Sam Loc APK – Sam Loc 1.0.6 (Android Game)

I would like to introduce to you the game Sam Loc version played with the computer and the rules of the game with the North and Central Vietnam.
Forship Basic:
+ The whirlwind free version, no need to download any coins.
+ Northern Sam whirl can fight with computer, extremely smart 4-player mode.
+ Anyone can play samloc, but according to the amount of coins you have to choose the appropriate level, 1k, 2k, 5k up to 5 million an import and export coin.
+ When fighting the tornado but you are busy with something, you do not need to care, feel free to play, we save the last state by ourselves and when the job is done, you can open the tornado, continue playing easily, hit easy how to write articles.

Vortex card:
+ Pure attraction rules, 4 players, whoever deals first, the first person can steal the card, the player who finishes first when all cards are finished, all free dances still on hand will lose and are calculated according to the number of cards that will be awarded. The more coins you lose, the more coins you lose, if the robbery is successful, then just wait for it to be x2 of the common money.
+ Post tornadoes from left to right, the four quarters are piggy.
+ When it’s big, you need to pay attention, and pigs and quarters are treated as if they were cut.
+ Dead in the book is a lot of explosions, when combined (overwhelmed), it is considered a loss and is discovered.

Basic features:
+ First of all, I would like to say that the whirlwind offline version has very few features if you compare it with other games, it’s okay, but it’s very good quality, playing cards is extremely adventurous.
+ There are many levels for you to choose the appropriate rating, usually the South often plays only a few thousand coins. You are any desire to have to up the like.
+ There are many suggestions when playing, you can know the number of cards the opponent holds, your cards can be eaten, when not eating, also report.
+ Play all the coins, don’t worry, this offline version of sam sung has many ways to earn more, which is a daily gift of up to a hundred cents, a gift when watching videos for free.
+ In the game there are funny sounds so you can easily realize how much you are playing.
+ Again, this is the tornado version – tornado offline is not an online slot, go online, online poker, online poker, online sand, online scratch cards, online trading. , tetrahedron online, . .. and also no and will not be support the coin change function, only load cards for all that you play to train and increase intelligence.

Games we will be more interested in:
+ Going to the south (beating to the south): playing with 4 players with southern quality, playing cards going offline is also fun, not as much as anyone thinks.
+ Move to the north (beat to the north): the list goes up, you can play to the north, the progress version, the same quality.
+ Move forward to count cards (playing forward counting cards): aka going forward to eat all, playing cards forward counting cards, for every card you can get, the higher your priority, the more time you have to play. to the folésers count, to 13 flags.
+ Sam whirlwind (hit the whirlwind, list of samsung): go to the north – go up 10 cards, immediately report if your card is lost in the tornado.
+ Phom (playing phom, hitting a dozen): playing phom is a card game in the north, people play it for real, many of you just call it a leaf, it’s easy to beat, only 4 people beat it, beat it until it’s boring. post transfer.
+ Cat ta (playing sand pan): play 6 cards in moderation here, unlike the games on this sand card game, if you play with real people, you also have a job to watch the faces of your friends. Beware that it is likened to cat te charm and sometimes it is easier to hit a poor country.
+ Mau binh (beating trade war): intellectual cards measure every drop of water, with a support system for arranging cards.
+ Four colors (playing four colors): If you know how to evaluate, you are also the one to try it, cover it well, have suggestions, play in each round.
+ Looting (poison attack): you will know what it is to eat boldly and lose blood.

Wishing you all a happy tornado game, and at the same time reminding you that I have other games first such as: forward, forward, fairy len, fairy len mien nam, four colors, gray slap, scratch card, dozen la, phom, catte don’t forget.

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