Russian state television betrays Donald Trump in his maddened defense of Putin’s war in Ukraine

A New York Times essay by Yale University professor and historian Timothy Snyder entitled “We Should Say It. Russia Is Fascist” has spread like wildfire through the Russian state media, triggering a bombastic firestorm of outraged reactions from the most prominent mouthpieces of the triggered by the Kremlin.

In his article published last week, Snyder argued that after its defeat on the battlefields of World War II, fascism reared its ugly head again as Putin’s Russia unleashed its invasion of Ukraine. He pointed out the main signs of fascism and noted that they are consistent with the current actions and rhetoric of the Russian regime. “If Ukraine doesn’t win, we can expect decades of darkness,” concluded Snyder.

On a state television show The evening with Vladimir Solovyov On Friday, the program’s moderator and his panel of experts spat fire over the essay. Solovyov was so desperate to refute the article that he resorted to berating one of the few Americans loved by Russian state television: former US President Donald Trump.

“Listen, you bastards,” Solovyov fumed in a direct address to the Americans. “Let me tell you a secret: First, your signs are inherently idiotic. Second, looking at your listed clues, how do they differ from Donald Trump’s campaign? Right down to his slogan ‘Make America Great Again’.”

Solovyov went on to list various signs of Trump’s “fascism” without mentioning how these descriptions also applied to Putin. “Strong leader, with large crowds coming to his support… Discussions of former greatness. Donald Trump promised to make America great again,” he said. Regarding visual symbols as a sign of belonging, Solovyov pointed to “Donald Trump’s red hats.” To underscore his stance on “mass events in support of the leader,” the presenter asked, “Would you like me to show a video of Trump dancing?”

Russian propagandists seemed all too comfortable labeling their favorite American president a fascist, even as they count on Republicans – led by Trump – to gain ground in the US midterm elections and follow an agenda favored by the Kremlin. Meanwhile, Biden’s declining popularity ratings are being enthusiastically discussed by state media almost daily. The Biden administration’s support for Ukraine, including the brutal spate of sanctions against Russia over the invasion, has not gone down well with Moscow.

“The author, Yale University professor Snyder, is trying to convince the readers that we are waging a fascist war,” Solovyov complained, describing the historian as a “pseudo-professor from a pseudo-university”. “[They say that] We call the Ukrainians Nazis because they refuse to recognize themselves as Russians and dare to resist. Snyder knows nothing and understands nothing. He’s just a liar.”

Despite the presenter’s claims, many pundits on state television – including on Solovyov’s own shows – have taken exactly this point, claiming that Ukrainians are simply Russians who refuse to admit it.

“These are absolutely Russians who speak the Russian language but believe they represent anti-Russia and an anti-Russian element,” Henry Sardaryan, dean of governance and politics at Russia’s MGIMO University, told Soloviev’s Sunday show . “They are absolutely convinced that they are right. I often hear comments: ‘Look how much the Ukrainian side is resisting.’ But it is not the Ukrainian side, but the Russian side that was convinced to be Ukrainian.”

Appears on The evening with Vladimir Solovyov Last month, Political scientist Sergey Mikheev also mistakenly allegedly that nobody in Ukraine speaks the Ukrainian language and claims that it doesn’t even exist. On Sunday, Mikheyev was back on Solovyov’s show, to quarrel that “the Ukrainian question” must be settled once and for all, as future generations of Russians cannot be trusted to do the job.

Equally Popular on Russian state television are the talking points promoted by Fox News’ Tucker Carlson in favor of abandoning Ukraine and allowing it to be engulfed by Russian aggression. As more Republicans start Follow Along these lines, the Kremlin’s mouthpieces are hoping that the midterm elections will tip the balance in their favor. Despite categorizing Trump as someone worthy of being labeled a “fascist,” it’s clear that Russian talkers also still view him as a partner and openly hope that the next presidential election will bring him back to the White House — and to the Kremlin the top of the world. Russian state television betrays Donald Trump in his maddened defense of Putin’s war in Ukraine


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