Rogue Juror confirmed? Twitter users went wild after noticing the quote written by Juror

After three days and more than 20 hours of jury deliberation in Kyle Rittenhouse’s trial, no verdict on Thursday led some to speculate about what the withholding was.

A theory has arisen in the Twittersphere that a single jury may be the source, and the clue was seen in a grand jury note sent to Judge Bruce Schroeder on Wednesday.

The 54th jury asked to see the FBI’s aerial video and “enlarged images remained after Mr. Rittenhouse put down the fire extinguisher.”

Twitter user Viva Frei argued, “The wording of this grand jury request makes a lot of sense… ‘When Mr. Rittenhouse *puts down* the fire extinguisher’.

“This is the wording of the prosecution, and clearly indicates who wrote this note.”


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Again Twitter concurred user replied, “Jury 54 was eager to convict and refused to admit it.”

Prosecutor Thomas Binger caused quite a reaction online during the argument that ended Monday when he re-enacted the moment Rittenhouse put down the fire extinguisher and raised his AR-15 rifle.

Lawyers argued that this action was what caused Joseph Rosenbaum to press charges against the defendant.

“Under Wisconsin law, you are not allowed to run around with a gun pointed at you. This is provocation,” said Binger.


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The defense team protested. says the prosecutor’s replay led Rittenhouse to point the gun in the opposite direction than he actually did on the night of the Kenosha riots in August 2020.

“That’s what caused this whole thing,” Binger insisted. “And one of the things to keep in mind is that when the defendant acts in a provocative way, the defendant loses the right to defend himself.”

“You cannot protect yourself against the danger you create. That’s what’s important right here. If you are the one who is threatening others, you lose the right to defend yourself.”

Do you think Rittenhouse should be acquitted?

During the trial last week, reporter Drew Hernandez of Real America Voice authentication Rittenhouse’s testimony that he acted in self-defense when he shot and killed Rosenbaum.

Hernandez testified that Rosenbaum’s disease appeared “triggered and aggravated” in the moments leading up to the shooting. He recounted that Rosenbaum had “leaded into the gas station” and “was getting aggressive.”

“Rosenbaum is charging Kyle Rittenhouse from behind,” Hernandez said.

“Kyle was right around the corner… and turned around and Rosenbaum was rushing towards him very clearly, and Kyle opened fire,” he recounted.

The defense argued convincingly that Rittenhouse would not have shot any of the three men he did during the riot had they not pursued him in a threatening fashion, including one point the gun at him.

Rittenhouse acted in self-defence. Hopefully, if the Grand Jury 54 or any other person has any doubts, they will side with the defendant and acquit.

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