Rune Factory 5 outfit list and how to change them

Rune factory 5 on Nintendo Switch has several outfits that your protagonist Ares or Alice can transform into, we’ve listed them below along with the guide on how to change costumes in game.

Rune factory 5 will finally be released in English, almost a year after the game was first released in Japan. Furthermore, this is a huge comeback for the fans as this entry revitalizes the series after almost ten years since the previous development studio Neverland went bankrupt. Now is the time to farm, craft, fish, forge, breed monsters and date some anime characters.

How outfits work in Rune Factory 5 and how to change your protagonist’s clothes

Both the male protagonist Ares and the female protagonist Alice have three different outfits that you can change into by default Rune factory 5. You start out with the regular SEED Ranger uniform, which you wear by default, your casual wear, which is also worn by the protagonist during the intro sequence, and a single swimsuit outfit. These are the default outfits available in the game from the start.

You can purchase other outfits in-game

There are several other outfits that you can purchase in-game with gold from Yuki and Randolph’s Bakery. These are pajamas, casual wear, aristocratic wear, mage outfits, and armored knight outfits.

Rune Factory 5 | Launch date announcement trailer



Rune Factory 5 | Launch date announcement trailer





How to change outfits

You can switch outfits after beating the game’s intro and examining the closet in the middle of your room:

  • Choose the first option to change the outfit.
  • Then select which character to change.
  • Select the outfit you want to change into.

How to get a new wardrobe

If you accidentally broke your wardrobe, you can get a new one from the carpenter for 3000 gold, 50 wood and 20 stone.

In addition, there are several bonus costumes depending on the version Rune factory 5 you bought, and there are also several paid DLC outfits available.

Bonus costumes via limited editions

the Rune factory 5 The physical Limited Edition “Earthmate Edition” and the Digital Deluxe Edition include bonus costumes based on the bachelorette and bachelorette outfits of Rune factory 4 as DLC:

  • Vishnal’s outfit
  • Clorica’s outfit
  • Arthur’s outfit
  • Forte’s outfit
  • Kiel’s outfit
  • Margaret’s outfit
  • Doug’s outfit
  • Xiao Pai’s outfit
  • Dylas’ outfit
  • Amber’s outfit
  • Leon’s outfit
  • Dolce’s outfit
  • Pico’s outfit

Purchasing these editions is the only way to get these costumes. They are not sold separately via DLC and cannot be purchased in-game.

DLC costumes and swimsuits are sold separately

past protagonists

Several outfits are sold separately via DLC. First you have the Past Protagonist DLC with Raguna, Kyle and Micah costumes RF5 male protagonist Ares and Mist, Mana, Shara costumes for RF5 female protagonist Alice.


Next you have 6 different swimsuit DLCs for Ares and Alice. This is great for western fans, because in the Japanese version, these swimsuits were all distributed in different shop-specific pre-order bonuses, as is often the case in Japan. That meant you had to pre-order the game from different stores if you wanted all of those costumes. Normally hardcore fans do that, grab the DLC product codes and then resell the additional copies.

Five of these DLCs are already available. The 6th DLC, the Holy Knight and the Bibliophile Swimsuits, will be released on April 26, 2022.

Rune Factory 4 Special Save File unlocks bonus outfits in Rune Factory 5

Finally if you own Rune Factory 4 special and save the game on your Nintendo Switch, you will get the costumes of the RF4 protagonists. You get Lest’s costume for Ares and Frey’s costume for Alice.

Costumes of Azel (Adel) and Sonia (Sonja) from Rune Factory Oceans (Tides of Destiny)

The Azel and Sonia outfits are available from the start alongside the other standard costumes in the Western version, just like in the Japanese version. Rune Factory 5 outfit list and how to change them


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