Room here with year of change

After a two-week delay, Valorant’s newest dealer ‘Chamber’ is finally here with patch 3.10. Riot has also re-enabled the fifth rank feature but there are new conditions introduced that will affect how much Rank you will gain or lose depending on your results as a team. There are no balance changes to characters and weapons in Valorant patch 3.10 but the introduction of Chamber will shake up the ranking meta.

Therapeutic patch notes 3.10: Chamber

Chamber is a Sentinel capable of defending locations on its own. His entire kit is designed around crafting weapons with his abilities and also slowing enemies down with Trademark (C) and Tour de Force (X). He also has the Rendezvous ability to help him move using his teleport anchor. This ability seems versatile as he can pick up anchors and redeploy them instead of spending a skill fee.

(C) Trademark

Room set a trap to sweep the enemy. When a visible enemy appears in range, the trap counts down and then destabilizes the terrain around them, creating an elongated field that slows players caught within it.

(Q) Headhunter

Room equipped with a heavy pistol. The player can shoot alternately with a pistol equipped to aim at the sights.

(E) Meeting point

The chamber houses two displacement anchors. While on the ground and within range of an anchor, the player can reactivate the ability to quickly teleport to another anchor. Anchor can be selected for redeployment.

(X) Tour de Force

Chamber summons a powerful, custom sniper rifle that will kill enemies with any direct hit. Killing an enemy creates an elongated field that slows players caught within it.

3.10 Value Sticker Notes: Competitive Queue

In an effort to reduce sneaking, Riot Games is removing all ranking restrictions on five-stack parties in the Competitive Queue. Riot has pointed out that the most common reason players sneak is because they want to play with their friends outside of Valorant’s current ranked cap. Specifically, the removal of these boundaries for 5 stacks means you can play with your friends regardless of the restrictions that exist for smaller group sizes in the Competitive Queue.

If everyone on your team is Diamond 2 or below:

You can expect increased queue times as Valorant will only match your pool with five other similar average MMR stacks.

Rated Rated (RR) gains and losses will decrease when playing on a stack of 5 outside of our current rating restrictions. Your RR count is adjusted for the difference in rank within the pool.

If one or more of your team members are Diamond 3 or higher:

Your expected queue times can vary greatly and can increase dramatically as you will be waiting indefinitely for 5 other similar MMR stacks to play against.

As a minimum, a 50% RR reduction will be applied to all 5 stacks including a member from these levels, and this amount can increase to 90% as the skill difference grows.

If one or more of your team members are Radiant:

Similar to Diamond 3-plus, you’ll wait indefinitely for 5 other similar MMR pluses to battle against each other, potentially significantly increasing your queue time.

At a minimum, a 75% RR reduction will be applied to all 5 stacks including a member from these ranks. Playing with any player below Radiant will automatically reduce your potential RR by 90%. | Room here with year of change


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