Russian State TV Admits Vladimir Putin’s Army Was Totally Shame During The Ukraine War

In his speech ahead of Victory Day Celebrations across Russia on Sunday, President Vladimir Putin went on to promote the idea that his troops in Ukraine are fighting “to liberate their homeland from Nazi uncleanness with the belief that, as in 1945, victory would be ours. . His depiction of Ukrainians as Nazi-like is so pointless that propagandists on state television have struggled to justify so-called “special military operations”. The description itself is intended to depict an almost painless blitz, like the annexation of Crimea. Instead, it became an ongoing bloody carnage and a series of crippling sanctions.

Russia was so unprepared for the event, both militarily and economically, that even the most pro-Kremlin propagandists were forced to acknowledge the grim reality of a pariah nation battling a invasion war.

During the Friday broadcast of the state television program Evening with Vladimir SolovyovMilitary analyst Konstantin Sivkov Debate that “Russia’s current economic market system is not suitable to meet the needs of our Armed Forces and of the whole country under these conditions”. Instead, he promoted what he described as “military socialism,” a set of wartime rules and regulations that would divert all strategic resources – including land and factories. – under direct government control to better finance war.

In the same programme, host Vladimir Solovyov asserts that Russia cannot compete with Ukraine’s seemingly inexhaustible supply of Turkish-made Bayraktar drones, which are ravaging the military and Russian equipment. “They told us from the front lines: ‘Give us the drones!’ People are crowdfunding with crazy amounts of money. They buy everything available in the stores. Why can’t that trash be mass produced in Russia?, ”Solovyov Fuming.

“We have no reserves, pilots or planes.”

State Duma member Semyon Bagdasarov agreed: “Everybody is embarrassed to talk about this topic. Volunteers, like our acquaintances… are buying it all up and shipping it there. Crying is such a shame! ” Solovyov went on to complain angrily about the restrictions that complicate the delivery of such items to the Russian military in Ukraine, adding: “It will be easy to transport it through Ukrainian Customs in Lviv. than. They put in any weapon.”

Bagdasarov later used to blame The West, to the humiliation of the Kremlin, argues that recent sanctions are designed to incite a popular uprising, similar to the October Revolution of 1917 or the Soviet coup attempt. 1991, also known as the August Coup. To prevent potential riots, Bagdasarov suggested the need to “purge” existing “administrators”. He stated that Russia was in dire need of a figure like Lavrentiy Beria – a Soviet police chief notorious for his serial rapes and bloody mass executions.

This tries to whitewash the terrifying numbers of the past on Russian television if nothing new., Not long before Russia invaded Ukraine in February, the host Vesti Nedeli Dmitry Kiselyov praised the likes of Joseph Stalin, Lavrentiy Beria, Julius and Ethel Rosenberg, among others, for Russia’s nuclear capabilities.

During the Friday live broadcast of 60 minutesRetired Colonel Mikhail Khodaryonok made great confession that even mass mobilization in Russia cannot help change Putin’s stalled invasion of Ukraine. He acknowledged that Russia would find it difficult to offset the growing losses in Ukraine and that mass dispatching to fight with obsolete weapons would be counterproductive because Russia’s arsenal is not equivalent to top-of-the-line weapons. of NATO.

“Imagine drumming, the sound of fanfare and declared mobilization. How long after this maneuver will we have our first fighter regiment? We will get it in the new year. We don’t have reserves, pilots or planes, so mobilizing will help little,” Khodaryonok said. “If we order new ships tonight, how long will it take for us to get the first one? In two years! It is dealing with mobilization. If we aim to create a new tank division, when will it be ready? I will speak for at least 90 days. And it will not be equipped with modern weapons because we do not have modern weapons and equipment in our stockpile.”

The retired colonel continued: “Putting the armed men of last year into a war of the 21st century against NATO’s global standard weapons would not be the right thing to do. Of course, we need to cover our losses, but this should be done through industrial enterprises. Mobilization will not solve these problems. “

In December 2021, appeared on 60 minutesKhodaryonok curtly said that Russia could destroy Ukraine in 11 minutes, but in early February – when Putin’s invasion seemed imminent – the colonel was much more sighted. His sober predictions, published in the newspaper Independent military observerexactly.

Khodaryonok has contradicted many prominent analysts, asserting in part that “To assert that no one in Ukraine will defend the regime means, in practice, to be completely ignorant of the political situation– military and the mood of the masses in the neighboring country. Moreover, the degree of enmity (which, as you know, is the most effective fuel for armed struggle) in the neighboring republic in relation to Moscow is frankly underestimated. No one will meet the Russian army with bread, salt and flowers in Ukraine.”

Khodaryonok correctly predicted the difficult and prolonged battles, in addition to the extensive support that the West would provide to Ukraine, writing in part: “Undoubtedly, the United States and the countries of the Union The North Atlantic Alliance would begin a sort of rebirth of Lend -Lease, modeled on World War II. ”

Despite openly protesting against the outlawing of Putin’s war on Ukraine, it is clear that the Russian people are resisting in a variety of ways. A series of fires have broken out at several enlistment offices in recent days, as rumors of impending deployment have worried potential conscripts.

Putin’s propagandists were apparently enlisted to convince the public that the outcome of Russia’s invasion was a matter of life and death for all of its citizens. State TV pundit Karen Shakhnazarov, who had previously begged Putin to end the war as soon as possible, returned to national broadcasts after a hiatus with a different story last week. .

In three separate broadcasts of Evening with Vladimir SolovyovShakhnazarov claimed that the Russians would see “no mercy” from their enemies if the country lost the battle. He threatened opponents of Putin’s invasion, predicting they would face a future of “concentration camps, forced re-education and sterilization” imposed as a “last resort” on the people. Russia is sought by enemies of Moscow. While some Kremlin propagandists reluctantly concede that Russia cannot afford to fight this war, the popular narrative adopted by state media is that Russia cannot afford to lose. Russian State TV Admits Vladimir Putin’s Army Was Totally Shame During The Ukraine War


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