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Winter — I may be an oddball man, but it’s probably my favorite time of year. There’s nothing offensive about the other seasons, but personally, there’s no better feeling than being pelted with snow with a red jar under five snuggly blankets. Still, I’m not denying that the season comes with challenges – shoveling snow, wearing three layers of clothing and air-drying due to the fitting of a thermostat to name a few. The constant temperature swings — especially when you’re out and about — doesn’t help either, as it kicks off nosebleed season, which I dread as much as tax season. Worse still – dry air always makes my skin and plants super dry, especially tropical flowers that need a moisture boost.

Eager to get rid of chronic nosebleeds, dry skin and wilted plants again by 2021, I decided to invest in a Quality humidifier. After all, my primary physician advised that doing so would eventually stop waking up with a bloody pillowcase every morning. But I just don’t want any random humidifiers—some I’ve seen have minor flaws, are hard to clean, and never seem to fill the room with enough moisture to make it worth the investment. .

However, luckily, I finally found Canopy Humidifier, that will be the answer to my prayers. Not only is it sleek and modern, it also boasts room-filling capacity of up to 500 feet. But that’s not all. From here on humidifier also comes with a replaceable paper filter and cleans the water thanks to the built-in UV light, it removes contaminants from the water, so you won’t breathe in the trash as it evaporates into the air. Also, unlike other humidifiers, Canopy’s Humidifier Using every drop of water eliminates the risk of mold forming inside the device. The even better news is that the parts from this appliance are also dishwasher safe — to be honest, that’s what really sold me.

Canopy Humidifier

From $150

That being said, using this humidifier has really been a godsend from the minute I set it up. The humidifier features two sides — one for the fan and filter, the other for the water tank and tray, and comes with a power cord that you simply plug in. Once the water tank is full and the filter installed, you can use it. I like that the filter holds up to 2.5 liters of water, so it can last for hours on end. Quiet filter, this is a big plus for this white noise fanatic who needs a little something to sleep in at night. Another perk? You can use this humidifier to diffuse essential oils, so you can add calm or energy to your space whenever the mood is up.

Once I’ve been using the Canopy humidifier for a few months, I can’t stop praising it. Gone are the dry and flaky facial skin that pops up every winter, as well as the congestion I usually get when I wake up. My eyes aren’t as dry as they used to be either — however, that may be because I reduce my use of eye drops when the temperature drops.

Above all, my plants seem to like it too Canopy Humidifier too — especially the ones that I mist regularly to stay hydrated. However, while a humidifier isn’t a game changer, there are a few things you should keep in mind. First, you won’t see any visible steam when using it. That doesn’t mean the device doesn’t work, it just works the other way around. Second, the filter also needs to be changed every 45 days. Rest assured, though, that replacements aren’t too expensive — especially if you subscribe Subscribe to the Canopy . replacement filter—So you can change them often without breaking the bank.


Canopy’s Ultimate Wellness Package

From $294

In conclusion, if you are prone to dry skin, allergies and frequent nosebleeds then the Canopy humidifier is definitely worth every penny. After all, it’s super easy to clean and use and uses every drop of water, so not only will it save money, you’ll never have to worry about a mold problem.

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