Russia’s false flag operations are about to begin with car bombs, chemical attack claims and evacuations

Russian news agencies amplifying claims that it thwarted an attempt from Ukraine to detonate a chlorine gas cylinder in the breakaway territory, Horlivka, in what experts say is the latest attempt. Russia declares Ukraine an aggressor and create an excuse to invade.

Ukrainian intelligence last month warned of this scenario. Ukraine’s Defense Intelligence Service warned that Russia was preparing to use the presence of chemical substances at the same site, Horlivka, as a pretend to attack or advance its aggression towards Ukraine.

The news comes at a time of concern around the world that Russia might use an excuse – and even fabricate it – to invade Ukraine. And at this hour, concerns are higher than ever that Russia may be ready to launch an all-out attack on Ukraine. Russian media have claimed in recent hours there has been an explosion in the Donetsk People’s Republic (DNR), which may have been the long-awaited false flag operation. Russian President Putin. Claims are circulating that the explosion is a car bomb targeted the head of the Donbas regional security department, Denis Sinenkov.

In just the past few hours, a series of bad news coming from Russia has appeared. Russian-backed forces hit targets in Eastern Ukraine and there is little evidence Russia is pulling back forces as it claims to be doing. News of the car bombing came shortly after the DNR in Eastern Ukraine announced a Evacuated due to an alleged impending attack are coming. Luhansk People’s Republic (LNR) also ordered a evacuationaccording to Reuters.

The head of the DNR Denis Pushilin stated that the reason for the evacuation was that Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelesnky was plotting an early attack. Valerii Zaluzhnyi, Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine said in a statement that claims Ukraine is planning an attack is false. Foreign Minister of Ukraine Dmytro Kuleba “We categorically reject Russian disinformation reports about alleged Ukrainian hacking activities or acts of sabotage in chemical production facilities,” said in a statement.

US officials have warned in the weeks that the Russian leadership is looking for some excuse to invade and in some cases will use its own saboteurs to create justification for activation and attack, an official high level government told The Daily Beast.

And this seems to fit the bill, as it could create the perfect justification that Putin can bring home to justify an attack, said Doug London, former Senior Director of Operations at the Bureau of Investigation. Clandestine of the CIA, told The Daily Beast.

To some extent, Putin “needs to show the Russian people that he stands for their security, against evil, that the threat is real, that everything Russia does is not for war, but for war, because ‘we are the victims here’ and we have to protect ourselves,” London said.

In recent days, the Biden administration has been trying to expose exactly how Russia is planning to create a pretext for invasion, as gathered by US intelligence agencies, to destabilize the invasion plan. of Putin. In one case, the Biden administration released information accusing Russia of conspiring to produce propaganda video with graphic images of dead bodies.

According to experts, Ukraine’s earlier attempt to expose Russia’s plans in Horlivka to Russia’s claims about Horlivka and chemical substances is consistent with that book.

“Everything that we’re seeing… is part of a scenario where fake provocations are created, then we have to respond to those provocations, and finally take new aggression against them. back to Ukraine,” Foreign Minister Tony Blinken said Friday at the Munich Security Conference about the recent escalations.

Western efforts to quickly declassify intelligence on Russia’s internal plans and make them public may not stop Putin from invading, but these efforts could change the game plan. of Putin, putting him at a disadvantage and at a disadvantage, London said.

“It definitely puts them in a difficult position because we are basically calling shots. If we are given predictive material generated by Russian actions or statements, “it shows” we are predicting and acting to shape events through insight, and now the Russians are pondering, “are we going to go with it, and if we do, we can control escalation and narrative, and if we don’t, will we lose credibility?” credit?'”

London says the end result will be to get Putin back and bring him in for a visit just like when he went to the racetrack.

“We could then be influencing Putin’s timeline and discrediting him,” said London, who recently published a memoir about his time at the CIA. know. Recruiter: Spying and the Lost Art of American Intelligence. “It forces him to react, to take the initiative, so he becomes more reactive, adding more pressure to Russian decision-making.”

For now, Pushilin seems convinced war is here. When asked on Friday if a war was starting, what was his answer?

“Unfortunately that’s true.” Russia’s false flag operations are about to begin with car bombs, chemical attack claims and evacuations

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