Ride the Eagle on Hulu, a Clever Medium-Tiny Indie Comedy Starring an Amiable Jake Johnson

Now on Hulu, Eagle Riding is a mini-New girl reunited, with star Jake Johnson once again working with recurring series director Trent O’Donnell. The movie came together in the middle of a pandemic – they collaborated on a script, said Susan Sarandon and JK Simmons in supporting roles and filmed it quick and dirty under the strict Covid, pre-vaccine process. The result is a somewhat stereotypical indie game in which Johnson plays a purposeless overall bongo player who is set to inherit the house of his long estranged mother, but only if He jumps through a series of nasty hoops laid out at her will – with sweetness, surprisingly humorous results.


Gist: Honey (Sarandon) is a grain – past tense. Now she is dead. Cancer. She will not accept any treatment. She abandoned her son Leif (Johnson) when he was 12 years old so she could join a cult, and now, I’ll say it again, he is a purposeless overall bongo player, so it clearly crippled him. She left him a very nice chalet of hers in the mountains where she spent her life painting terrible pictures and surely paying a lot of money for the place, who knows. . Leif adventured up there in his butt-cheek Econoline van and found three-wheelers and a bullock cart in his mother’s bedroom, and her closet full of bags and bags, jars and jars of grass. foolish. Oh, and he finds her videotaped will that says his inheritance depends on him completing a series of tasks, all designed to get him out of the way. his profound laziness.

Those missions include breaking into an unidentified person’s house and leaving a note, killing and eating his own food, calling the “disappeared one”, etc. Leif doesn’t have many activities other than training. band episode – I’m not sure if I’m happy or sad that we don’t get to see one of these certainly terrible music sessions – so he sets out to fulfill her dying wish. Most notably, he calls his ex, Audrey (D’Arcy Carden), and their jokes are so witty, you just want them to work things out and reconnect for some new time.

Meanwhile, the one Leif was barely obligated to break into the house seemed to be stalking him, mildly terrorizing him in amusing ways. That person will surely soon become aware of their presence. Oh, and Leif’s companion along the way is Nora, a black lab girl who is so sweet and cute and lends some adorable dogs for all the lighthearted moments. , sad of the film. So can Leif get the house? No spoilers, but really, what happens – Honey turns into a zombie, emerges from the grave and takes the key if he doesn’t follow her instructions from outside?

What movies will remind you of?: Eagle Riding is kind of Lynn Shelton Lite – it has the same vein as talkative and funny mumblecore plays like Your sister or Duplass Bros. ‘ Jeff lives at home.

Performances worth watching: Despite the often strong JK Simmons moment brought a sizable portion of it back Eagle Ridingemotional weight and a light Sarandon appearing entirely on VHS tape – someone chose these two as a tough couple in a dialogue comedy, please – the real standout here is Carden (of Good place famous), who sets off comedy firecrackers at the film’s hind legs.

Memorable dialogue: Leif looked deep into Nora’s eyes: “I wish I had half a dog brain, it would make life easier.”

Gender and Skin: Not available. TBATCPTF: Too busy with Covid to F— protocol.

Our Take: Eagle Riding is conceptually absurd, but quite funny in implementation. It’s a bit gimmicky, and yet another kid-man movie in a long-arrested development – though it’s more subtle, like, That’s my Boy. The screenplay by Johnson and O’Donnell keeps it afloat with effective humor and poignancy. It’s not based on cute dog reaction photos or cute jokes; it’s smarter than that, maintaining a soft tone and avoiding maudlin traps as Leif deals with complicated emotions, the loss of a mother he barely knows, a trying mother atone for past mistakes by raising children well.

The movie has a bit of a light-hearted feel to its personal pain and growth, centered around some stocky jokes, soaking in the stunning NorCal rugged mountain scenery for a bit, and calling it that. is a day. Nothing too heavy, nothing too weird. It’s a good piece, the characters are small-scale, a little complicated and a little predictable, but not unforgivable. It looks nice and feels nice. It won’t change the world – it simply brings a few laughs, a tear or two and lots of warmth. It’s a good movie, a good movie, and I mean it seriously.

Our call: Eagle Riding is a little optimistic navigation and satisfying ease comes down. It sets modest goals and meets them. INSTRUCTIONS IT.

John Serba is a freelance writer and film critic based in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Read more of his work at johnserbaatlarge.com.

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