Ron DeSantis Allowing Death To Spread In Florida Using Second Grader Lashells Fiona As A Political Instrument

When Governor Ron DeSantis .’s re-election campaign start peddling “Don’t My Florida Fauci” In July, the state reported 38,834 deaths from COVID-19.

The death toll rose to 68,846 this week, when the campaign began selling two golf balls at once for $19.95 in a box that read “FLORIDA MANAGER HAS A PAIR.”

“@RonDeSantisFL had the courage to stand firm and solidify Florida as the model of freedom,” an accompanying tweet read. “Now, we’ve got the golf balls to back it up.”

After an additional 30,002 deaths, the campaign tells us that DeSantis has been a man in his opposition to proven mitigations that could have saved lives.

The box also says “HOLD THE LINE”.

That is a battle against the trusteeship rooted in the Chicago Police Union and is now heard nationwide. Never mind that nearly 5 times as many policemen have been killed by the virus than by bullets during the course of the pandemic.

The introduction of the golf balls coincides with a special session of the legislature that DeSantis has called for this week to pass anti-mandatory legislation. He held a bill signing ceremony on Thursday in the town of Brandon. A reporter asked him if the choice of location had anything to do with what became the battle against Biden.

“I think Brandon, Florida is a great American city,” DeSantis responded to cheers of “Lets Go, Brandon!”

DeSantis demonstrated that his concept of being a male freedom fighter consisted of inviting an eight-year-old to the event and then calling her to the podium to serve as a primary prop. treat.

“Tell your story,” DeSantis instructs her. “Let them know who you are and why you are here.”

“Hi, I’m Fiona Lashells,” the girl said.

“Tell them what grade you are in,” DeSantis urged her.

“I’m in second grade,” she replied.

“And when you and I met, what did you tell me about going to school?” he continued.

Fiona stopped and looked questioningly at her mother, who is known to be driving an SUV with a sign that reads “My hero calls me mom.” Fiona firmly turned back to the crowd.

“I didn’t go to school because I was suspended for not wearing a mask,” she reported.

A commotion broke out from the crowd and someone called out, “We love you. We love you.”

“Tell them about the mask and what you don’t like about it,” continued DeSantis.

“I don’t like masks because you have germs on your hands, then you touch it and you put it on your face and you breathe in all those germs,” ​​she said.

Someone called, “That’s right, good girl.” This is where adults should have told her that no one likes wearing masks, but even children have to join everyone in doing what we can to fight the deadly virus. Adults will note that COVID is spread through droplets that irritating face coverings can stop.

But only DeSantis, whose privileges were permanently eclipsed, was DeSantis.

“Now, since you started telling your story, they haven’t made you wear a mask lately, have they?” he asked.

“Um, yes,” Fiona said.

“Does that make you happy?” he asks.

“Yes,” she said.

DeSantis turned to the crowd.

“So she got it all done!” he cried out to cheer.

“Hey, girl, you’re smarter than half the country,” one man called.

The school board where she resides, Palm Beach County, actually lifted the mask rule on November 15, but only because it had previously agreed to do so when new COVID-19 cases declined. to a certain extent. Officials failed to do so in the face of Fiona’s refusal. They were also undeterred because DeSantis for months mocked Palm Beach County Council as “unscientific” and threatened to withdraw its funding. But those tactics have worked elsewhere.

That includes Brandon. The surrounding Hillsborough County board has been so disturbed by a spike in COVID cases at the start of the school year that it has moved to impose a mask mandate, only to back down in the face of DeSantis bullying .

Now that he’s involved a little girl in crafting a complex fictional story, DeSantis is proving that his approach isn’t so much about “KEEP IT” but “Hold it up” lies”.

And to add a hint of supposed science to the lie, DeSantis called Florida’s new surgeon general to the podium. He began by saying that the current message from federal officials is “your body belongs to Dr. Fauci.”

“He can decide what you do with your body, what makeup you put on your face, what your kids have to do,” says Ladapo. “It is a spiritual war. It is completely wrong.”

He went on to say that the “great” new law has led Florida “back to the data.”

“This relentless campaign to keep children in this country wearing masks,” he said. “There are no data to show an improvement in health with masking tasks for children. Zip. Nothing. And it should stop.”

The same is true for vaccines when given to children, he said.

Never mind that there has been a series of peer-reviewed studies showing that the use of masks by children significantly reduces the spread of the virus. And clinical trials have shown that the vaccine is as effective and safe for children as it is for adults. Ladapo has questioned the safety of the stab for adults, so he can be expected to do the same when it comes to children.

Ladapo seems to be as successful as Fiona. The doctor and the child watched as DeSantis sat down to sign the bills. He used the blue Sharpies where his Donald Trump famously favored black. As a result, he made an effort to make himself look like Trump enough to win MAGA’s heart, but different enough not to frighten others.

“You should have one,” DeSantis said, handing Fiona a Sharpie as a memento of a day she had grown accustomed to his political advantage.

Can’t blame the girl for not thinking about the thousands of deaths that could have been prevented with the mask itself, and the task of vaccinating has now been brushed aside with just a few strokes of colored Sharpie. blue. But the likes of DeSantis and Ladapo should not be forgiven, a pair of a different kind. Ron DeSantis Allowing Death To Spread In Florida Using Second Grader Lashells Fiona As A Political Instrument


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