andreas. CJ will need to spray over 100 Gang Cards and also take 50 snapshots at specially marked spots throughout the county. Yes 50 horseshoes and 50 oysters for the player to find and collect, with the latter being only found underwater. Keeping track of everything will result in various weapons appearing outside certain safe houses and also increase CJ’s lung capacity to its maximum.

Other terms


As with all quests, races and collectibles, there are some additional quests that the player will need to tick in order to be 100% complete. San Andreas. In terms of assets, they will need buy all 24 properties and every 5 Suite Hotel in Las Venturas. They will also have to complete all three import and export vehicle lists in San Fierro and complete all three rounds for every weapon at one of the Ammu-Nation shooting ranges. In the end, CJ will need learn the fighting styles of Boxing, Kung Fu and Muay Thai from the game’s three gyms and achieve 35% girlfriend progress with Millie Perkins.



Much as Town before it, San Andreas offers some pretty decent rewards to those who manage to get to 100% completion. They’re less useless this time around, though, and can be quite useful for those looking to take over every gang territory or get past all 70 unique Stunt Jumps. However, neither of these are required for 100% completion, nor are they maxing out money or achieving the “King of San Andreas” Criminal Rank.

  • Many arguments
  • Double vehicle durability
  • 1,000,000 dollars
  • A Hydra will appear on Sweet’s roof
  • A rhinoceros will appear under the bridge over Ganton

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