Salt and Sacrifice: Best Runearts ranked

A rune art is an ability attached to certain weapons in roleplaying salt and sacrifice. These rune abilities fall into two categories: Forbidden Glyphs and Divine Glyphs, and both require either the Fury or Concentration resource to use against either the player or an enemy.

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Players are more likely to survive after learning how to use rune arts as they can be incredibly powerful when using the right ones. With a wide range of offensive and defensive skills, there is sure to be a skill that suits the player and it is a crucial skill to have throughout the game.


10 Antidote deals with poison accumulations

In this soul-like game, a player can face enemies that hit him for certain status effects. Allowing the accumulation of poison or other fungal diseases to be reduced by using a small amount of focus.

Although there are items that can reduce this accumulation, having this skill on hand automatically can be very useful. Players who have unlocked a Class Two Banereader and the Damp-rot Stave or a Class Two Glyphreader and the Unliving Crook can instantly use this skill for just five focus.

9 Cure Wounds allows players to heal cheaply

Just as important as reducing poison buildup, the ability to heal on command is a big priority when facing difficult enemies, especially if you’re not playing the Cleric class, which starts with healing abilities. By using just five focus, an injured player can restore a fraction of their health.

This rune art can be found on a variety of weapons such as the Divine Staff, Golden Scepter, Staff of Mercy, and the Cleric’s starting weapon, the Runed Mace. You must also be a class 1 glyph reader that is easily accessible.

8th Become unstoppable with divine blessings

Aside from defense, dealing a decent amount of damage is also important for players hoping to go far salt and sacrifice. Divine Blessing allows players to do just that, increasing their overall damage while making them resistant to it for a short time.

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The Headtaker of the Weapon and the Palatine Vanguard both possess this runeart that requires Rage to cast. Unlike Focus, where the gauge starts out completely full and then goes empty, a player must hit enemies to gather their rage before casting the art.

7 Protection by a circling swarm

Players looking for a little more protection while also wanting to be the Lord of the Flies themselves will want to use the Circling Swarm rune art. When these tiny bugs are put together, they can protect the player from incoming attacks for the simple cost of six focus.

It also only requires a Tier 1 Banereader or Glyphreader as it can be found on a variety of weapons such as the Cleaver of Flies, Mangleblade and the Rothook making for an interesting weapon choice.

6 Create mass destruction with Firestorm

Those playing as a paladin or damage melee build will definitely benefit from this rune art. Being able to summon flames from the earth that guts enemies on the spot, there’s a lot of mayhem to be had in Firestorm.

It’s also incredibly affordable, as it only requires five Rage and a Tier 4 Banereader skill to allow players to keep hitting those in front of them. However, players should choose their weapon of choice carefully, as this rune art is only found on the Red Scar Vanguard.

5 Gray Seekers track enemies

The Exalted Greathammer is another viable choice, especially for those hoping to deal damage from up close and from afar. This large weapon can hit straight for a decent amount, or stretch out for seven focus with multiple gray tendrils that seek out and attack enemies.

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However, it requires a Tier 4 Glyphreader skill, meaning players may have to wait a while to unlock this skill. But even without this ability, the Great Hammer is a great addition to any player with a strong build.

4 Hit fast with an Umbral Wave

For players who prefer to be on the fast side of things rather than hitting slow and heavy, the Umbral Wave deals quite a bit of damage without its use having a cooldown. This rune art throws a fast-moving wave of dark energy that hits enemies for just three subclasses, making it cheap as long as players don’t use it consistently.

It’s a great choice for a fast duelist, as the rune art can be found on the Dakutachi, Eclipse Razor, and Shadow Naginata. You’ll need either a tier three glyph reader or a bane reader, depending on which weapon is being used.

3 Blue Lance attacks from afar

In most cases, a player hoping to survive will want to attack from afar. While bows are a great weapon, they can be very ineffective when it comes to dealing damage, making lances far more desirable.

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This is another great choice for a duelist or even a fighter as it can be found on both the Blueheart Blade and the Blueheart Twinblade. With a Tier 4 Glyphereader, the Blue Lance shoots forward from the weapon, dealing damage to enemies for just three points of focus.

2 Blood Blessing heals allies and damages enemies

Cure Wounds can be a useful rune art for a player to easily heal damage. Blood Blessing takes this and makes it even better as players not only heal, but also heal from the damage they did to another by draining their life force.

As this is an art only found on the Vampire Staff, some players may overlook this entirely, although any type of magic-based build will benefit greatly from this art. This is also easy to unlock as only a Tier 2 Banereader skill is required to use it.

1 A whirl of pain with time blades

player from salt and sacrifice may debate the importance of attack, defense, and healing, when choosing the best rune art, Time Blades ended up taking credit for the power it possesses.

Only found on Temporal Reaper and Twinsickle, players must have a Tier 4 Glyphreader ability if they hope to attack enemies with a flurry of blades. While it costs an expensive eight focus to cast, it’s incredibly worth it when you consider the painful damage it deals.

salt and sacrifice is now available for PC, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

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