Samus Aran’s awakened ability lays the groundwork for sequels

Metroid always a string filled with the atmosphere. There are plenty of opportunities for bounty hunter Samus Aran to encounter the stuff of sci-fi/horror lore, from cave alien worlds to decaying space stations. With some notable exceptions like Metroid Prime 3 and Metroid: M other, Samus usually fends off any threat that comes her way – or sometimes with the aid of an AI based on her former commanding officer Adam Malkovich. Metroid Dread sets up a perfect opportunity to see Samus as isolated as ever going forward.

Although developed by MercurySteam and not Nintendo directly, Metroid Dread is in principle considered “Metroid 5;” NS the end of a story that started in 1986 Metroid on the NES. It involves many loose ends regarding Samus’ origins and major threats to the galaxy, including the standard Metroid and the X-Parasite they were designed to eradicate. However, Metroid Dread also makes Samus a potentially larger galactic threat than any before, and it would be great to see future games grappling with this concept as a new arc for the series.


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History of Samus with Metroid Through Dread

An image showing the full-color and multicolored Samus Arans from Metroid Dread and other Metroid games.

As mentioned before, the Metroids are the man-made creation of the Chozo – an ancient tribe of bird people with technology far beyond any “current” civilization. Samus herself was raised by Chozo, who provided her with both tools like the Power Suit and (like Metroid Dread revealed) DNA is enhanced to make her an almighty warrior. When the space pirates led by Chozo fake AI named Mother Brain threatening to weaponize Metroid on the planet Zebes, Samus was a natural choice to derail their plans.

Later, Samus was sent to eradicate the Metroids from their home planet, SR-388, but an infant was imprinted on her. That baby was captured by the Space Pirates shortly after being left in the care of the Galactic Federation, leading to Samus once again defeating Mother Brain in a newly enhanced form. With Metroid now extinct, Malignant X Parasite was able to respawn on SR-388, rapidly replacing its ecosystem with the parasite’s ability to change shape and eventually infect Samus. Federation creates a vaccine that uses Metroid DNA, turning Samus into a hybrid at the molecular level.

At the end of Metroid Fusion, Samus learns that the Federation is also trying to weaponize Metroid, and drops a distant Biospace Laboratory research station on SR-388 to destroy that project and the X-Parasite in one fall. The galaxy seemed to be peaceful, but that turned out not to be the case Metroid Dread when the Federation received a notification that X was still alive on Planet ZDR.

How Metroid Dread Changed Samus’ Trajectory

future game potential samus aran dna galactic threat

Samus is sent to Planet ZDR after the Federation’s DNA extraction robots, EMMI, are brought offline. Turns out this whole episode was a plan devised by Raven Beak, leader of a the antagonistic Chozo tribe known as the Mawkin who wanted to return Chozo to its original place as a top predator. He hopes to use Metroid to achieve this goal before Samus destroys SR-388 in Metroid 2: Return of Samus (or its 3DS remake Samus is back!, also developed by MercurySteam). Knowing Samus is part of Metroid thanks to the vaccine she got FusionInstead, Raven Beak wants to use her as Chozo’s secret weapon.

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Metroid Dread the last is about Samus reclaiming her device scattered about the ZDR by Raven Beak, who believes the journey will awaken her latent Metroid abilities. This worked, as Samus was shown to be able to absorb her enemies’ energy late in the game, but Raven Beak’s plan backfired. Samus’s power is too great to control, and explodes with a bounty hunter’s fury after she nearly dies in final fight against Raven Beak. She receives a new upgrade called the Metroid Suit, which is designed to reflect her fully awakened form and can wield the almighty Hyper Beam.

The Hyper Beam itself is a great weapon, able to destroy almost any creature in its path – including a Core-X blend that fuses Raven Beak with classic Metroid Kraid’s boss. However, the Metroid Suit also reduces Samus’s energy absorption by up to 11, as seen when she accidentally drained Mawkin’s Itorash and caused it to crash into ZDR. She was nearly stranded on the exploding planet by draining all of her power from her armed ship, but this power is reflected in the latent DNA of a friendly Chozo named Quiet Robe, who is also assimilated. by X.

Metroid’s future seems clear

Metroid Dread

Any game set up to track Metroid Dread can kick off the next installment of the series by thoroughly examining how Samus deals with this new-found power. Quiet Beak’s help, on the other hand, might not last forever, and it would be interesting to see a Jekyll and Hyde situation in which Samus must balance his own emotions against the risk of destroying everything. around her. The series up to this point also shows how different parties are working to harness Metroid power for military vehicles: the Space Pirates, Mawkin, and the Galactic Federation. Now that Samus is essentially a biological weapon, her next bow might revolve around running away from everyone and everything for the purpose of capturing and testing her.

In spite of Metroid has never been one of Nintendo’s most lucrative franchises compared to Super Mario, The Legend of Zelda, and Pokemon, Samus’s latest adventure is a big twist. Not only do Metroid Dread has the highest debut month sales of any game in the series, the design and story of that game are also earned Awe a nomination for Game of the Year at the 2021 Game Awards. With such success, it’s silly that Nintendo doesn’t continue to produce games of the past. Metroid Prime 4, and luckily, Samus’s powerful Metroid ability opens up many possibilities about where to go next.

Metroid Dread Now available on Nintendo Switch.

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