Ring of Elden White Faced Varre’s Location Quest Line: How to Dip a Finger in Maiden’s Blood

White-Faced Varre is the first NPC the player encounters in Elden Ring when they survive the Graveyard aground and start the appropriate game. Varre is one of those individual athletes we’ll get to know (however, he’s been downhill since the closed-net test), but getting his quest done can be quite helpful. Here are all the locations where Varre appears and how his story ends.

Elden Ring Varre Quest Location

Varre introduces himself in the Elden Ring by insulting the player and calling them maidens. However, his quest allows early access to one of the best Rune farming spots in the game, so it’s well worth his while.

First Place: Grace’s First Step Location, Limgrave

First place of Elden Ring Varre

It will be difficult for players to miss Varre’s first appearance. He was the first thing they saw when they came out of the Trapped Graveyard. Talk to him until he uses up all the dialog to make sure he gets to the next location.

If players are curious about what Varre thinks about their journey through Limgrave, they can come back to see some new dialog. He will not actually move until the player defeats Godrick the Grafted and visits the Round Table Organization at least once.

Second location: Church of the Roses, Liurnia

Second place of Elden Ring Varre

To the south of Raya Lucaria Academy, players will find the Church of the Roses. Varre will hang out at the front door. He acts as a starter for invasions and will give players a Festering Bloody Finger so they can invade another player’s game. To trigger his next dialog, the player will have to infiltrate other players three times. Thankfully, it doesn’t matter if this is a win or a loss.

After three invasions, Varre will ask the player to join forces with the Bloody Lord, Mohg. Once the player agrees to “fly straight and true”, the invitation, he will give them a Blood Support and ask them to soak it in the maiden’s blood. There are three ways to do this:

  • Soak grace in the blood of a corpse at the Church of Inhibition, northeast of Raya Lucaria Academy.
  • Return to the Chapel of Anticipation through the portal at The Four Belfries and soak in the blood of the corpse in the church.
  • Kill Hyetta and soak grace in her blood.

Once the favor has been soaked, the player should return it to Varre and have them anoint it for a Bloody Finger (which can be used indefinitely) and the Order of the Thoroughbred Knight. Using this medal will transport the player to a hidden area underground, Mohgwyn Palace. Players will find themselves at the Gate Site of Grace’s Royal Tomb, and from there it shouldn’t be too difficult (depending on how well you pass the game) to get to the Path Site Access Palace of Grace, that’s where the best Rune farm in the game is located.

Third Place: Near the Central Site of the Royal Tombs, Mohgwyn .’s Palace

Elden Ring Varre's third place

Near the Central Royal Tomb Site of Grace in Mohgwyn’s Palance, the player can find signs of Varre’s invasion. He’s not too tough, but he does use bleeding attacks, so players need to pay attention as they will lose a large amount of HP.

What do you get for completing Varre’s quest in the Elden Ring?

Receiving him will earn the player his unique weapon, Varre’s Bouquet. However, the player will need to fight the unnamed White Mask invaders found in the grounds around the palace to obtain his armor.

His full armor is:

  • Mask of War
  • War Surgeon Gown
  • War Surgeon Gloves
  • War Doctor’s Pants

Unfortunately, we were unable to find out more about Varre. He was the surgeon of the Mohg and the sole survivor of his initiation into the Mohgwyn Dynasty.

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