Roger Stone Attacks – From the Candidates He Endorses

Less than a year after receiving a presidential pardon, Roger Stone is gearing up for a comeback, giving political endorsements to a raft of right-wing rhetoric and cashing in.

Stone — a longtime political stuntman, a confidant of Donald Trump, and an adviser to right-wing figures — has booked his lucrative campaign consulting job for years while the investigation about Russia prosecuted and convicted him of obstruction. But a year after Trump was pardoned, Stone is back on the scene, spurring entry-level politicians eager to receive endorsements from the right-wing favorite martini-swashing popinjay.

Coincidentally – or, perhaps not coincidentally – Stone is also embroiled in a multi-million dollar tax evasion lawsuit.

Amnesty offenders did not charge federal political consultation fees since 2016but according to a recent round of federal election records, he made at least $105,000 last year—$85,000 of that in the past four months.

In December, Stone added another name to his client list, signing up as the official campaign manager for a right-wing talk show host in New Jersey. But the timing – and the company that Stone is using – is curious.

Drake Ventures is currently at the center of a Justice Department lawsuit against Stone and his wife. The lawsuit alleges the couple used the company to shield money from government collectors as part of a multimillion-dollar federal tax evasion scheme.

And while the Federal Election Commission is still processing filing data, The Daily Beast has identified two candidates that Stone endorsed — and who paid his company on the same day. time.

The first was Jackson Lahmeyer, an Oklahoma Republican running to the right of incumbent James Lankford in that state’s Senate primary.

The Lahmeyer Campaign Has So Far Paid Drake Ventures $ 60,000equally divided into three monthly installments, beginning on October 4. Seven weeks later, Stone authentication right-wing pastor without disclosing the $40,000 he received from the campaign. The Lahmeyer website is now touting Stone’s endorsement, but doesn’t disclose the fact that the campaign has paid his consulting firm tens of thousands of dollars.

In explaining his endorsement, Stone speak he is “not one to give away his endorsement frivolously,” and that he would not support Lahmeyer if he did not believe the pastor was “a man of exceptional courage and integrity.” .

Tulsa station KWGS report that, according to Stone’s account, Lahmeyer entered his orbit through another criminal pardoned by Trump: retired General Michael Flynn, who appeared with Lahmeyer and Stone on a nationwide tour near QAnon .

Ten days before Lahmeyer confirmation, Stone throw his weight behind Florida GOP congressman Martin Hyde. But Stone and Hyde did disclose their financial relationship at the time. Miami Emissarythis broke the news, report on November 12 that Hyde had rented Stone at a cost of $10,000 a month.

However, new filings reveal an as-yet-unreported detail about the timing of that first payment from Hyde — it came Yesterday Stone approved of him.

Records also show that the amount is not $10,000 but $15,000. And Flynn finally approved of Hyde same day like Stone, although there is no payment from Hyde to Flynn.

Flynn, who played a more obvious role than Stone in the 2020 election, has also ramped up his involvement in 2021, while trying to distance himself from his connection to the QAnon conspiracy theory. Like Stone, Flynn also pocketed some cash along the way.

Last October, Flynn authentication GOP, New Hampshire Senate aspirant Don Bolduc while promoting a Bolduc fundraiser. Federal records show that a week later, the campaign paid Flynn’s company, Resilient Patriot LLC, $5,209 “event speaking fee”.

In the first six months of the year, Flynn flourished $35,000 in speaking and consulting fees. And he pulled another one $2,832 in August, when he spoke at an event for Virginia Republican congressional candidate Jarome Bell. Flynn approves of Bell when he announced he will appear at the event.

Stone and Flynn also have both authentication Hopeful GOP Congress — and people who refuse to voteAnthony Sabatini In Florida. In addition, in November, Flynn authentication North Carolina far-right congressional candidates Sandy Smith, and Stone join him in January.

Last week, Axios report about an emerging model of candidates paying sizable fees to those who endorse them. In one example, the report cites Republican Jim Lamon’s Senate campaign in Arizona, which last October paid GOP Matt Schlapp’s firm $20,000 in consulting fees. Schlapp then confirmed Lamon a few weeks later—and shipped another $20,000 payment later.

For Stone, the season is just right. While he stamped his approval on Hyde and Lahmeyer – and shipped their checks – he was also facing new financial pressures.

At the time, the Stones’ attorneys were preparing to submit their response to the DOJ’s original claim in the tax evasion case, which the couple successfully delayed for about half a year while his wife Nydia had to treatment for stage 4 cancer that Stone said. .

Federal prosecutors say the couple owed about $2 million in unpaid taxes, over the course of a decade. And Stone’s firm, Drake Ventures, is at the heart of the alleged scheme, which includes an alleged use of the entity to fabricate personal and taxable income.

“The Stones used Drake Ventures for an improper purpose and harmed the United States,” the lawsuit said, noting that Roger Stone had accepted individual payments through his account. company.

The couple also transferred “a substantial amount of their personal expenses, including groceries, dentist bills, spas, beauty salons, clothing and restaurant expenses,” through Drake Ventures, the single The lawsuit said, while using the company account to pay more than half a million dollars. in personal tax liability. According to prosecutors, the company is also at the center of complicated and Real estate transaction allegedly fraudulent designed to put properties beyond the reach of government collectors.

When asked for comment, Grant Smith, an attorney for the Stones, explained that “Drake Ventures has been and has always been Mr. Stone’s primary vehicle of business for decades and the government insists that it is used solely for payments to individual Stones are factual and simply incorrect. ”

Smith added that “Mr. Stone did not ‘revive’ Drake Ventures, LLC because it never went out of business. ”

In settling pre-confirmation consulting payments, and Stone’s failure to disclose financial ties to Lahmeyer, the attorney said that Stone “has worked as a political strategist for more than 30 years. He provides strategic consulting services to his various clients. He definitely supports the people he is working with. “

The Stones have finally submitted their response denying the allegations on November 22—The same day Stone announced that he was supporting Lahmeyer. It was also the day Stone opened fire on another legal front, as House investigators subpoenaed him for his role in the events surrounding the January 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol. Ky.

But in the midst of all this, Stone has found the time to take on another client — and in an official capacity.

At the end of December, Stone became campaign manager for Mike Crispi, a right-wing talk show host challenging 21-term incumbent congressman Chris Smith (R-NJ) from the Trump right. Ice has appeared on Crispi’s show a few weeks ago.

However, it’s still unclear exactly what Roger Stone’s endorsement will get you — or how long it will last.

When news broke last March that the DOJ was investigating MAGA Allied Representative Matt Gaetz (R-FL) for alleged sex trafficking of minors, Stone took the plunge. defend his friend. Gaetz Drake Ventures paid $20,000 $5,000 installment starting from the end Marchfor “strategic campaign consulting”.

But last month, Stone made it clear that money can’t buy his unconditional loyalty, post “Goodbye Matt!” after report It emerged that Gaetz’s ex-girlfriend testified before a grand jury under a waiver agreement. Roger Stone Attacks – From the Candidates He Endorses

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