Road to Magic World Championship XXVIII begins at Innistrad Championship

Magic electronic Sports is returning to the first tournament of the 2021-22 season, Innistrad Championship, December 3 to 5. All three days start at 11 a.m. CT on Magic Twitch channel.

Stepping out of the world championship saw Japan’s outstanding Yuta Takahashi take the title, Magic entering the final season of Magic Test Pro League and Rivals League.

The 2021-22 season is the last year of competition before the league system is dissolved and Magic start a new era that is more likely to focus on digital and in-person events. While the Rivals League and MPL remain intact, inter-league matches will not take place due to being left out of League Weekends from the schedule.

Federation players will receive invitations to each of the set championships, receive contractual salaries, and compete to qualify for next year’s World Championships. However, they will not be competing for an invitation to a future season.

Despite the slight decrease in stakes, there is still a $450,000 prize pool for over 250 players who are eligible to participate. Innistrad Championship. Players who earn 12 wins will automatically qualify for the top 8 on Tuesday. The remaining 8 positions will be determined by the winners.

The top six finishers will receive invitations to next year Magic XXVIII World Championship. All other players will earn qualifying points determined by their finish.

The first two days will include 15 Swiss rounds. Each day begins with History rounds and ends with Standard play. Rounds one through three and eight through 11 will be History. Rounds 4 to 7 and 12 to 15 will be the Standard Round.

NS Innistrad Championship is the first major tournament to feature History after its release Warm-up: Historical Horizon. The MPL and Rivals Gauntlet in September were supposed to introduce New History, the format of which was moved to the proprietary Standard but due to technical issues with Magic Arena.

History hasn’t been seen since August at the Challenger Gauntlet. The format is wildly different with some impact bans and hundreds of new tags included in the format.

Since the banning of Brainstorm and Memory Lapse, History has become a more diverse format. While the Blue decks aren’t the only possible decks, Brainstorm and Memory Lapse are powerful, format-changing spells that give Blue strategy an advantage.

The Red Bull Untapped Tournament Series has provided a glimpse of what History will look like when the format finally takes to the big stage at Innistrad Championship.

In the qualifiers in Japan on October 22, the top eight were a varied field with a variety of composite, control and mid-range decks. The winner, Takumi Utsunomiya, played Izzet Phoenix, a standout History deck throughout 2021.

Other decks in the top 8 include Golgari Stompy, Rakdos Arcanist, Selesnya Humans, Jund Food and Simic Merfolk. Each of these decks will appear at Innistrad Championship.

The tournament features several appearances of the league players who will play in Innistrad Championship. While deck selections can change, early picks are a good indication of a player’s mindset entering the format.

The four players of the tournament brought very different decks of cards to show up. Rei Sato was the most successful driving the Selesnya Humans which finished 6-4. Selesnya Humans get some new cards from Crimson oath and the creature decks centered around the Collecting Company will always be strong in History.

Yoshihiko Ikawa drove Azorius Auras to the finish line 4-3. Azorius Auras competes with Orzhov Auras to determine the best cover for the excellent Voltron deck. Keisuke Sato and Ken Yukuhiro brought back two reliable old decks of cards in Jund Food and Izzet Phoenix.

Innistrad: Crimson Oath The standard will also be introduced for the first time at a Magic e-sports events. Mono-White Aggro, Mono-Green Aggro and Izzet Epiphany remain the three pillars of the format, but several other prototypes are starting to yield good results.

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Prior to Innistrad Championship, there will be one more Red Bull Untapped qualifier on November 27 with many European players set to appear, such as Arne Huschenbeth and Tomas Pokorny. This event will be a good indication of what will happen on December 3 since it only happened a week before.

You can see Innistrad Champion December 3 to 5 to see how History and Standards are evolving and who will receive an invite to participate Magic XXVIII World Championship. Road to Magic World Championship XXVIII begins at Innistrad Championship


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