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Paramount adds a new animated series called Rumble to its streaming library, a collaboration with WWE that features monster wrestling.

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Paramount Animation’s Ram Create an action movie for children. The grappling giant monsters seemed like a struggle, but somehow Ram lack any spark. The cast certainly strives to make the content as hilarious as possible, but something in the way the film is structured prevents it from becoming something of a trivial one. In fact, its best quality is only 90 minutes, which means bored parents won’t have to give up watching TV for too long.


Basic conceit in Ram is a young girl named Winnie (Geraldine Viswanathan) trying to train a giant monster named Steve (voiced by Will Arnett) to become a professional monster wrestler. Steve was more interested in making a quick buck to be a participant in the underground monster-wrestling circuits, but Winnie saw some potential in him. He is also the son of a very famous former monster wrestler, who happens to be exactly the same as the monster her father trained – both of whom went missing years ago.

There’s a lot of content Ram, to the point where it feels almost like a number-by-number narrative. Plot rhythms and character moments are transmitted from afar and any sense of drama or conflict is almost completely absent. That’s right, a children’s movie doesn’t need to be an elaborate drama, but even for a basic animated feature to be released directly on a streaming platform, Ram very difficult to recommend. For some reason, the film believes that an obviously weak story set in a sports setting wasn’t taken to death.

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The voice actors try their best with the material but don’t have any real content to the story of Ram. Will Arnett plays a character that feels like it was written specifically for him but leaves no room for him to make it his own. Steve feels like what others assume Will Arnett plays as a giant monster would sound like. Even Terry Crews, who plays the film’s pseudo-Tentacular villain, is a razor-thin caricature of what everyone thinks Terry Crews is like.

Massive kaiju battles bring something unique when it comes to movies like Pacific rim or Godzilla, but Ram never take advantage of its concept. Rather, the film completely ignores the fact that these are giant beasts as tall as buildings; they move like real people and are really weird when viewed on screen.

One would think that since Ram to be co-produced by WWE Films that it will at least play the role of wrestling but not much excitement for children to enjoy. At best, the designs of the monsters are cool and the animations themselves are sharp, but the execution of the monster’s grappling segments – basically the whole reason to watch Ram – is subpar.

Ram is the kind of movie that epitomizes the stereotype of movies that go straight to streaming services. It’s a simple concept that never develops to the point where children or parents would find it appealing. The cast does their best with what’s on the page, but even it’s generic stuff. With the participation of WWE, Ram It could have been something interesting and unique, but instead it was dull and forgettable.

Ram Now available on Paramount Plus.

Our rating:

2 out of 5 (Okay)

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