Russian FSB spy happily twists claims about Vladimir Putin’s ‘assassination plot’

During a meeting on Monday at the Prosecutor General’s Office in Moscow, Russian President Vladimir Putin made a shocking allegation, announcing the arrest of several assassins who allegedly planned to kill the famous journalist. of Russian state television and Putin loyalist Vladimir Solovyov.

“This morning, the FSB agencies stopped the activities of a terrorist group that was planning the attack and murder of a prominent Russian television journalist,” Putin announced, declaring that plot orchestrated by “high-ranking diplomats in Europe and the United States” who are trying to divide Russian society and “destroy Russia from within.” Mr. Putin accused the West of not occupying The dominant position on the information front about the war in Ukraine has led the country to “reuse terrorism, orchestrating the killings of our journalists.” He added: “We know the names of the financiers. support from Western intelligence agencies, first – of course – from the CIA of the United States, which is working with the security services of Ukraine.”

Russia’s notorious FSB counterintelligence agency has released a video of the arrest, as well as so-called “behind-the-scenes” footage of agents searching and seizing property allegedly found at his apartment. suspects, covered in their entirety by state media. RIA Novosti on Telegram. The footage shows a range of items lined up in the apartment, including a photograph of Adolf Hitler, six pristine-looking Ukrainian passports, a yellow wig and decorated brand-new T-shirts. in a swastika appears to have new wrinkles from a recent shipment.

But seemingly new items aren’t the only curious elements depicted in the FSB footage. In the original video, three copies of a Sims video game are placed on the bed, as well as a book with menacing words, in part: “Kill to live and live to kill,” signed “The word” Sign is not clear. ”

Social media users were quick to point out that the SIMS game and the “Unknown Signature” could be signs that the arrest was part of a hoax by the FSB, pointing to directives set up A crime scene may include planting three SIM cards and signing a book with an indistinguishable signature — and that these instructions may have been misunderstood or taken literally by officers. Perhaps realizing their staffers had failed, the official videos posted by the FSB on their YouTube channel excluded the book and blurred the image of the SIMS video games.

Despite the obvious gaps in the official narrative of the so-called assassination plot, the Kremlin seems to stick with its story. On Monday, the head of Russia’s Federal Security Service Alexander Bortnikov told Russia’s Rossiya-1 channel that a group of six Russian neo-Nazis were actually planning to kill the home TV presenter. Vladimir Solovyov by order of the Security Service of Ukraine.

In his interview with the state media RIA NovostiSolovyov said he didn’t notice he was being followed and thanked the FSB for saving his life. But the basis for Monday’s allegations appeared to have been laid days earlier: two days before his arrest, Solovyov testified that while he was jogging in the morning, he was reported by unidentified harassers. .

“I was jogging down the embankment today, when two fat bastards on a bike ride past me, shouting ‘Glory to Ukraine,’” he said on his show. Solovyov Live. “They were too scared to stop and I punched them right in the face. We will track them down and find them, without a doubt, because it’s all on the video… We need to catch all the scammers here.”

Solovyov, a vocal supporter of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, has unfoundedly accused Ukrainian President Volodomyr Zelensky of being the mastermind of the plot to assassinate him, and claimed to have been targeted because he was a journalist. Thai. Rossiya-1 reported that “Neo-Nazi assassins” admitted to planning the murders of other figures in state media, showing a clip of an unnamed conspirator with blurred faces, who said that they also planned to take down state TV presenter Dmitry Kiselyov, RT head Margarita Simonyan, her husband Tigran Keosayan, as well as pro-Putin pundits Olga Skabeeva and Evgeny Popov.

During the Monday night broadcast of the state television program 60 minutesOlga Skabeeva concludes: “Ukraine has officially become a sponsor of terrorism.” Earlier in April, during a phone call with US President Joe Biden, Zelensky asked the US to designate Russia as a state sponsor of terrorism. Today’s accusations seek to reverberate that accusation in Ukraine.

Opening of his evening show on Monday, Solovyov seemed very giddy while discussing the alleged plot to kill him. He chuckles about having to answer calls and interviews about the arrest, and laughs about how the President of Ukraine must have orchestrated this scheme out of professional jealousy. As it turns out, Solovyov doesn’t seem to value his supposedly life-long efforts as he did when he seized Italian villas due to Western sanctions. Russian FSB spy happily twists claims about Vladimir Putin’s ‘assassination plot’


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