Russian citizens are preparing for nuclear war

State TV rhetoric sponsored by the Kremlin growing sense of urgency surrounding Russian President Vladimir Putin’s NATO “ultimatum”. Olga Skabeeva, state TV presenter 60 minutes, said on Tuesday: “The level of anxiety has reached its maximum. We are 20 days away from the expiration of the ultimatum and the deposits are going up, although it doesn’t look like they can go any higher.”

A day after Moscow submitted a draft of a Russian-American security treaty, which requires NATO to reverse military deployments in Europe and deny membership to Ukraine and other post-Soviet countries, Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov said. threatened that Moscow would increase the deposit if the West did not take its demands seriously. On Monday, he told Interfax that Russia needs answers “urgently, because the situation is very difficult.”

Pro-Kremlin propagandists and state media pundits fill in the blanks about what kind of escalation should be expected. On the Sunday edition of News of the week, state TV presenter Dmitry Kiselyov explain: “Russia… prepared and passed on to the Americans their written proposals for strategic stability, or more simply for preventing nuclear war, for we were at a critical juncture. , to be honest… It’s simple. America and NATO must return to our borders, or we will, figuratively speaking, ‘roll’ to their borders and create unacceptable, symmetrical risks … If you put a gun to our head, we will respond in kind… Is the whole question the development of Ukraine’s territory by [Western] The bloc is not just Ukraine’s business. This is a complete disruption of the global balance, posing an existential threat to Russia. In other words, for Russia, it’s a matter of life and death… We simply won’t allow it, no matter the cost to us, and no matter the cost to those responsible. responsibility for it. ”

Kiselyov, famous for his previous assertion that Russia is the only country that can turn America into a pile of radioactive ashes, revisited his beloved “argument” to explain why the United States would be willing ready to explain Putin’s absurd proposal. He affirmed that Russia is ready to suffer any consequences and make every effort to get what it wants: “No one has ever published the text of the proposed treaties before. But never in the 21st century has the situation been so acute and the risks so great. Non-standard situations require non-standard approaches. Second, we are holding very strong cards. Our hypersonic weapons are guaranteed to produce a response that the US hears very unpleasant: turning into radioactive ash.”

Putin ordered two nuclear-capable long-range bomber flew into European airspace this weekend, when they were deployed to patrol Belarus. Just a week ago, Russia warned that it would redeploy intermediate-range nuclear weapons on its western flank – far from central Europe – for the first time since they were banned in a treaty. 1987 between Presidents Ronald Reagan and Mikhail Gorbachev.

The Russian government has also given dire signs of things to come. The new national standard for “Emergency burial of corpses in peacetime and wartime” has been adopted introduce by the government in recent months. It will go into effect on February 1, 2022 and stipulates burial in mass graves dug with bulldozers, disposing of about 1,000 bodies over a 24-hour period. Bodies must be placed “in four layers, in bags, wooden coffins or zinc coffins, prepared in advance… and then covered with dirt. The mass graves would then be compacted with bulldozers, filled with “mineral binders” and fitted with “devices to absorb and neutralize radioactive substances, toxic chemicals, and toxic substances.” biological agents formed during the decomposition of corpses”.

The Russian government agency responsible for creating new standards did not respond to journalists’ questions about the purpose behind the effort. Military expert Alexander Goltz told the newspaper Novye Izvestiya: “Those who prepare these standards think of a global pandemic or a global war in which not only the military, but also civilians will die. This is only possible with the use of nuclear weapons.”

Former military spokesman Viktor Baranets concurred and more: “We will probably have to send troops not only to Donetsk and the Lugansk regions, but also to greater Ukraine. We have a blown fuse in the Black Sea. There are also dangers in the Belarus region and concerns in the Kaliningrad region. [NATO] had grandiose plans for the immediate capture of the Kaliningrad region, even with the use of nuclear weapons. And then, how are we going to bury it? One by one, or what? ” He added: “We are ready for major crises.”

Chess legend and a deeply knowledgeable Kremlin critic Garry Kasparov – who was ahead of his time with his 2016 book Winter is coming: Why Vladimir Putin and the enemies of the free world must be stoppeddescription The Russian government created the “mass burial” standard as one of the “signposts on the road to the end of the world.”

Propagandists on Russia’s state-sponsored television channel insist that Moscow is now approaching the West from a position of strength. Discussing the Kremlin’s bold and absurd ultimatums to the US and its allies, Kiselyov said: “This is a moment of truth in our relations with the US, in which we move towards perfection. full reciprocity… From a strong position, we designate a ‘causal relationship. Godfather, Russia’s top propagandist concluded: “Friends, in the US, NATO and the EU, decide for yourself: Will Russia make an offer that can be rejected?”

On Saturday, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Alexander Grushko discussed Putin’s ultimatums to the United States and NATO with pro-Kremlin propagandist Vladimir Soloviev, who wore a red hoodie with the Russian hammer and sickle symbol. Soviet Union. In an episode of Soloviev’s show titled “NATO occupation,” Grushko said: “The moment of truth has come. We have reached a red line and our proposals are intended to pull us out of this red line and begin a normal dialogue that puts security interests first.” He described the Kremlin’s tough demands on the West as “throwing stones into their swamp” and explained that the West’s refusal to abide by Moscow’s rules would lead to “a military response or military engineering”, with Russia “creating retaliatory threats” to the United States and its allies.

On Monday, when asked if Russia could deploy nuclear weapons to Belarus, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told journalist: “It is no secret that the deployment of a variety of weapons near our borders, which can endanger us, clearly requires appropriate steps to balance the situation. There are many different options. ”

Over the years, Russian legislators have advocate the placement of advanced Russian weapons systems in Cuba, Central America, and elsewhere “in the American sub-region.” Those options may still be on Moscow’s menu. On Tuesday, state TV host Olga Skabeeva pointed out: “We are contemplating placing our nuclear weapons in Cuba or Venezuela.”

Conveying a message that could be summed up as “Soviet Union or bankruptcy”, Russia’s national ice hockey team caused outrage in Europe by wearing Soviet uniforms in Channel One Cup. of the Euro Hockey Tour in Moscow on Sunday. The return to the image of the Soviet Union was fully coordinated with Putin’s ultimatum to the West seeking a Cold War rematch that was lost by the Soviet Union.

On Monday, Skabeeva guess: “The United States must give up the idea that its hegemony is over.”

She added: “Declaration of a military response is being made by our State Department…which has never happened before. Russia is putting the US in a position of invincibility: either they voluntarily withdraw, or we will force them to withdraw. At the same time, Russia does not have any obligation to preserve Ukraine, its much less sovereignty. Russian citizens are preparing for nuclear war


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