Review: The Bad Batch: Episode 13, “Infested” 

Although the sense of foreboding in the last minutes of last week episode, Bad lot returns as a fully self-contained episode, set some time after Bad Batch rescues Ryloth.

The Bad Batch: Episode 13, “Infested”

The Bad Batch Episode 13: "Infected"

Credit: Disney/Lucasfilm

Bad Batch comes to Ord Mantell after some quests for Cid involving a landing area with Gundark and they discover that Cid has been forced out of his own business and a new boss has taken over. manage. Roland Durand, is the son of Devonian crime boss, Isa Durand, and the new owner of the Cid business. Clone Force 99 considers whether they want to help Cid, and Omega is quick to insist that they do – after all, she’s been attached to Cid through Dejarik a few episodes before.

The Bad Batch may be on the run from the Empire, but they’re clearly not locking their vessels as Cid is waiting for them on The Marauder, along with Bolo and Ketch, who have also left Cid’s old facility. Cid plots a plan to get his business back by stealing a consignment of spices that Roland has secured for Pykes.

The Bad Batch Episode 13: "Infected"

Credit: Disney/Lucasfilm

The episode’s title, “Infested” appears when Cid takes the Bad Batch to the abandoned mines beneath Ord Mantell, which are infested by the Irlings, but the mines are the only way to the secret passage into his office. Cid. The key to getting through the infected mines is staying quiet, which Wrecker had a little trouble doing. The creepy sounds around make him drop his flashlight, but the creatures haven’t woken up yet….

To get into Cid’s office, Bolo and Ketch create a diversion by stealing Roland’s precious pet Ruby. This ruse gives Bad Batch just enough time to swipe the spice and start returning to the mines. Roland’s men chase Bad Batch through the mines, awakening the Irlings and causing them to lose all their spices.

Cid and Bad Batch go back to business, confident that Roland’s plan to break the spice deal will benefit them, but Pykes is still there, and Roland has blamed Cid for the failed deal. . The Pykes threaten the Bad Batch, and in order to survive the ordeal, they make a deal to leave Omega with them while venturing back into the mines to recover the spice.

The Bad Batch Episode 13: "Infected"

Credit: Disney/Lucasfilm

Bad Batch returns to the mines and Omega befriends Roland. Absolutely no one reading this would be surprised to learn that I had a soft spot for Roland, at the beginning of the episode (even though he did Cid’s job). He has a pet that obviously loves him, so he obviously can’t be all bad. Although the episode had its flaws, I really enjoyed Omega’s scene with Roland because it gave her a chance to show what kind of character she was.

It all comes to fruition when Bad Batch returns with the spice and Omega begs Pykes to spare Roland. Hunter, understandably, was confused as to why Omega would care what happened to Roland. Omega, like me, realized that if Ruby liked him – he couldn’t be that bad.

The episode ends with Roland losing one of his horns, but the crisis is averted and Cid is restored to his business. While this episode is a great one for Cid, it really has nothing to do with the larger story. Last week was not referenced at all. Bad Batch – Hunter specifically – still doesn’t seem to know why it’s important to help others, even though they’ve done it in every episode. For a story that is constantly connected to the larger galaxy, it builds considerably.

The Bad Batch Episode 13: "Infected"

Credit: Disney/Lucasfilm

Bad lot could be a truly incredible movie if it had learned from the mistakes of previous animated films. While, in theory, “episodes of the week” is appropriate for most children’s shows, shows like Clone Wars and Bad lot find strength in synergy between episodes. There’s a reason why”Devil’s Agreement” and “Rescue on Ryloth” are two of the strongest episodes this season. They are connected. The lack of connection between “Infested” and the larger story the series is presumably showing in the final episodes of the season makes the episode a major disagreement.

I was hoping that with Bad lot only for Disney+ and not a cable network like Cartoon Network, like Clone Wars In the early days, it would take more time to dive into the characters and uncover the really rich plots, rather than just telling the story at a superficial level. Especially since this series has stunning visuals and is scored with one of the best orchestras since Attack of the clones. For a series that started off so strong with “Consequence, ” I worry that these last three episodes will rush the remaining storyline and not be able to continue with Crosshair’s impact on his brethren. Even with the longer episodes, The Batch – the series and The 99 Clone Force – stagnates. | Review: The Bad Batch: Episode 13, “Infested” 


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