Russian state TV releases incestuous love letter to his lover ‘Trumpushka,’ Donald Trump

Russian state media are, on the surface at least, excited about the outcome of the video summit between US President Joe Biden and Russian President Vladimir Putin, focusing on addressing Russia’s potential further infiltrate Ukraine. State media agency Vesti described the negotiations as “historic negotiations”. State TV presenter Olga Skabeeva summarized the consequences of the meeting during Wednesday’s Russian broadcast 60 minutes: “WWIII canceled — for now.”

Skabeeva quoted US Deputy Secretary of State Victoria Nuland as saying that the postponement of the summit was only temporary, saying that Putin not only wants to create a Soviet Union 2.0 but also wants to control all of Eastern Europe. . “All I want to say about that – the sooner the better,” she said. “Russia won in the first round,” added Vladimir Shamanov, head of Moscow’s parliamentary defense committee.

Shadow of former President Donald J. Trump hovering negotiations between the United States and Russia. On Tuesday, as the summit was about to begin, Skabeeva alleged that Trump’s approval rating was much higher than Biden’s. Kremlin Spokesman Dmitry Peskov shown that a special channel used for video exchange between presidents was created during Trump’s presidency: “This is a secure channel. It was created by decision of previous administrations. It is inactive, but technologically maintained in a working state. Now we have decided to use it for heads of state. It creates the effect of a rather personal communication and … makes it possible for us to discuss very, very secret topics. “

“ Things are very good under Trump … listen to Trumpushka.”

Retired Army Colonel Douglas Macgregor, who served as a senior official in the Trump administration’s Department of Defense, issued a interview to Russian state media RIA Novosti complained that Biden was “disinterested in Russia’s interests” and demonstrated an “inability to compromise”. This, Macgregor complained, is what causes Putin to be “surprised and dismayed” by the current US leadership’s stance.

Macgregor is apparently comfortable with the Kremlin-sponsored state media, having sat down for many interview on RT over the years. He continued: “Washington has only one interest in the current crisis – to prevent unnecessary war between Ukraine and Russia. But Biden and his friends deliberately ignored this concern because it would involve compromise. As a morally righteous leftist, he is incapable of compromise.”

Every time Trump makes an insulting statement about his successor, Russian state media have display and welcome his comment. Former president’s position on Ukraine becomes special attention—And commend, to pontifical experts, that under Trump there would be no need for such a summit. Two weeks before the Biden-Putin talks, Trump appeared on Fox News to interview Sean Hannity. He said, in part: “I don’t want to fight for Ukraine, they have to fight their own battle.”

Trump’s words pleased pro-Kremlin propagandists. State TV show Evening with Vladimir Soloviev aired a translated clip of his statements to Hannity and presenter Vladimir Soloviev introduce it by pointing out: “Things are very good under Trump … Listen to Trumpushka.” After hearing Trump deny his intention to help Ukraine fend off Russian aggression, Soloviev sighed:[He is] miss. ”

A day earlier, Soloviev broadcast a clip of Trump’s interview with Mark Levin, on Fox News’ Life, Liberty and Levin, in which the former US president criticized the Mueller report for undermining US relations with Russia. At the end of Trump’s commentary, Soloviev threw his fist and shout: “He spoke very well. Thank you, Donald Fredovych! ”

Just hours after Biden wrapped up his video summit with Putin, Trump released a statement via Save America PAC in which he said: “Vladimir Putin looks at our disastrous surrender in the United States. Afghanistan… Then he looked at Biden. He’s not worried! “Russian state media immediately Broadcast Trump’s comments on Rossiya-24 TV channel.

Although most Russian experts and experts mostly placed negative expectations on the summit, they were pleasantly surprised by its consequences. The most recent version of the Defense Spending Act (NDAA) for 2022 was released on the day of the Biden-Putin talks. Not included in the final legislation is a provision passed by the House of Representatives directing Biden to impose sanctions on Nord Stream 2, as well as an amendment that would ban Americans from buying Russian sovereign debt. Also missing was an amendment to Congressman Tom Malinowski’s (D-NJ) defense budget bill, which sought to sanction 35 Russian officials, businessmen and Kremlin propagandists. The list was jailed by the Anti-Corruption Foundation, or FBK, a group linked to Russian opposition politician Alexei Navalny.

On Tuesday’s evening broadcast, state TV presenter Vladimir Soloviev his suggestion get hot on the call. “Surname [the U.S.] do not try to show strength outside … or insult the Russian side or President Putin … News constantly coming: [potential] sanctions against Nord Stream 2 have been put in place. Amendments to the Defense Budget related to the sovereign debt of the Russian Federation have been eliminated. Amendment with list of 35 individual sanctions has been rescinded, where I am named”. Soloviev happily grinned and giggled.

Political scientist Dmitry Drobnitsky agrees: “We forced them to show all their cards. They open a box of candy, even though it’s not their biggest box.”

Now, Russian state media are forecast that Trump will likely win over Biden in 2024 if he decides to run — and perhaps predict his return with an even bigger candy box for Putin. Russian state TV releases incestuous love letter to his lover ‘Trumpushka,’ Donald Trump


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