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Survival games are quite difficult for gamers to get their hands on for many reasons, one of which is that they are very realistic. The game can take a long time to learn and the combat is unforgiving, which can make players unwilling to plan it. rust is no exception to the rule, but despite being one of the most difficult survival games for players, there is still something for someone. Which in turn did rust a great stepping stone for players who haven’t tried it yet. The name of the game for rust is that players have to survive in a harsh environment, which can be tough.

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The great thing about it rust It doesn’t force players to play it a certain way. To make the game more enjoyable, players can choose to play on hundreds of Server from which fans rust have createdthey can focus on the many aspects of rust like the PVE. These servers make the game much more enjoyable overall as players can play it differently. While there are many servers out there and players may feel overwhelmed when choosing a server, this list should help you narrow down your search and do it rust a unique experience.


5 CombatTag’s PVP battle server

CombatTags PVP server

in the Rust, There are many things for players to do, so there will be no downtime. In this server players see the focus mainly on the PVP aspect where players fight each other. However, this server is very different and at the same time very intense because it emphasizes the realism of rust Battle. When players come into a game on this server, they will be equipped, meaning players will have guns, ammo, and medicine all ready to use. Because of this, they will immediately get into a firefight.

Unlike the main mode of Rust, When a player dies, they respawn with nothing and must find and loot their body, assuming an enemy player hasn’t already done so. If they die on this server, they will be resurrected with everything they originally had. In addition, this server also allows players to experience all weapons, which will help players fight better if they choose to play on an official server. This server is great for players who want to practice their fighting skills, which many new and old players will miss.

4 Rust Empires Roleplay Server

Rust Empire server

rust is known for its immersion that allows players to delve deep into the game, giving them a better understanding of what kind of game it is rust is. This server backs that statement because it’s a roleplaying server, players don’t have to worry about being killed randomly. Since the server is a PVE based server, players are free to do whatever they want and get friends to join in the fun. The best thing about this server is that it helps players learn the details rust at their own pace, so if they play the real game they won’t have trouble adjusting to the learning curve.

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Players should definitely check out this server as its main focus is fun and creativitywhile exploring the open world. All things that have made rust one of the best open world games on PC. Another great thing about this server is the player limit of around 250 which will make the player interact a lot more with other players which in turn makes the server quite entertaining as they will be doing something at any time.

3 server

Rustia server

This server isn’t for everyone, but if players want to give it a try, they should arm themselves with a few tips before committing to it. First of all, this server is very popular and moreover, it allows up to 500 players at any time. That and the fact that the map size is about half the actual size rust Map means there will be a lot of action going on at the same time. Because of this, players have to play more aggressively and with more strategy just because the map is smaller and the enemies are closer together.

Despite being popular and massive, this server makes it the same for everyone as there are wipes every week. This means that everything the player has collected, created and owned will be deleted, leaving them starting from scratch each week. This is great because the more experienced players won’t get far based on their skills and the newer players have a chance to fight back and have a better experience. The main thing players should understand is that this server can be difficult most of the time, but because the server is being deleted things are stabilizing.

2 Rustic server

Rustic server

Similar to the Rustoria server, this one is densely populated as it has a smaller map size with a whopping 450 player limit. However, the map size is even smaller, so the player will encounter plenty of action. Unlike most servers in Rust, Rusticated focuses on base building and clan development. Due to the size of the map, players can fight or build depending on where they are. While server wipes are normal Rust, Rusticated has it too, but players can keep blueprints after the weekly purge.

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This makes the gameplay much more tangible as they spend less time getting blueprints and more time building. However, players should still consider blueprints as temporary as they will be deleted once a month at all times. With that, this server is a good middle ground to quickly grasp the mechanics as players will have more engagements on this server.

1 Rust Academy server

Rust Academy

For players looking for a good balance between grinding and regular experience rust find a home here. One of the reasons why rust It’s quite influential how much developers put into the realism they will encounter on this server as well. But it will make it easier for players to digest the game, and using the right guides during the game will make it easier for players to get used to the balance. This server is great for both experienced and new players as it offers something for both camps while keeping the gameplay fun and easy.

Aside from how easy it is to get started, the Rust Academy server has many things unlocked from the start, such as: B. Blueprints. This makes crafting much easier since players have it ready for them. The best thing about this server is how popular it is with 385 players. Players have reported that they have made great connections on this server because it’s all about having fun without the difficulties of the base game, so making friends on this server is one of the most important things.

rust is now available for Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

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